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With nearly a half-century of delivering premium yacht charter vacations to tens of thousands of past charterers, The Moorings will make your next charter vacation a truly unforgettable moment on the water.

Far East

bareboat sailing Thailand

The Far East is a place less traveled, far from the more popular cruising grounds of the Caribbean. Its isolation and stunning beauty is part of the appeal, presenting ample rewards for those who venture forth to experience its wonders. Towering pinnacles of stone jutting from emerald-colored seas, exotic flora and fauna, magnificent coral reefs, secluded white-sand beaches, hidden bays and coves, and warm and delightful people that welcome cruisers are just some of the attractions of an Indian Ocean yacht charter in Phuket, Thailand.

Bareboat Phuket, Thailand

Swaying palms, coral reefs, stunning rock pinnacles, shimmering emerald-colored seas, charming island villages, these are just some of the attractions that await in Thailand. The Moorings has a base in Phuket, an ideal location for a Thailand yacht charter to explore the gorgeous islands within the Andaman Sea. A Thailand sailing vacation is a superb option for those seeking an adventure in an exotic and beautiful place a world away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

  • Relaxed Year-Round Sailing
  • Friendly People
  • Delicious Thai Cuisine
  • Exotic Phi Phi Islands
  • White-Sand Beaches – Koh Phi Phi Le
  • Spectacular Snorkeling – Shark Point


Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is endowed with unparalleled tropical beauty. Of its four distinct regions, the southern peninsular reaches of the country are of the most interest to sailors. The cruising grounds off the east coast of the island of Phuket are among the finest anywhere. Towering pinnacles of limestone jut from the emerald-colored and sheltered waters of Phang-nga Bay. To the south, the famous Phi Phi Islands stand as jewels of the Andaman Sea. More than 130 picturesque isles lie within the province of Krabi alone, and the offshore marine preserves of the Similan and Surin islands are internationally famous as one of the world’s top scuba diving sites. A Phuket sailing vacation offers a multitude of scenic and secure anchorages, pristine white-sand beaches, rugged uninhabited islands, and lively nightlife and resorts. The warm, hospitable people of Thailand enhance the enjoyment of a Phuket yacht charter, making the sailing adventure all the more memorable in a nation often called the Land of Smiles.

Sailing in Phuket

The waters off Phuket’s east coast are situated in a protected swath of the Andaman Sea, ensuring excellent and safe sailing all year long. There is a wet and a dry season, all based on the monsoons that influence the weather and wind directions. On Thailand’s west coast, the northeast monsoon begins in November, ushering in light to moderate northeasterly winds between 10 and 20 knots, cooler temperatures, and drier conditions. In May, the southwest monsoon begins. Southwesterly winds gradually strengthen to more than 20 knots at the peak of the rainy season, which occurs in September and October. In most other rainy season months, it only rains for a couple of hours during the late afternoon. Daytime temperatures average 89°F (32°C) from July through February, and 61°F (16°C) at night. It’s hotter March through June. The tidal range can exceed eight feet, which creates swift tidal currents in narrow channels. Navigation is often line-of-sight. However, a careful eye on the chart and GPS is advised because of the numerous coral reefs. A Phuket sailing vacation is well within the reach of sailors confident in basic coastal navigation.

Phuket Highlights

A Phuket yacht charter unfolds in an exotic part of the world with stunning scenery and easy passages, which is what makes sailing in Phang-nga Bay and the Andaman Sea so appealing. Secluded coves fringed with majestic limestone cliffs and pristine white-sand beaches indent many of the islands, and just offshore are coral reefs resplendent in hues of brown, orange, green, and blue. Marine parks set aside as natural preserves to protect the tropical birds and abundant sea life make exploring these waters a voyage into an unspoiled paradise. Enjoying the culture and savoring the local cuisine is a delightful aspect of a Phuket sailing vacation, as is the snorkeling and scuba diving. For sailors interested in nightlife, Phuket is known as Thailand’s premier resort island.

