Savvy Customers Are Turning to Directories With Reviews to Find Local Business.

Let’s Make Sure They Find YOURS!

1 Claim or Create

Best way to start managing your business listing is by claiming it or adding yours so you can update.

2 Promote

Promote your business to target customers who need your services or products.

3 Convert

Turn your visitors into paying customers with exciting offers and a suite of services on your GAUK Boats listing.

The BIG Boat Directory is a Customer-centric Application.

What does that mean? Simply put, we want to give users the very best experience ensuring they spend time browsing and ensuring your business has the very best chance of being found.

We do this by creating information rich listing presented beautifully. We check all new listings and do not approve them until they’re thoroughly checked, we have broken link monitoring and our staff work tirelessly to ensure quality.

Quality content and a robust architecture means that listings are ranked higher in the mighty Google. A listing in GAUK Boats may even get a higher ranking than your own site. (Not guaranteed)

All this goes a long way to helping in these unprecedented times.

Check out the awesome features:

Let’s Make Sure MORE Customers Find YOUR Business!

Savvy Customers Are Turning to Directories With Reviews to Find Local Business.


  • A built-in appointment booking feature that is an easy one-click setup for admin
  • Simply intuitive to use for both business listing owner and visitor. Includes Calendar view and more.

Steph Dia

Sales Manager at Top Yachts

This is killer. Amazing features no one can beat. I must say I never expected such quality on a business directory. State of the art reviews module, appealing design, professional dashboard, love it.


  • Listing owners can create coupons and special offers
  • People love deals!

Monica Rhodes

Sales Assistant

Awesome! But more brilliant is the technical team that is behind it. Thanks for all the support.


  • Kickstart in just few clicks with an easy setup.
  • Includes everything to get your listing pumping.

Bob Thompson

Cafe Owner

I have been one of those business owners who is hopeless with technology and it doesn't matter what I have asked, the team have been more than willing to assist me promptly and without question.


  •  The system knows the customer’s location and presents local results.

Bob Thompson

Yacht Management Services

Excellent! Includes many cool features all built in and integrated into the service. Best part is that they all work together. Very easy to setup. Customer Service has been stellar. Best money I have ever spent! Very Happy!


  • Every listing owner gets their own dashboard to get insightful data.
  • From getting daily user views, leads and rating stats to low-rating alerts.

Karin Kean


GAUK Boats has been a real boost to our business. Every little helps.


  • Instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing name, and more.
  • Location search is City (region) based which can be added manually or Google API.

RIchard D.

Finance Manager

This is an amazing resource; I was finally put onto it after being really let down by the 'leading' directory. This has been a breath of fresh air and such amazing value.


Display Events Calendar in various different styles for visitors to quickly filter to the right event and sign up for the event. Both list and map views are available.

As a directory admin get insight into the most important data points (KPIs) to keep running and growing your business like never before.

Each listing can have a lead form for visitors to connect with business listing owners. All messages can be received and replied via the inbox within the user dashboard.

Let the business owners host an event and promote it on their listings. A separate event’s listings page is also created with more details and easy share.

Manage all email templates that are sent to users on an action taken or when a cron job is executed successfully.

Fully GDPR compliant with option to download profile data and delete to comply with regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.

Internal messaging system allow business owners to receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated.

Listing owners can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to their visitors, while also setting a count-down timer.

Users can flag a comment or listing and it will be reported to admin to further review and accept or disregard.

Schema automatically adds structured data markup for your directory listing helping to enhance the search results.

Business owners can use Google Analytics to gain insight into each listing by entering a UA code provided by Google Analytics in their dashboard.

Built-in Ads system that allows directory owners to monetize by enabling it for business owners to promote and generate more leads with targeted listing ads.

A next-gen responsive experience that gives a mobile app-like feel on any popular mobile browser without downloading any additional apps.

Restaurant and service businesses can showcase the price list of their food items or services to offer a dynamically organized menu.

The emoji rating system is designed to share visitors true experience allowing the business owners to understand how their customers felt.

GAUK Boats search is the most advanced and dynamic built-in search system on the directory market today, yet it is the most simple-to-use as it removes the out-dated complexities in the traditional directories by keeping the search fields to simply two fields (example: WHAT and WHERE).

GAUK Boats’ IntelliSense based search is the next-generation archive search system giving instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing name, and even in combinations (tags in category). The Location search is City (region) based. Cities can be added manually or automated with Google Maps.

In addition, when a user searches for something it can also take them to an archived page with all the listings containing the most relevant data according to their search, giving them the best possible results. The advanced search algorithm is designed from ground-up to dramatically change the behavior based on the way the directory admin has configured the settings in Theme Options.

For example, the search can be either static, were if the user type in car, only the listing that has the word car in it will show, or have your search more dynamic were if user type in the word car they can get listings that also have words such as auto, automobile, workshop, etc.

GAUK Boats includes a very comprehensive built-in Ads system that allows business owners to generate more leads with targeted listing ads that are displayed in various different prime spots throughout the directory to maximize conversions. There are three primary options to show the ads on the various locations, which are Spotlight Ads, Top of Search Ads and Sidebar Ads.

Targeted Advertising

When a business owner runs an Ad campaign to promote their listing, their listing is displayed as an ad on top of the organic results to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location.

Maximize Eyeballs

The more eyeballs translate to high-conversion. Ads can be displayed on the home page or inner pages, listing details sidebar and of course in the search result above the organic results.

GAUK BOATS helps users to instantly filter search results, and find exactly what they needed. It’s the most advanced and dynamic built-in filtering system on the directory market today. Users can easily narrow the search with price group, open now, near me and features (amenities). Additionally the admin can create custom filtering options by enabling custom facet types including buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, price-range, and sliders for proximity (geolocation).

Smart Filtering

Your users can easily filter the search results by choosing from the following options available:

  • Near Me
  • Distance Radius (Works with Near Me only)
  • Price Group ($, $$, $$$, $$$$)
  • Open Now
  • Sort by (Best Match, Most Viewed, Most Reviewed, Highest Rated)
  • Categories
  • Features
  • Additional Details

Now your users can have even more flexibility while doing searches for specific activities that has multiple groups that may need filtering using features and additional details at the same time.

Social proof is the online version of word of mouth. Reviews and ratings are evermore the yardstick by which a business is measured.

Visitors to your listing will think twice before leaving anything less than 3 star on a business listing with our powerful emotion (emoji) based rating system.

  • Multi-criteria rating.
  • A customer can leave a rate & review with instant signup (with email) or by logging in (with email or social login)
  • A customer can upload images
  • A customer can vote (interesting, lol or love) on a comment.
  • A listing owners can make public reply to all reviews from their user dashboard.
  • As per industry best practice, a business owner is not allowed to edit or delete reviews received from visitors (reviews can be flagged for site-admin to delete).
  • A customer (visitor) can edit their submitted review anytime.

Let’s Make Sure MORE Customers Find YOUR Business!

Savvy Customers Are Turning to Directories With Reviews to Find Local Business.