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A sailing charter can be done by nearly everyone: if you enjoy car camping, then you will enjoy a sailing charter. There are some sacrifices involved, like fresh water conservation, or having to drink your beers at an “island cold” temperature, but nearly everyone finds that compared to the experience of having our own vessel to travel on the wind as nature intends us to, the sacrifices are minimal.

You can expect you charter to be a unique experience every time you go. The makeup of the crew, the locals you meet and the experiences in warm destinations all contribute to a life-changing experience.

Anyone can charter. If you have a group of friends or family who is interested in a low-latitude sailing charter, a trip will be customized for you. Prices vary, depending on the following factors: time of year for chosen destination, size and manufactured year of the vessel, and the number of passengers who will be splitting the cost. Extras can also always be added, to include a chef, massage therapist, fishing guides, diving excursions, sea kayaks, and fishing equipment.

You should expect to play a role in the success of the charter through active participation of the sailing and operation of the vessel, and duties vary based on prior experience and the desire to get involved and learn more about sailing.

If you would like more information about chartering either locally or for a tropical destination, please drop me an email.

“As a frequent sailing passenger/crew in the costal waters around San Diego, Captain Kaz has shown supreme knowledge and superb sailing expertise in all of our excursions together. Not only does she retain a calm, professional demeanor, but also is an excellent source of information for any sailing question. Sailing with Captain Kaz is a delight and I can’t wait for our next trip out on the water together!” — Katherine Steele

“I have sailed with Kaz as my bareboat charter captain on numerous occasions, both in perfect and cyclone-force conditions. She takes her job seriously and holds herself and crew to a high level of accountability. At the same time, the sailing trips are always filled with a lot of fun and special memories, thanks in large part to Kaz’s planning and foresight skills. She is always well prepared and does an excellent job preparing and instructing her crews, both experienced and beginner sailors. I highly recommend Kaz for anyone that is looking for an experienced bareboat charter captain that is level-headed, safety oriented, and a lot of fun!” — Paul Schrot

“My first bareboat trip was with Captain Kaz in the British Virgin Islands over 10 years ago. Her sailing motto is “Every sail needs to be safe, fun and safe!” and it certainly was. I enjoyed sailing charters so much with Kaz that I pursued a bareboat chartering certification on my own. By completing the bareboat cruising courses, I really came to appreciate Captain Kaz’s sailing skills, attention to detail and planning that goes into a successful sailing trip.
Some of the best memories of our trips were of exploring the islands in our own boat with a nearly unlimited freedom of schedule. I was also able to participate in the sailing and operation of the boat, making the vacation enriching and still very relaxing. I would highly recommend sailing with Captain Kaz and look forward to doing it again!” — Andrew Karow

“Kaz is a wonderful captain. She knows her sailing stuff and safety for the crew is her top priority. She will teach you as much or as little about sailing as you want to know. A trip on her boat is always a great time!” — Mary Schrot