The Moorings: New Zealand

Bareboat Yacht Charter

The Moorings bareboat yacht charter destinations span the globe. The MediterraneanCaribbeanSea of CortezPacific NorthwestSouth Pacific, and Indian Ocean each have one or more bareboat charter bases. It’s easy to select a destination that has the desired attractions, whether it’s world-class scuba diving and snorkeling or an adventure into resort areas known for upscale dining, historic sites, and spectacular beaches. Bareboat yacht charters with The Moorings offer abundant diversity, a choice for every taste.

bay of islands New Zealand

Rated as the leading vacation destination on the globe by Lonely Planet, Condé Nast Travelers Awards, and other travel organizations, New Zealand is a nation rich in unparalleled beauty. The country is comprised of the South Island and the North Island, with temperate and sub-tropical climates respectively. While New Zealand is technically a South Pacific nation, its location is far south in the Southern Hemisphere, giving it a much different character than the islands situated closer to the equator. Snow-capped mountains, rolling green pastures dotted with sheep, rugged shores, bustling cities, and small rural towns set New Zealand apart. On the east side of the North Island is the sailing paradise known as the Bay of Islands, a 50-mile stretch of coastline sheltered by more than 80 islands with plentiful anchorages, quaint towns, and beautiful beaches. A Bay of Islands yacht charter is an inspiring adventure for the entire family.

Sailing in Bay of Islands

A Bay of Islands yacht charter is relaxing and easy. Most passages are short, allowing ample time to explore some of New Zealand’s most beautiful places. Unlike in other parts of the Pacific Ocean, the weather in New Zealand is variable in any season, as are the wind directions and velocities. A land and sea breeze each day is typical. Navigation is straightforward. The tidal range is about six feet. Strong currents can run in narrow channels in certain locations, depending on the state of the tide, but generally aren’t an issue. In the Southern Hemisphere summer, November through April, the temperatures range between 75°F and 86°F (24°C to 30°C).

Bay of Islands Highlights

A Bay of Islands sailing vacation features a number of entertaining activities. Sailing in largely sheltered waters amid a variety of scenic islands teeming with wildlife is just one of them. Dolphins, blue penguins, North Island robins, snapper, kingfish, and other marine and land animals abound. Some locations are premier sites for scuba diving on rocky bottoms, in caves, and around shipwrecks. Snorkeling and swimming are excellent. Pristine white-sand beaches, walking trails to admire stunning sea views or explore historic sites, the delights of laid-back resorts, and browsing in the shops and dining in the restaurants of small harbor towns are just a few of the pleasures a Bay of Islands yacht charter has to offer.

The Moorings: The Caribbean

Explore diverse islands and landscapes with a Moorings Bareboat Caribbean yacht charter. Most Caribbean destinations offer protected waters with line-of-sight navigation, full-service marinas and easy airport transfers. Enjoy tranquil anchorages, picture-perfect beaches, friendly people and enticing local restaurants from one of the six Moorings marinas in the Caribbean.

  • Fantastic Sailing Conditions
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Warm Water Diving & Snorkeling
  • Casual Restaurants & Beach Bars
  • Many Locations with Line-of-Sight Sailing
  • Year Round Locations
the moorings carribean

A bareboat Caribbean yacht charter offers a number of exciting destinations, each with its own particular charm and appeal. Whether it’s sailing in protected waters with easy access to full-service marinas, restaurants, and boutiques, or experiencing the delights and wonders of Nature in a pristine, unspoiled setting with gorgeous beaches and superlative snorkeling and scuba diving, a Caribbean yacht charter from one of the six Moorings marinas in the region is sure to please. Many destinations combine the best of both worlds, too!

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Abacos, Bahamas

Laid-back and friendly people, beautiful coral reefs, and isolated cays are all part of a Bahamas yacht charter, but there’s so much more. Sailing in the Abacos is a relaxing vacation for the entire family.

  • Cruising in Sheltered Waters of Barrier Reef
  • Quaint Villages-Hopetown, Man-O-War Cay
  • Beautiful Beaches-Treasure Cay
  • Excellent Fishing, Diving and Snorkeling
  • Easy Airline Connections from North America
  • Variety of Museums, Beach Bars and Fine Restaurants

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Placencia, Belize

Home to the second largest barrier reef system in the world, Belize features cruising in an unspoiled natural setting. A highlight of a Belize yacht charter is the snorkeling and scuba diving – truly some of the best anywhere.

  • Relaxed Trade Wind Sailing
  • Numerous Uninhabited “South Pacific” Cays
  • Manatees, Whale Sharks and World Class Fishing
  • Sheltered Waters within 350 Mile Barrier Reef
  • World Famous Diving-Wall Dives, Blue Hole
  • Explore Mayan Ruins

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Protected waters, full-service marinas, resorts, and traditional island bars are just a few of the attractions of a bareboat British Virgin Islands yacht charter. It’s little wonder that the BVI is rated as the top cruising destination in the world.

