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The marina is located in the Oranjestad harbor channel just east of the Cruise ship dock. You will see a large concrete mooring bollard in the entry to the Marina basin. Keep this to your port when entering. Inside the basin there will be two white buoys, one will have a “No Wake” sign on it. These buoys mark the 10 ft line, The SE is deeper and the NW is shallow. Keep these buoys to port. The water depth at the entry to the Marina is 12½ ft.

Phone: +297-588-0260 VHF: 16

Super & Mega Yachts

  • Advantages of staying in Aruba
  • A protected Marina with 24 hour security.
  • Full privileges at the two Renaissance Resorts next to the marina for guests and crew, this entails:
  • Private island for the hotel and marina guest use with complimentary ferry service, two beaches, tennis courts, fitness room, bar and restaurant
  • Use of swimming pools at the hotels.
  • Use of gym at the Marina Hotel.
  • The Marina is located in the center of the city of Oranjestad. With restaurants, casino’s and an active night life within a five minute walk from the vessel.
  • The airport is a 10 minute drive away by car. There are daily connections to South and North America and Europe. The general aviation terminal is a 20 minute drive from the Marina.
  • Good supermarkets are 10 minutes away by car, small supermarket are 5 minutes away on foot.
  • WIFI is available on the docks, and there is a good telecommunication infrastructure on the island.
  • You can Fedex parts in duty free to your yacht in transit in 4-5 business days. Contact us for shipping address details.
  • A fuel truck can be arranged at arrival or departure from the Oranjestad harbor.

Recommended med moor procedure in our marina:

As the prevailing wind will be on your starboard aft quarter we recommend dropping the starboard anchor to a bit to starboard of your slip (Basically in front of the slip to the north of your slip). A second anchor can be dropped to port of your slip if you are staying more then a day or two. We recommend laying the anchor close to the buoy line of the two buoys that demark the 10 ft line.

We can give you suggestions as to where to drop the anchors by radio when you come in. Normally this goes of without a hitch. If there is a problem we find that this is caused by the fact that the anchor does not get dropped far enough away or that the anchor does get dropped far away but then gets dragged closer to the dock as the boat is maneuvering in. We have found that 120 to 150 ft of chain out is ample (depth where you will be dropping the anchor is about 14 ft).

Our dock is a wood deck on a steel structure. For the larger vessels (over 80 ft) we have 1/2″ chain around the pilings to which we will secure your mooring lines. We request you pass us a shackle to shackle your line to the chain. If you don’t have shackles please pass us the ‘wrong’ end of the mooring line, the end without the eye, so that we can tie a bowline onto the chain.

We have divers available to float in anchors if necessary.


The Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino as seen from the water
Many of Aruba’s best restaurants and bars, two casinos, a nightclub, six cinemas and more than 120 shops are located around the Marina.

The Marina has a variety of watersports to enjoy including daily charters for deep sea fishing, sailing, diving & snorkeling.

We also make arrangements for all your watersport needs, daily charters, deep sea fishing sailing, diving and snorkeling

Available services

The marina provides all the usual services such as:

  • Day laborers: Cleaning inside and outside and waxing hull.
  • Bottom, Propeller and shaft cleaning.
  • Anchor handling.
  • Disposal of waste oil and batteries.
  • Propane refills.
  • Laundry.
  • Fax.
  • Electrician / Mechanic / Electronics.
  • Small Chandlery on premises, we also can order parts.
  • Provisioning
  • Other requests
  • Shipping parts