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Chartering a boat can help you to experience a place in a unique way. We at Caribbean Adventures help you to create these experiences today!

Yacht Charter Virgin Islands
The Virgin Islands, the pearl of the Caribbean, is undoubtedly one of safest and most beautiful yacht charter locations in the world. The British Virgin Islands, for the most part, consist of small uninhabited islands, with superb beaches, crystal clear waters, and vibrant marine life. The BVI’s offer excellent sailing, swimming, diving and snorkeling, and many of the islands are of volcanic origin, which adds that little bit more diversity and character.

Yacht Charter St Martin
Saint Martin is a perfect destination for slightly more experienced sailing. Benefiting from excellent wind conditions, moderate seas, and a good choice of short cross overs, St Martin makes a great second or third Caribbean charter destination. St Martin is also an ideal embarkation point for cruising to some of the areas hot spots such as Ile Pinel, Tintamarre, Anguilla or Saint Barths.

Yacht Charter Antigua
Antigua is a superb choice for both a tranquil relaxing cruise, as well as some fun and lively nightlife. This popular caribbean island offers beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters and delightful anchorages, and provides a great starting point for an excellent itinerary route to the north or the south.

Yacht Charter Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe is a truly outstanding sailing area, and offers some of the most amazing scenery in the Caribbean with its lush tropical rainforests and stunning beaches. Heading south from Guadeloupe offers a superb choice of destinations such as the fabulous Iles des Saintes, Dominica or Marie Galante, whilst a route to the north to incorporate St Kitts and Nevis or Antigua, allbeit equally scenic, can prove to be slightly more challenging sailing.

Yacht Charter Martinique
Martinique is one of the largest islands of the Southern Caribbean offering vibrant green forests, secluded and rarely visited coves and bays, and a charming coastline protected by one of the largest coral reefs. Martinique is the perfect starting point for a charter to St Vincent and the gorgeous Grenadines, via St Lucia, or Dominica, or even on to the sought after shores of Venezuela.

Yacht Charter Saint Lucia
The island of Saint Lucia is located at the centre of the eastern caribbean chain, between St Vincent and Martinique. This stunning island, often known as the jewel of the Caribbean, is lush and mountainous and incredibly scenic, and its fabulous natural beauty is enhanced by the welcome, warmth and kindness of the local people.

Yacht Charter Saint Vincent Grenadines
The 400 mile long chain of the lesser Antilles, culminates in the south, with the very picture perfect islands of the Grenadines. With St Lucia to their north and Grenada to the south, the Grenadines are extremely well placed for a wide choice of itineraries, and offer spectacular scenery, short crossings, excellent winds, and all round superb sailing conditions.
Yacht Charter Grenada
Often known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean, Grenada is a vibrant, mountainous, picturesque island covered with a variety of flora and fauna, rare tropical flowers, and of course the fragrant spice trees which give it its name. Grenada and its sister island Carriacou delight their visitors with their beautiful fine sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and quaint little natural harbours.

Yacht Charter Cuba
Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands, and incorporates a fabulous blend of colonial history with a diverse combination of Latin American, Spanish and African cultures. Spotless white sandy beaches, coconut palms and an underwater world that is home to over five hundred species of fish and a huge variety of different coral types, surround this vibrant island, which is without doubt, a truly fascinating sailing destination.
Enjoy the Caribbean Vacations best with Catamaran :
Enjoy a great sailing vacation in the Caribbean. Want to sail Caribbean the best and fun way, then try renting out catamaran to see what this vacation destination has to offer. Catamarans have more space and activities that a whole group can try out.

Have a great sailing holidays at the Caribbean :
With more than just simple sandy beaches and blue crystalline water, Caribbean makes sailing holidays better than what you hoped for. With hundreds of islands to visit and great natural marine biodiversity, your holiday vacation will be most relaxing and amazing.

Luxury yacht charter for Caribbean Adventures :
Planning a grand party in the great Caribbean Sea? Then why not try renting out luxury yacht charter to experience luxury at its best in the Caribbean. Full crewed with a five star quality standard, experience great vacation in luxury straight at the heart of the Caribbean.

What kind of Boat Rental to choose on the Caribbean :
Caribbean is one of the most sought out vacation destinations in the world. Enjoy this place at the fullest by boat rentals. Boats with different sizes you can choose the perfect one to enjoy the Caribbean adventures with your family and friends.