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Superyacht Support Ltd is a leading Auckland based superyacht agency that provides high-end personalised service to visiting superyachts. Superyacht Support Ltd has received worldwide acclaim for expertise in displaying the best New Zealand has to offer in both service and supply

Superyacht Support are an independent superyacht agency based in Auckland New Zealand. The team all share a common belief – to be the best service provider. With over 12 years’ experience within the industry we offer clients a highly efficient, proactive and friendly agency service.

Superyacht Support can assist vessels throughout New Zealand and support the existing superyacht agencies throughout the South Pacific in Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.


Superyacht Support are renowned in providing an award winning superyacht agency service.

‘Voted in the Top 50 Service Providers & Products by the Crew Report July 2011’

  • Pre-clearing of vessels with NZ customs, NZ immigration & NZ bio-security
  • Arranging of pilots throughout New Zealand
  • Superyacht Pilot Exemptions
  • Superyacht Charter Permits within New Zealand
  • Obtaining NZ visas for crew & guests + visa extension, immigration advice
  • Berth Bookings
  • Communication/Information Base
  • Provisioning
  • Bunkering
  • Great trade discounts for spare parts, deck supplies, provisioning etc..
  • Freight Forwarding/customs clearance & deliveries to the boat
  • Scheduling/cruising advice
  • Receipt & delivery of APA (Additional Provisioning Allowance)/Cash advances to boat
  • Courier & mailing address + mail forwarding
  • Day workers
  • Car Rental
  • Security
  • Phone leasing & GSM SIM Cards
  • Medical/Dental Assistance
  • Crew Housing
  • Parts & services
  • Interior Soft & Hard Furnishings
  • Minor works arrangements & deck/engineering supplies
  • Pacific support of vessels
  • Floral Displays
  • Crew Training


It’s often said that each is to their own and we believe it.

It’s your guest’s holiday so if they want to spend it reading a book in bed then we’ll find you a sheltered bay or harbour and ensure they never run out of Pulitzer Prize winners.

Then again if they want to embrace every sensory experience available, you couldn’t be in better hands. We are the experts in a wide variety of adventure experiences, as well as wine, food, culture, and the natural dramatic scenery that make this part of the world a favoured destination.

There are many aspects which combine to deliver the Superyacht Support Ltd experience, the most important being a genuine desire to showcase a fabulous country, combined with a need to ensure an unforgettable visitor experience shows through in genuine enthusiasm, creating a positive initial and on-going relationship with Superyacht crews, owners and guests.

  • Scheduling/cruising advice
  • Tailor made tours for guests
  • Travel Arrangements – private jet, helicopter & commercial airlines
  • VIP Meet & Greet service for Private & Commercial Planes on the tarmac & travel transfers
  • Reservations & information on the best hotels, restaurants, golf courses, shows etc
  • VIP Guest Services
  • Events Planning


With over 12 years experience in the recruitment area, we are committed to providing the “right fit”. We understand the costs both financially and culturally if you get it wrong, so it’s important to do it once and do it right!

We guarantee extensive interviewing and screening to ensure the candidates put forward will meet your requirements. With a large database of potential candidates we are able to respond quickly to new placement demands.

We can also help with temporary crew throughout the Pacific.


New Zealand’s cuisine is a rich tapestry of flavours and textures that give rise to a sense of pure gastronomic delight. Sourced fresh from oceans and rivers to fertile plains and pastures, an eclectic abundance of taste experiences await. Handpicked fruits and vegetables nurtured by sun, rain and air combine to form freshly prepared dishes served with a diversity that is reflective of the land.

Vines are warmed by the strong, clear sunlight during the day, while cooled at night by the evening breezes. The growing season is long, meaning a slow ripening period producing the vibrant varietal flavours that make New Zealand wines so distinctive. Delight your senses with peach, grapefruit, hazelnut, citrus, gooseberry, passionfruit, plum, cherry and spicy flavours to name but a few.

Everything is fresh, whether from the farm – lamb, beef, pork, veal, venison, chicken, duck – or from the rivers and oceans – salmon, eel, terakihi, snapper, crayfish, mussels, tuatua, kina.

Superyacht Support is able to provide you with the freshest produce from the finest provisioners. Superyacht Support provisioning is fast, efficient and delivers direct to your yacht in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands.

Contact Superyacht Support for the Provisioning Lists and advice on provisioning whilst you’re cruising in the Pacific Islands.