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Experience the Swedish archipelago with Sailmarine.

Experience sailing like nowhere else on Earth, as you navigate the thousands of islands that make up Scandinavia’s beautiful archipelagos. From the vibrant cultural centers of Stockholm and Göteborg, to Viking history on Gotland and fishing villages steeped in tradition in the Åland Islands, each sailing area offers distinctive charms and unforgettable memories.


Set sail from Sailmarine’s base in Saltsjö-Duvnäs. Admire the historical waterways, unique architecture and vibrant culture around downtown Stockholm or head out and explore the 30,000 islands of the archipelago.

“We could sail like this for days. It is as if it would never end. It is no longer an archipelago we are sailing through. It is an ocean of archipelagos.” – G.E. du Rietz

Stockholm’s magnificent archipelago indeed seems endless, and offers endless possibilities to the adventurous sailor looking to explore this gem of a cruising ground. Nearly 30,000 islands dot the seascape along Sweden’s east coast, extending seaward from the historic harbors and waterways of Stockholm city. The vast archipelago offers experiences to suit everyone, from adventurous sailing, hiking and exploring in remote, uninhabited wilderness, to contemporary cuisine by the fireside of a rustic seaside café. In short, Stockholm’s archipelago delivers an enormous variety of experiences to the cruising sailor, set within one of the most unique environments on the planet.

Today, 170 islands in the Stockholm archipelago (without land connection or bridges) are inhabited, mostly seasonally by vacationers and Stockholmers with summer homes in the archipelago. Nearly 150,000 leisure boats ply the waters around the archipelago, and visitors are treated to the choice of over 100 restaurants & cafes. The islands offer escape from the city to an untouched peacefulness that only nature can provide. Clean water, unspoiled landscapes and fresh air abound in the archipelago, making these cruising grounds so enjoyable.


Discover Sweden’s major port city and gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. Explore under sail the quaint fishing villages of Smögen and Grebbestad. Indulge in fresh seafood and picturesque scenery, and enjoy the celebrated sunshine in one of Sweden’s premier cruising grounds.

Sweden’s West Coast is often considered one of the most spectacular sailing areas on the planet, and rightly so. Göteborg, Sweden’s gateway to the West Coast, is home to nearly 20,000 sailboats that ply the waters in the city and it’s stunning archipelago. The city is also Scandinavia’s largest and busiest port, and seafaring culture is highly evident throughout the area.

One of Sweden’s most popular yachting centers is the island of Marstrand, where every year the best sailors from around the globe descend on the island for ‘Match Cup Sweden,’ one of the world’s premier match-racing events. It’s no surprise then, that in 2009, Goteborg and Marstrand will host the crew’s of the Volvo Ocean Race, as they prepare for the home stretch into St. Petersburg, Russia, ending their 37,000, round-the-world nautical mile journey.

Though Sweden’s second largest city, it’s easy to forget the hustle and bustle of urban life once you enter the archipelago. Here, time has stood still – local fishing villages line the waterfront, and you’ll likely to find a abundance of uninhabited coves all to yourself. Combine this with Göteborg’s surprisingly mild climate (thanks to the Gulf Stream), and the fact that the area is one of Sweden’s sunniest regions, and your sailing holiday on the West Coast will be one to remember.

Sail with a skipper
Are you looking for a unique sailing experience in Sweden but lack experience? Even if you are an experienced sailor, having a skipper is a great way to relax and let a professional skipper take care of the sailing. This lets you concentrate on having a fantastic evening with your friends and family, without having to worry about if the anchor is dragging. Our professional skippers will be happy to take care of the yacht when you don’t want to.

Our experienced local skippers have extensive knowledge about the area and local weather conditions. You can be sure to experience those hard-to-find places that offer that extra sense of exclusivity and serenity. The skipper can also help make dinner reservations and communicate with harbor authorities.

Plan your sailing together with the skipper, and benefit from the skippers knowledge about different sailing routes, winds, harbors and sheltered natural bays. Sailing with a skipper gives you greater flexibility – you can choose to be very active while sailing or just cruise along. The skipper has the official nautical responsibility for the boat, so no previous experience is necessary.

If you are interested in sharpening you sailing skills, the skipper can certainly supply a couple pointers along the way.

All our skippers are Swedish and speak both english and swedish fluently. Some of our skippers also speak german. If you should choose to sail with a skipper, we will supply you with their contact information in advance so you can plan your sailing vacation together.

For an extra sense of true luxury, we recommend a hostess onboard. Our hostesses ensure that you can sit back and enjoy the sailing, while they prepare meals within the typical Swedish cuisine. Preorder your food or go grocery shopping together with the hostess upon arrival. This can often be an adventure in itself! Interested in a night at a nice restaurant without the kids? No problem – our hostesses can take help care for children onboard. The hostess also takes care of any cleaning and dishwashing.

Having a hostess onboard simply lets you spend more time, swimming, sailing, snorkeling and having a great time together with friends.

Please note that even though the skipper has the nautical responsibility for the yacht, you are still legally responsible for any damages. It is also expected that the crew be provided with food and that a discretionary tip is provided if you are happy with the service provided.