  • Line-of-Sight Navigation
  • The Baths on Virgin Gorda
  • Sandy Cay
  • Snorkeling-Diving & Wreck of The Rhone
  • Anegada Lobster
  • Beach Bars-Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar, Myett’s, Willie T
  • Protected Anchorages with Mooring Balls

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Grenada, Grenada

Sailing from Grenada offers diverse itinerary options to explore this untouched Eastern Caribbean region. Enjoy superb sailing to a variety of island destinations, inland tours, beautiful beaches and some of the Grenadines best snorkeling and diving.

  • Superb tradewind sailing with diverse itineraries
  • Waterfalls and crater lake at Grand Etang National Park & Forest Preserve
  • Inland Tours of Grenada’s rum distilleries or spice plantations
  • Snorkeling and Diving the Tobago Cays
  • Beautiful beaches of Grand Anse, Mayreau and Mopion
  • Crescent Beach Salt Whistle Bay
  • Easy air travel through Grenada’s international airport

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Canouan, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

A Canouan sailing vacation is a cruise into a tropical paradise in the heart of the picturesque Grenadines. Premier snorkeling and scuba diving are the chief attractions of this Windward Islands destination. The quaint waterfront towns are delightful.

  • Exceptional Tradewind Sailing with Variety of Passages
  • Seafaring History and Boat building on Bequia
  • Premier Snorkeling and Diving of The Tobago Cays
  • Fine Dining on Exclusive Mustique
  • Beautiful Beaches of Mayreau and Mopion
  • Explore Major Harbors on Union Island and St. Vincent

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in St. Lucia, Windward Islands

Open-water passages, superb sailing, and a variety of island destinations are the hallmarks of a St. Lucia yacht charter. Savor the delights of the resorts, go sightseeing, and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Windward Islands.

  • The Pitons-St. Lucia
  • Exhilarating Sailing
  • Boat Builders of Bequia
  • Dining in Mustique
  • Crescent Beach Salt Whistle Bay
  • Snorkeling and Diving-Tobago Cays

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in St. Martin, Leeward Islands

A St. Martin sailing vacation in the Leeward Islands is a voyage to remember. Lively resort towns with restaurants and bars, and secluded anchorages with excellent snorkeling and scuba diving are among the many pleasures.

  • Superb Sailing
  • Blend of European & Caribbean Culture
  • Pristine Beaches-St. Barts
  • Snorkeling and Diving-Anguilla
  • Fine Dining and Lively Casinos-St. Martin
  • Sightseeing-St. Kitts

The Moorings: Mediterranean


Bareboat Sailing Vacations Med

One of the pleasures of a bareboat Mediterranean yacht charter is the rich diversity of destinations. The Moorings has 11 charter marinas throughout the region, delivering a Mediterranean sailing vacation to suit virtually any taste. Sailing itineraries in protected waters with short passages between stops, or itineraries with longer open-water crossings to remote islands and coastlines are both options. World-famous beaches, lively resorts, quiet fishing villages, secluded anchorages, and tantalizing cuisine are among the delights of a Mediterranean yacht charter.

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Procida – Bay of Naples, Italy

The Isle of Capri, its name summons images of the Mediterranean, the storied history of the Greeks and Romans, the chic and sophisticated who routinely vacation there. The island is but one jewel in a chain extending off the southwest coast of Italy.

  • Quaint and Bustling Procida
  • Roman Harbor of Ventotene
  • Fabulous Seafood and Shellfish
  • Castles, Forts and Lighthouses
  • Thermal Baths at Ischia
  • Wide Variety of Islands

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Tropea – Calabria, Italy

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, the Aeolian Islands (also known as the Lipari Islands) are situated just above Sicily at the southern edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean 475 miles in length and 60 miles wide.

  • Easy Access to the Volcanic Lipari Islands
  • Join the Jet Set in Lively Panarea
  • Idyllic Anchorages Away From Crowds
  • 16th Century Architecture in Tropea
  • Stromboli, Europe’s Largest Active Volcano
  • Longer Passages and Island Hopping

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Cannigione – Sardinia, Italy

Situated at the northwestern edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean 475 miles in length and 60 miles wide, The Moorings marina in Cannigione is a prime location for the start of a Sardinia yacht charter.

