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VARIETY CRUISES USA545  8TH  Avenue, Suite 720New York, NY 10018  Toll Free 800-319-7776 [email protected]

Variety Cruises offers life-enriching cruise journeys for the inquisitive mind. We combine a private yacht/small ship type of on board experience with a complete immersion in the destinations where we cruise and mesmerising ports of call to offer our guests an authentic and memorable travel experience and become part of the Variety Cruises family.

When you visit a destination with Variety Cruises you can expect a destination focused journey that is enhanced by our cruise leaders, excursions in small numbers and our docking location right in the heart of the port visited. While we earned our reputation with our Greek Islands programs, we have expanded our ships deployment to include summer cruise destinations such as Italy and Malta, South France and the Adriatic, as well as winter cruise destinations such as West Africa, the Seychelles and Cuba.

Last but not least, we have created a collection of Theme Cruises which will certainly tempt our Variety Club passengers as well as new friends looking to share their passion for Archeology, History of Religion, Food and Wines, Bridge and many more activities.