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Sihanoukville Marina Cambodia

The first phase of the marina is designed to receive 15 yachts ..
After 2 months, will begin to receive visitors. Only modern marine equipment .Marina is located in a fully protected harbor of Sihanoukville.

Important: The marina is still under construction and some services are not yet ready

10° 39′ 59″ N / 103° 30′ 41″ E
GPS 10.667060772694528 ; 103.51156415386197

Marine Cambodia for boaters. For this we build the country’s first marina…

Navigation and port formalities when visiting

Meeting and assistance in emergency
Boatswain’s help

24/7 Security services and patrol
24/7 Video control
Safety and fire fighting equipment
First aid

Power (16-125A) and tap water at the dock
Filling gas
Shower and toilet
Ship chandler

Small repairs
Help for drydocking*
The underwater hull cleaning**
Cleaning boats

Transfer, taxi, tuk-tuk
Rent a motorbike and cars
Accommodation in hotels of our company
Travel services

Daily Weather Forecast
Free wi-fi
Harbour Master’s bar
Office services
Our lawyer
Khmer translator


* Is a 2 local shipyards in 0.5 NM
** Delicately with ultrasound scraper WaveBlade

*** A few days before arriving at the marina send a copy of all passports
and documents on the boat on e-mail Harbour Master.

Ideal for boaters – a visa to Cambodia through the nearest Embassy or Consulate in your present location.

Visa on arrival … until this option is difficult. We are trying to solve this problem.
Also, very soon you can expect to stay in Sihanoukville with e-visa. (only in the province of Sihanoukville).

When docked in the marina for more than 6 months you will need to go to sea for a short time and go back to the port. In this case, you have to repeat all the formalities again.

Also, just for boaters have the option of being in Sihanoukville without a visa. 1 week / 5 usd / person with the extension of every week for the same amount. Important: your passport in this case are in the immigration police. You will be given a special certificate (so-pass/show-pass).

However, sometimes you can get your passport for a while if necessary.

Follow the news, there may be changes in the rules and payments, as we continue to substantively work with local authorities to facilitate all procedures and reduce your cash costs.

Harbour Master
Andrey Mantula

+855 69 367 684 or local 069 367 684 24h
[email protected]

The first marina in Cambodia for all boaters, sailing and motor yachts. Our expected opening is October. We are calling it Marina Oceania.

It may not be big, but it will be fully equipped to a high standard for a safe and comfortable visit. Sihanoukville City – Is southern Cambodia’s most popular seaside resort with many beaches, guesthouses, hotels and restaurants. The city has attractions for young and old and has several casinos for those that want to try their luck …

The only thing missing is a marina, and soon it will have one. The coastal waters of Cambodia have some of the finest unspoilt cruising areas in SE Asia. There are more 50 islands scattered through the aquamarine waters, many of which are uninhabited. Clear waters, white beaches, forested islands with remote villages and a lot of fish make the region a cruising delight.

You can even see the whale shark!

The modern and ancient history of Cambodia (formerly known as the Khmer Empire) will not leave anyone indifferent.

From Sihanoukville you can easily travel to the capital Phnom Penh or the ancient city and World Heritage region of Angkor Wat (Siem Reap).

There are excellent bus, taxi and air links to these areas.

We can provide secure berthing and management of your boat as well as travel advice while you tour this young and developing but at the same time ancient country.