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SOUTH SEA VAGABOND is now based in the wonderful republic of Vanuatu!

In July 2012 we sailed South Sea Vagabond north to the tropical paradise of Vanuatu.

We are now fully licensed and available for cruising charters throughout the 83 islands of this amazing nation, voted the Happiest Place on the Planet. Experiences range from the cafes and nightclubs of Vila to the most primitive and remote villages imaginable.

Surfing, Kitesurfing, Diving, Fishing and just soaking up the diverse cultures are all on the menu.

Active volcanoes, land diving, and ‘kastom’ dancing are among the experiences offered.

We are available for daysails out of Villa, and longer charters to the outer islands, ranging from 3 to 7 days and with up to 10 guests.

Please contact us for more details and dates available.

We are fully licensed, registered and have all the permits to conduct a charter business here. With 83 different tropical islands beckoning to be explored, how could we resist ?
Come and join us…

South Sea Vagabond is a fast, comfortable, 18m sailing charter catamaran.

She has a huge cockpit and saloon area, and accommodation for up to 14 passengers in 4 double cabins and 6 single berths. She is available for you to charter at very reasonable rates, in NZ and the S. Pacific.

Have YOU ever dreamed of making an ocean passage ?

The South Sea Sailing Company are offering the opportunity to enjoy this amazing experience aboard our 18m catamaran, South Sea Vagabond.

With an experienced skipper and crew, you can now enjoy this without the years of preparation and knowledge it usually entails. We offer a range of passages from 200 nautical miles to 1200. This is an experience that will change the way you think about life.

Imagine…….swinging gently at anchor off a tropical island, a warm trade wind gently wafting the scent of frangipani across the water.

  • Snorkelling over stunning coral reefs in gin clear water.
  • Close encounters with humpback whales and their new born calfs.
  • Experiencing different island cultures, and the hospitality they offer.
  • Peering down the throat of an active volcano on Tanna Is.
  • Trade wind sailing, 20 knots of warm steady breeze, surfing down waves at exhiliarating speeds.
  • Kiteboarding in warm clear lagoons, surfing the ocean swells in the numerous reef passes,
  • diving the wrecks and reefs, the possibilities are endless !

Cruising…… a quintessential experience encompassing a huge range of activities.

Drop anchor in a crystal clear bay, explore a fresh water creek , climb a hill to reveal a vista of sparkling blue water
framed by an ancient Banyan tree, eat fresh fish cooked over a campfire on the beach, fish, dive, or just lie back and relax while the boat knifes through the water at exhilarating speeds to some new and exciting island.

Experience the satisfaction of surviving a bash to windward in fresh conditions to reach your goal and a tranquil
anchorage for the night.

  • Enjoy the magic of night sailing, the sea glowing with phosphorescence.
  • Watch whales and dolphins .
  • Visit some of the outer islands and imagine how the world used to look.
  • The range of possibilities is endless, enough to satisfy and stimulate the most jaded world traveller.