  • Easy Access to the Volcanic Lipari Islands
  • Join the Jet Set in Lively Panarea
  • Idyllic Anchorages Away From Crowds
  • 16th Century Architecture in Tropea
  • Stromboli, Europe’s Largest Active Volcano
  • Longer Passages and Island Hopping

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Gocek, Turkey

A Gocek sailing itinerary takes you to the stunningly beautiful turquoise waters of the Lycian Coast, its steep shores indented with numerous coves and bays, its pine-clad islands stretching east and west like emeralds on the shimmering blue of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (see Gocek maps).

  • Easy Sailing
  • Bustling Town of Gocek
  • Snorkeling at Karacaoren Reef
  • Seven Mile Long Patara Beach
  • Anchorages Surrounded by Stunning Mountains
  • Numerous Historical and Archaeological Sites

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Orhaniye, Turkey

An Orhaniye sailing vacation on Turkey’s Carian Coast is a cruise through paradise.

  • Afternoon Sea Breezes
  • Crystal Clear Water
  • Turkish Cuisine
  • Small Traditional Harbors
  • Intriguing History
  • Mountainous Tree Lined Scenery

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Agana, Croatia

The Dalmatian Islands in Croatia are among the most famous in the Mediterranean region. Wild, rugged, and mostly uninhabited, many are protected as national parkland and offer a varied and diverse cruising ground for an Agana sailing vacation.

  • Gentle Sailing
  • Kornati National Park
  • Close to Split, a UNESCO City
  • Islands of Hvar, Brac, and Vis
  • Mix of Lively and Quieter Bays
  • Trogir, a World Heritage Organization City

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is situated on the Adriatic Sea east of Italy. Slovenia and Hungary lie to the north, to the northeast is Serbia, and to the east is Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  • Dubrovnik, Beautiful UNESCO City
  • Gentle Sailing
  • Historical and Archeological Wonders
  • Italian Influenced Cuisine
  • Korcula, Mini Dubrovnik
  • Numerous Bays, Harbors, Marinas

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Corfu, Greece

Known for their beauty and historic significance, the lovely Ionian Islands off Greece’s northwestern shores are among the most attractive in the Mediterranean.

  • Gentle Sailing Conditions
  • Sandy Beaches and Pebbly Coves
  • A Cosmopolitan Island
  • Great Greek and Italian Food
  • Easy Access to Paxos and Anti-Paxos
  • Straightforward Navigation

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Kos, Greece

The Dodecanese Islands lie off the eastern edge of the Aegean Sea adjacent to the coast of Turkey. A major yachting center, the isle of Kos is one of the largest in the group.

  • Greek Islands with Whitewashed Houses
  • Stronger Winds in Summer
  • Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Aegean Islands
  • Remote Traditional Greece
  • Sail to Turkey
  • Beautiful Beaches

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Lefkas, Greece

While some of the sailing destinations in Greece entail open-water, often spirited passages well offshore, a Lefkas yacht charter is far more sedate and family friendly.

  • Visit the “Inland Sea”
  • Short Passages
  • Great Restaurants and Tavernas
  • Visit Onassis Island for a Swim
  • The Maze of Alleys of Lefkas Town
  • Pretty Fiscardo Harbor

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Athens-Lavrion, Greece

Bareboat sailing in Greece is the adventure of a lifetime. Cruising past ancient ruins, docking at picturesque towns, dropping anchor in secluded coves, and swimming at beachside resorts are just a few of the many pleasures. With four bases in Greece, the selection of destinations is wide, encompassing the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, and Ionian isles. A Greece yacht charter in the Aegean Sea offers exhilarating open-water passages, uninhabited islands, and chic resorts. The Ionians are sheltered and the Sporades are wooded, remote, and a world apart from bustling crowds.

  • Mix of Secluded Islands & Lively Cities
  • Good airline connections
  • Historical sites to explore
  • Exhilarating & challenging sailing
  • Close Access to Saronic Gulf & Cyclades

The Moorings: North America

North America

sailing usa

A North American bareboat yacht charter offers a variety of scenic shorelines to explore, each with their own particular sailing opportunities. Sailing itineraries in protected waters with short passages between stops, or itineraries with longer open-water passages to remote coastlines are just a few of the possibilities. Whether it’s sailing in a seascape of marvelous beauty, enjoying the lush mountain scenery, or sailing along historic points of interest, a North American yacht charter is sure to please.

Bareboat Baja, Mexico

Soaring red cliffs, islands teeming with sea lions, crystal clear waters filled with whales, the Sea of Cortez is a wonder to behold. A Mexico sailing vacation is a voyage into the heart of Baja, a fun adventure for the entire family.

