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Caribbean and Mediterranean yacht vacations are just the beginning when it comes to choosing a private charter experience. Motor and sailing yachts enter the world market every day at increasing levels of luxury. Whether you want to invest $5,000 or $500,000 on a personalized cruising vacation, there are thousands of charter yachts from Alaska to Australia that are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

What you might not know is that many charter brokers who book private yacht vacations work for the same companies that manage the yachts they ultimately recommend to you. That’s right: Some of the charter brokers who suggest yachts are doing so as they sit in the same office as the person being paid to bring in charter clients for the yacht’s owner.

Our team at Seven Seas Yacht Charters is different. We don’t serve two masters. We are 100 percent independent, with no financial incentive to suggest a yacht to you unless we think it is absolutely the right one for your perfect charter vacation.

When you ask us which yacht is the best, we look at every boat in every fleet worldwide until we find the right one for you. Period.

Seven Seas Group Inc., our parent company, has been in business for over 25 years. Seven Seas Yacht Charters specializes in charter yachts 100 feet and longer, while our sister company, Virgin Island Sailing Ltd., focuses on smaller crewed yachts in the Caribbean and bareboat charters worldwide.

This is an important distinction, because the best charter brokers in the world are experts in their respective markets. Nobody can know everything, and we don’t make that claim. Instead, we have several charter brokers who specialize in different markets so that they can give you the most accurate, up-to-date information about the charter yacht options in your price range and ideal destination.

Tim Nelson is the primary charter broker at Seven Seas Yacht Charters. He spends countless weeks each year traveling to major boat shows to personally inspect top-level luxury yachts that are 100 feet and longer. Tim interviews each yacht’s captain and crew to make sure they have the skills they claim. He makes sure their chefs really can cook at the levels their resumes indicate, often having meals onboard to evaluate the quality of service offered, as well. Tim walks the docks at industry-only charter shows in Antigua, St. Maarten, Italy, Greece, and beyond—all to make sure he has the most recent information about the newest luxury yachts in every vacation area.

Safety, cleanliness, and reliability are three key attributes of the yachts we recommend to you. When Tim sends you a brochure for a charter yacht, it is most often because he has personally been onboard and taken the time to evaluate the crew firsthand. Tim works for you, and you exclusively. You can trust that he has no alternative agenda regarding the yacht’s owner.

Trust, in fact, is something we take seriously at Seven Seas Yacht Charters. We are not just members of, but also leaders in some of the world’s primary yacht charter professional organizations—known as MYBA, FYBA, and CYBA International—and we’re one of the few charter companies that is also a member of the Better Business Bureau. When you do business with us, you can trust that your vacation investment will be properly handled.

Charter broker Tim Nelson, in fact, holds an accounting degree in addition to his wealth of knowledge about charter yachts. He puts his accounting skills to use on your behalf every time he helps to calculate and verify charter rates and typical expenses.

All you need to do when working with Seven Seas Yacht Charters is play hard, sleep deeply, and leave all the details to our experts. We will always strive to give you the finest firsthand service you’ve ever received, all the while working for you—and only you—to make your charter yacht vacation perfect.


Although we list several hundred charter yachts on the website we can actually offer over 2,000 charter yachts worldwide. Some of the very largest and nicest yachts are not allowed to be advertised on the various charter websites you find on the web. However when you fill out one of our “Charter Request” forms (see menu above), our search includes these “Unpublished” charter yachts. So the list of options we put together for your review will include, in addition to the normally advertised charter yachts, also any “Unpublished” charter yachts that meet your qualifications!

So, if you REALLY want to see the nicest yachts available for charter, quit “surfing” the web and just fill out our “Charter Request” form! You will find a link to it in our menu above.

I look forward to seeing your request soon!