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Gulfwind – Sailing Academy & Charters

Experience the power and grace of boating with Gulfwind Sailing Academy.

Gulfwind offers personalised, practical and hands-on  sailing charters and certified courses in the waters surrounding Auckland, “City of Sails”…  Our quality range of courses means you choose how much you want to learn. You can lie back and relax during a leisurely sail around Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour or Hauraki Gulf, or try your hand at various sailing techniques in our introduction to sail and club race sessions.

Or, immerse yourself in a comprehensive Royal Yachting Association (RYA) or Yachting New Zealand course.  You’ll be in the hands of expert owner/operator RYA Yachtmaster instructors who can tailor their charters and courses to suit you.

Gulfwind Charters

Sailing and boating is a breathtaking experience.

Whether you’re venturing out onto the water for the first time, or you feel quite at home behind the helm of a yacht, with Gulfwind Sailing Academy and Charters you can experience the pleasure and grace of sailing and boating in the waters surrounding Auckland, world-famously known as the “City of Sails”.

Choose from two ideal sailing locations:

“The Waitemata Harbour – close to the city, completely sheltered and spectacular cityscapes to view
“The Hauraki Gulf – excellent year-round sailing conditions, average wind strengths of 10-25 knots and more than 80 islands to check out.

Sail with the professionals

When you take a sailing charter with us, you’ll be in the hands of true sailing professionals whose knowledge and experience of the harbour and gulf is unsurpassed. You’ll sail in safe, protected waters, discovering why the sheltered harbour, gulf and many secluded islands make Auckland one of the sailing capitals of the world.

You can sit back and relax, or test out your skills by participating in the sailing of the yacht.  This is the perfect opportunity to learn the art of sailing, and discover just how a yacht uses the wind to sail.

Sailing Courses

Whether you are just starting to enjoy sailing, or have been doing so for some time, Gulfwind can develop your skills and confidence to a level where you can achieve your on-the-water aspirations. Whether they are cruising orientated or racing focused. We can also prepare you for purchasing your first yacht that you have always wanted to buy.

Whether you want to experience sailing for the first time in this spectacular corner of the Southern Hemisphere, or you’ve learned the theory of sailing at home and want to put this into practice, Gulfwind can help you to master the art of sailing and give you the confidence to know you are doing everything right.

Unlike some sailing courses where the large number on board limit your opportunities to try out tasks yourself, Gulfwind offers you plenty of opportunities to get involved in the sailing of the yacht with small numbers of people on board. You gain personalised guidance to learn all the practical skills you need to go sailing.

Our boats are centrally located at Westhaven Marina and we offer guaranteed personalised tuition

Auckland’s favourable weather enables us to offer courses year- round.

Sailing Courses:

  • Start Yachting (Learn to Sail)
  • Competent Crew
  • Day Skipper

Coastal Skipper

  • Motor Cruising Courses:
  • Helmsman Course
  • Day Skipper
  • Coastal Skipper

Speciality Courses:

  • Club Racing
  • Day Skipper – Shore based
  • Delivery Skipper & Tuition
  • ICC Certificate
  • Own Boat Tuition
  • Yachting NZ
  • Yachtmaster – Exam prep

RYA Courses can also be run to fit your timeframe or travel arrangements. These can be run for one to two people. Contact Gulfwind with your proposed dates or to find out more about these tailor-made courses