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Welcome to Thunder 1 fishing charters and adventure boat tours.
Our BC salmon fishing charters are based in Prince Rupert on the northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. We also offer exclusive, luxury boat tours along BC’s West Coast from the Gulf Islands north through the Inside Passage.

Prince Rupert Salmon Fishing Charters
Unique live-aboard BC saltwater fishing trips for salmon, halibut, ling cod and snapper. Join us for Prince Rupert fishing and board your own private yacht for the fishing experience of a lifetime. The Thunder 1 will be your home while you enjoy our world class saltwater salmon and halibut fishing charters in the rich Prince Rupert fishing grounds just south of the Alaska border. Fish and feast describes our luxury salmon fishing charters in Prince Rupert, Canada.

Our Prince Rupert fishing charters normally span three to four days with our guests living and fishing aboard the M.V. Thunder 1. Doug and Deb Emery, your hosts (and experienced BC fishing guides), have spent years fishing and boating on British Columbia’s West Coast.They are a wealth of information about the best fishing techniques and where the salmon are biting around Prince Rupert, BC.

Overnights are spent in peaceful anchorages close to the salmon and halibut fishing grounds so we can have the rods in the water first thing in the AM for the early bite.

BC Adventure Boat Tours & Whale Watching
From Alaska to Washington, we also offer a variety of live-aboard BC West Coast cruises aboard Thunder 1. All cruises are planned to accommodate your interests and can include whale watching, wildlife viewing and sightseeing. What do you want to experience?

Our whale watching tours (Killer Whales and Humpback Whales) take BC whale watching to a whole new level. Spend three or four days on Thunder 1 cruising inlets and coves on BC’s North West Coast viewing Humpback Whales and pods of Orca whales, wildlife and birds in their natural environments.

Luxury Accommodation
Accommodation for your Prince Rupert fishing charters and BC boat tours is aboard Thunder 1, a classic 52′ Wahl Trawler. Wahl boats were a mainstay of the BC West Coast fishing fleet for many years and the Thunder 1 is a fine example of our Canadian West Coast heritage.

This touring and fishing boat was built from scratch as a pleasure boat; she is fully equipped with the latest in modern electronics and safety equipment along with all the comforts of home. We can accommodate up to 6 guests in two private forward staterooms with separate shower and washroom facilities. Please check out our Vessel page for more information about this unique trawler.

Safety First
Your vessel and crew are Coast Guard Certified. Each year the Thunder 1 undergoes a rigorous safety inspection. She provides a safe, comfortable journey whether our boating travels take us salmon fishing, whale watching or touring.

Plan Your Custom BC Fishing Charter
Custom fishing charters or adventure cruising trips of longer duration can be arranged to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information on our crewed yacht charters.

Doug and Deb and their crew look forward to providing salmon and halibut fishing trips and cruising adventure boat tours of a lifetime for their guests (who often become friends).

Fishing Charters – Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
The BC fishing season on Canada’s Northwest coast starts at the end of May with the arrival of the Chinook salmon, also referred to as King salmon. The salmon spend their time here feeding to prepare for their trip to the spawning rivers of British Columbia.

In these rich, productive waters we often see salmon reach a size of over 70 lbs. Salmon 30 lbs. or over are classified as “Tyee” and are the prize catch for any saltwater sport fishing angler on BC’s coast. The Thunder 1 has seen many Tyee in the nets of our fishing charter guests!

The Chinook salmon fishing stays strong through June and into July when the Coho and Pink salmon make their appearance. Coho or Silvers grow rapidly over the summer and reach a size of 20 lbs by September. They are excellent fighters and their acrobatics often earn them their freedom from less skillful anglers.
Halibut fishing is strong throughout the season with last year’s biggest halibut weighing in at close to 100 lbs. Most halibut are in the 15 to 25 lb range, which provides excellent eating. You never know when a monster halibut from the deep water might take your bait; the Thunder 1 has seen halibut up to 300 lbs in the past.
Your hosts (and experienced fishing guides) have spent years fishing and boating on British Columbia’s West Coast. You will find them to be a wealth of information about the best fishing techniques and local fishing grounds. Saltwater sport fishing is done directly from the Thunder 1. The boat’s 17 foot beam provides an excellent, stable platform to catch your fish from: no small boat fishing with Thunder 1 Adventures Fishing Charters. If you are cold or wet just step inside for a hot cup of coffee or warm yourself by our Artic diesel stove. Washroom facilities and food and beverages are at your fingertips throughout the day. We have found the Thunder 1 to be a welcome environment for women and our senior guests. Lunch is often served on the run as this maximizes your fishing time during the day.

Thunder 1 Adventures has all the gear you need for a great saltwater fishing trip. We provide a wide array of fishing gear for both salmon fishing and halibut fishing. Whether it is a level wind or the classic knuckle buster we have what you need to land the big one. Instruction on all fishing gear is provided and one of the crew is always available to assist in landing your catch. Once in the net, your crew will dress and bag your catch and then place them in our onboard coolers where they will remain fresh until your return to Prince Rupert. If you require further processing, facilities are available in Prince Rupert for smoking, freezing, candy salmon or boxing fish for your flight home.

