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Your adventure starts here!

World Cruising Club is the world’s leading sailing rally specialist, with seven distinct rallies taking place every year.  From round-the-world adventures and ocean crossings, to social cruising and island hopping.

World Cruising Club was born with the very first ARC in 1986, the first-ever ocean crossing rally.  We now help more than 450 boats and 1200 people to achieve their sailing dreams every year.  Some of our rallies are big on fun and big on people, others are more intimate.  Whatever their size, our rallies all adhere to the original ethos of safe and social cruising.

Our rally teams are all keen to ensure that everyone has a great time ashore and afloat; we know that rallies are more than simply sailing.

World Cruising Club organises ocean sailing events around the world.  The rallies are devised for the ‘average’ cruising boat and crew; helping people to realise their dream of making a long offshore passage.

The company was formed by Jimmy Cornell following the success of the very first ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) transatlantic rally in 1986.  Since Jimmy’s retirement in 1998, the company has been run by Andrew Bishop.

World Cruising Club has seven sailing rallies that take place every year:

  • ARC
  • ARC Europe
  • ARC Portugal
  • World ARC
  • Caribbean 1500 (and ARC Bahamas)
  • Atlantic Cup
  • Malts Cruise

For people planning an ocean voyage, World Cruising Club provides advice and training in the form of two-day seminars in the UK and USA, and short question and answer sessions at major boat shows.