  • Deserted Islands with Rare Species of Animals
  • Easy Navigation
  • Whale Watching and Seal Lions
  • Snorkeling Los Islotes
  • Stunning Beaches with Mountainous Backdrops
  • Exotic Desert Landscape

Bareboat Pacific Northwest, United States of America

A bareboat United States of America yacht charter with The Moorings begins at lovely Anacortes, Washington, just north of Seattle. The secluded coves and quaint waterfront towns of Puget Sound are an easy sail away.

  • Gateway to the San Juan Islands
  • Mix of Open Water and Island Passages
  • Hiking Sucia Island
  • Secluded Anchorages Among Pine Scented Forests
  • Mountain Views
  • Abundant Wildlife-Eagles to Orcas
  • Quaint Towns and Modern Marinas

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Annapolis, Maryland

Known as America’s Sailing Capital, Annapolis offers sailing in an unspoiled natural setting, teeming with historical points of interest. Enjoy superb sailing, go sightseeing, or uncover hundreds of rivers and creeks that lend way to quiet anchorages and quaint towns where the local watermen carry on the Bay’s tradition.

The Moorings: Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

bareboat sailing in Seychelles

An Indian Ocean sailing vacation is set in an exotic group of granite islands situated about 1,000 miles off the East African coast. Known as the Seychelles, these magnificent isles are world-famous for abundant wildlife, coral reefs teeming with sea creatures, pristine white-sand beaches, and resorts complete with casinos and lively nightlife. The sailing is splendid, featuring a mix of open-water passages and island hopping to beautiful coves for a restful night at anchor. An Indian Ocean yacht charter is a pleasure for all senses.

Bareboat Mahe, Seychelles

Giant tortoises, beautiful seabirds, exotic plants, and simply gorgeous tropical scenery are the hallmarks of a Seychelles yacht charter. Sailing among these impressive islands lush with forested mountains and replete with white-sand beaches is a true delight.

  • Historic Victoria Town
  • The Bird Sanctuary of Cousin Island
  • St. Anne Marine National Park
  • Giant Tortoises, Rare Birds
  • Aerial Sightseeing from La Digue Island
  • Mahé’s White-Sand Beaches, Scenic Bays

The Moorings: South Pacific

South Pacific

bareboat sailing French Polynesia

Swaying palms, coral lagoons, mountainous rain forests, shimmering turquoise seas, charming island villages, these are just some of the attractions that await in the South Pacific from the Kingdom of Tonga, to French Polynesia, and all the way south to New Zealand. The Moorings marinas in these amazing cruising grounds, make a South Pacific sailing vacation an option for those seeking a yacht charter adventure in exotic and beautiful places a world away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

Bareboat Bay of Islands, New Zealand

A bareboat New Zealand yacht charter is set in the Bay of Islands, famous worldwide as one of the most spectacular cruising grounds anywhere. The scenery is mountainous and rugged, creating an ideal location for enjoying splendid sailing and isolated anchorages.

  • Over 80 Islands to Explore
  • White-Sand Beaches of Moturua Island
  • Sheltered Whangaroa Harbour and Waterfalls of Rere Bay
  • Harvesting fresh mussels for dinner at Oke Bay

Bareboat Tahiti, Tahiti & French Polynesia

Most famous for fabled Bora-Bora, the Tahitian Leeward Islands are a sailor’s paradise. Snug anchorages within encircling barrier reefs and stunning mountains soaring skyward make a Tahiti and French Polynesia yacht charter the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Sailing in Exotic South Pacific Waters
  • Beautiful Bora Bora
  • Picturesque Anchorages-Vanilla Scent of Tahaa
  • Snorkeling and Diving Numerous Barrier Reefs
  • Archaeological Sites of Raiatea
  • Fine Restaurants and Eclectic Shops

Bareboat Tonga, Tonga

Nearly countless islands fringed with coral reefs and fronted with white-sand beaches are the chief attractions of a Kingdom of Tonga sailing vacation. Relaxing, laid-back, and stunningly beautiful, Tonga is an exotic sailing destination far from the cares of the world.

  • Easiest Cruising In South Pacific
  • Traditional Tongan Feast on Hinakauea Beach
  • Swallows Cave on Kapa Island
  • Snorkeling and Diving Crystal Clear Water
  • Miles of Pristine White-Sand Beaches
  • Humpback Whales and Reefs Teeming with Fish