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Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar

The marina is open year round. It is located on the eastern shore of the old city harbor in Vrulje bay.

Mooring: The marina is open year round. It is located on the eastern shore of the old city harbor in Vrulje bay.

Marina Zadar Berthing Plan

There are 300 berths.
The marina is well-protected from all winds by the peninsula on which the old part of Zadar is situated and by a breakwater.

Facilities include a reception office, showers and toilets, water and electricity hook ups, laundry, a restaurant, telephones, a café/bar and various shops (nautical equipment). A fuel station is located in the cove Vrulja. The marina is equipped with a travel lift (50t) and two hoists (6.5t and 15t). It is also possible to have various reparis done.

In the Area:
Zadar is a city and port on the mainland in the center of the Croatian Adriatic.
Numerous national parks are in the vicinity of Zadar: Plitvice, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati as well as the nature parks Velebit and Telascica. One of the most important sites to visit in Zadar is the church of St. Donat , which is the symbol of the city. It is one of the most important structures of the Croatian early Middle Ages. Zadar also is home to many museums: the Archaeological Museum (established in 1830), the Maritime Museum and the National Museum , including the Art Gallery and the Department of Natural Sciences. Among Zadar’s well-known specialities is the liqueur Maraskino, which was a favorite drink in the European courts of the 19th century.

Tankerkomerc, Inc. was founded on September 1, 1980 as a company that was singled out from the Trade Department of Tankerska Plovidba in Zadar, then Jugotanker, with a purpose to consolidate all foreign trade for Zadar and a wider region. Within twenty seven years of successuful business activities, excluding the war years, we became a renowned company and the carriers of the economic development of the Zadar region.

The company started its operations with 96 employees in the area of foreign trade business and by founding the profit center for the Terminal of liquid cargo. Within a very short period of time we achieved significant financial results on the marketplace that resulted in the expansion of our business activities on different commercial areas. We entered the world of nautics and hospitality business by constructing the attractive yacht marine in the center of Zadar. We continued to develop trade activities that resulted in opening-up of eighty duty free shops that employed 800 workers all over ex-Yugoslavia. We continuously invested in the development of the foreign trade business and simultaneously looked for new opportunities for expansion in the area of redemption, trade, and the processing of fish.

The War, which occurred between 1991 and 1995, slowed down our development and some of our activities stagnated. Mostly it pertains to our tourist activities that unfortunately lead us to the reduction of employment numbers of our workers.

After the War we started out with the boost of the economical ratings of the company in the existing market sectors and by entering new ones. One of them is our engeneering service that faced the reconstruction of devastated war areas. Also, we planed the expansion of the yacht marine, founding of new companies in the Holdings for the construction of sports and pleasure crafts, and drying off of the prosciutto and other cured meat products.
Today, we are a corporation with 350 employees and our business activities encompass wholesale and retail, ship supply, nautical tourism service provision, catching and processing of fresh fish, hospitality, processing of meat products, storage and trade with liquid goods, manufacturing and reparation ships, yachts, sports and pleasure crafts. It is obvious that most of our activities are sea related, whether it is through the manufacturing or tourism and service, with which we continued a thousand year tradition of successful economic development of these areas.