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Sydney, Australia

Southern Sea Ventures
PO Box 641
St Ives, NSW 2075 Australia

Southern Sea Ventures began conducting sea kayak trips in Fiji and Australia in 1988 and have built up an extensive knowledge of paddling adventures. We have steadily grown to offer a global range of 26 different camping and ship-based holidays. Private trips are our speciality and we are pleased to be able to cater for a wide range of private trips in Turkey, Fiji, Croatia, Australia, Thailand and Tonga. Bring your own group and we can help you put together your own private kayaking adventure.

To enjoy our paddling holidays you should be moderately fit, appreciate the outdoors and have a sense of adventure. Trip grading is only a guideline and the difficulty will vary with weather conditions. We are always happy to discuss your paddling experience and suitability for a particular holiday and can advise you on the best way to prepare for the sea kayak trip of your dreams.

Where would you like to explore?

  • Pacific & Asia
  • Mediterranean
  • Caribbean
  • Antarctica
  • Europe & Arctic

Fiji is an island nation comprised of 322 islands spread over 230,000 square kilometers. The Yasawa group is a chain of 16 islands located north-west of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. We spend our time in the Yasawas kayaking between islands, camping on isolated beaches, snorkelling the coral reefs and staying in small native villages getting to know the friendly locals. Southern Sea Ventures started paddling trips in the Yasawa Islands 25 years ago and they still remain one of our favourite destinations.

On our Tonga sea kayak expeditions we strive for a healthy balance between relaxation and adventure. We generally paddle in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free for snorkeling amidst colourful coral or inside legendary marine caves, exploring lush tropical bush and observing the traditional village lifestyle. We spend our evenings on deserted beaches beneath waving palms and the Southern Cross, bathed by warm South Pacific breezes.

Hinchinbrook Island, Goold Island and the Family Islands are continental islands located off the tropical coast between Ingham and Tully in North Queensland. With granite peaks rising 1142 metres directly out of the sea, Hinchinbrook Island is a magnificent backdrop for sea kayaking. Waterfalls, tropical rainforests, precipitous headlands, coral reefs and secluded beaches are among the island’s treasures.

Thailand is located in south east Asia, encompasses 3,219 kilometres of coastline and borders Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Koh Chang marine national park, where our kayak trips take place, is located in Trat Province, 330 kms south east of Bangkok. The Koh Chang archipelago is made up of 52 islands and is a spectacular place to paddle. We kayak between islands, staying in simple bungalows and camping on isolated beaches. Enjoy snorkelling the coral reefs, exploring caves and rock formations and swimming in crystal clear waters. We are excited to offer Thailand as a new trip in our programmes.

Turkey is a country where east meets west. Northwest Turkey (north of the Bosphorus at Istanbul) is geographically part of Europe while the major area of Turkey is part of Asia. Turkey has over 7000 kilometres of coastline, just perfect for a paddling holiday. Camping on remote beaches, paddling beneath Lycian tombs carved into sheer rock faces, visiting hot springs and exploring ancient ruins, we experience a wild and natural area of Turkey.

Croatia is home to one of Europe’s largest archipelagoes with over 1,000 islands. Curving around Bosnia, the coastline stretches along the Adriatic from Slovenia in the north to Montenegro and Albania in the south. Discover the history, culture and stunning scenery as you kayak along the amazing Dalmatian coast.

The Kuna Yala Nation (also known as San Blas) encompasses an island archipelago located along Panama’s northeast Caribbean coast. Our paddling journey takes us 95 to 120 km among Kuna Yala’s picture perfect islands, sand cays and along primary jungle coastlines. We’ll camp on isolated beaches, explore clear fresh water rivers flowing through primary forest and snorkel above stunning coral reefs that are among the best preserved in the central Caribbean.

The Antarctic is the most humbling and powerful place on earth. Sea kayaking in the Antarctic is an experience not to be missed. Every day holds new wonders, from face to face encounters with whales, penguins and seals to serene paddles among brash ice and through narrow fjords dwarfed by enormous Antarctic icebergs.

Europe & Arctic
Life explodes during the brief Arctic summer and sea kayaks are a superb way to explore the amazing wildlife and coastline of these fascinating northern wonderlands. Polar bears, seals, walrus, millions of migratory birds, fjords and icebergs await us on our High Arctic voyages.

Explore the outer islands of Scotland as we paddle along wild coastlines, channels and hidden lochs.
Visit remote crofting communities, castles and fishing villages and 5,000–year old ancient sites. The Scottish Isles are home to some of Europe’s largest seabird communities, a birdwatcher’s paradise!

Synonymous with Scandinavia, southern Sweden is located between the Baltic sea on the east and the strait of Skagerrak on the west. The strait is an offshoot of the North Sea, influenced by the warmer gulf stream and partially protected by Denmark and Norway. Bohuslän, on Sweden’s west coast, is a mecca for sea kayaking with thousands of islands and skerries to explore. We stay in quaint inns in small fishing villages and camp on remote granite islands as we explore this dramatic “Rock Kingdom”.