After the fishing day we anchor up in one of the many safe and calm anchorages available to us along BC’s northwest coast. Once the hook is set it is time to relax, have a drink and enjoy the BC sunset and a wonderful seafood dinner. It is usually early to bed – sleep comes quickly as you nurse your sore knuckles and wonder about the one that got away.

Need more than a fishing trip? Why not combine a salmon and halibut fishing charter (for the avid anglers in the group) with a custom BC outdoor adventure travel tour that includes wildlife viewing, whale watching and ecotourism adventures for the non anglers. Contact us to plan your custom crewed yacht charter tour in BC, Canada.

BC Whale Watching Adventure Tours
The Prince Rupert area is home to some of the most spectacular whale watching in the world. Orcas (Killer whales), Minke whales and the mighty Humpback whales frequent the protected waters of Chatham Sound literally on the doorstop of Prince Rupert Harbour, where our whale watching tours are based.
Whale watching takes place throughout the summer season with the best viewing in late August and September.

Humpback Whales
Humpback Whales feed in this area preparing for their migration to the warm waters off Hawaii where they will give birth to their calves. Their spectacular bubble net feeding is truly a wonder to behold and this behaviour is often observed from the decks of the Thunder 1 during our whale watching adventure tours. Humpback whales can reach 58 feet in length and up to 45 tons in weight. A full grown Humpback whale launching himself airborne in a breach is a breathtaking event.

Pods of Orcas (Killer Whales) also frequent the waters and both transient and resident pods have been observed. The northern resident Orcas number around 240 and their primary diet is fish. The transient Orcas appear in smaller numbers and are mammal eaters, capturing seals, dolphins and sea lions to sustain themselves. A whale watching encounter with a pod of Killer whales will provide an unforgettable experience.

Marine & Wildlife Viewing
Sharing the pacific waters with the whales are numerous water birds, magnificent bald eagles, sea lions, and seals. The rugged northern shore line is also home to black and grizzly bears as well as wolves.
From June 1st until the 15th of September, Thunder 1 Adventures is based out of the Port of Prince Rupert, in northwestern British Columbia. Whale watching, cruising, adventure tours and wildlife viewing trips of 3 days and longer are now available for booking. Please contact us for more information.

Fishing Charters
We also offer unique multi-day saltwater sport fishing charters (salmon fishing & halibut fishing) where you don’t have to worry about getting on the water early each morning because you stay right on the boat! Combine whale watching and fishing for a truly unique west coast vacation.

Boat & Crew
Whale watching and adventure tour accommodations are aboard a classic 52′ Wahl Trawler. The “Thunder 1” is a fine example of our west coast heritage and was recognized in the new publication “Legacy in Wood” by Ryan Wahl, a detailed portrait of master boat builder Ed Wahl and the important role his family business played in the creation of British Columbia’s fishing industry.

She can accommodate up to six guests in two private staterooms. This boat was built from scratch as a pleasure boat; she is fully equipped with the latest in modern electronics and safety equipment along with all the comforts of home. Her wide decks and large windows provide a perfect platform for photography and whale watching. Please check out our Vessel Page for more information about this unique boat.

Your vessel and crew are Coast Guard Certified. Each year the Thunder 1 undergoes a rigorous safety inspection and she provides a safe, comfortable journey wherever our boating travels take us.

Inside Passage and Gulf Island Cruising
Welcome aboard the M.V. Thunder 1 for spring and fall cruises in the beautiful sheltered waters of British Columbia’s wilderness coastline.

We offer a variety of coastal cruising trips, with accommodations for up to four persons. Enjoy spectacular wildlife viewing, towering rainforests, breathtaking coastal mountains, gourmet dining, all from the warmth and comfort of a classic 52 foot yacht, your floating home away from home.

Your Cruise Includes:

  • Crewed 52 foot yacht with certified Captain and Chef
  • All gourmet meals, snacks and non alcoholic beverages
  • Accommodation with all bedding and towels
  • Shore excursions
  • Prawning, crabbing and fishing
  • Rain Gear and Boots
  • Gulf Islands Spring Cruises

Join us aboard the Thunder 1, for a relaxing getaway in BC’s beautiful Gulf Islands. With the days getting longer and spring in the air, cruise with us among the calm waters and hundreds of islands that make up this breathtaking archipelago.

April is the perfect time to explore Canada’s newest National Park before the summer crowds. British Columbia’s Gulf Islands offer a vast array of marine life including dolphins, seals, sea lions, orcas and hundreds of sea birds. All of the cruising is within easy reach of our departure point in Sidney and the waters are protected offering many beaches to explore and quiet lagoons to anchor.
Our spring Gulf Island tours can be customized to your requests and may include the following:

  • Shore excursions, hikes and beach walks on the many islands.
  • Marine and wildlife viewing from the spacious decks and warm salon of the Thunder 1.
  • Visit beautiful Poets Cove Resort on Pender Island for a delicious seafood dinner aboard the Thunder 1 and then an evening soak in their hot tub.
  • A stop in Ganges on Saltspring Island to explore their many shops and stroll through the famous Ganges Market with it’s fabulous display of local arts and crafts.
  • Tour one of the many wineries on Saltspring Island.
  • Anchor in beautiful Todd inlet for an evening, with a shore excursion and stroll through world renowned Butchart Gardens.