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The Club is located on the west side of El Dorado Lake north of the Boulder Bluff area.

From the Kansas Turnpike, take the El Dorado North Exit (No. 76) at US 77. Enter the State Park at the El Dorado Lake sign which is about 1/8 mile south of the Turnpike exit. Drive 1.5 miles to the east. Turn North (left) at the T intersection. Drive about 2.5 miles north to the club.

From El Dorado, take US 77 north about 2 miles to the entrance to El Dorado Lake. Follow instructions above.

The Walnut Valley Sailing Club is a private, members only club located on El Dorado Lake, in Butler County, Kansas, about 30 miles northeast of Wichita. The club has 85 slips on the water, a large and modern floating clubhouse, complete with a kitchen, restrooms & showers, and a fenced storage area for up to 150 boats.

The objective of the club is to encourage the sport of sail yachting. Club facilities are maintained and provided for the use and recreation of club members on a nonprofit basis.