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The Best boat and yacht charters, Sailing in British Columbia (BC), Vancouver, Canada, Greece and other countries world wide.

Rain or shine, there is nothing better than seeing nature in its most natural state. Besides trekking through the woods, or camping out by the beach, the experience of the open sea is unlike anything you could imagine. We, at Old Salt Charters, are here to provide you with that experience. For over 20 years now, Old Salt Charters has been providing an exquisite variety of yachts and boats for rental that will entice your imagination. We provide you with a wide selection from a fleet of over 350 Motor and Sailing Yachts, with your choice of having a crew or bareboat. Currently, our branch is based in the Pacific Northwest area and we cater in places like Vancouver, Canada, British Columbia (BC) and even as far as Greece. Our yacht and boat charter service can provide you with all amenities needed to turn your dream event to a reality.

Quality Service to handle all types of events, from Corporate Arrangements to Weddings

A yacht can be considered as one of the most imaginative ways to hold events. With Old Salt Charters, we are here to turn these unique dreams into a reality as we serve you with our well trained staff and top of the line yachts, our rental services have so much to offer. From corporate gatherings to weddings, the crew of Old Salt Charters would guarantee to put you and your guests in awe as we sail through the open waters of Vancouver, the Caribbean, Greece, or worldwide. The moment your guests step foot on our world class yacht, we will transport them to a world of luxury that your guests would reminisce about for a lifetime.

Boat and Yacht rentals to tickle anyone’s fancy

Travelling has never been easier! The fact of the matter is that to travel by boat can be way cheaper than to travel by plane, although it takes longer, it is never wrong to get immersed in the beauty that the sea has to offer. Everyday would always be a new adventure and it is this that makes travelling by sea so exciting. Not only will you experience the aesthetic beauty that the sea could offer, being in the open ocean will provide a number of health benefits as well. There is nothing like smelling fresh air everyday and getting some sun to make the body grow stronger and more relaxed. Spend your time with us at Old Salt Charters and experience what you have been missing out on all this time. With the thrill of the ride followed by the beauty of the scenery, Old Salt Charters will provide you an experience like no other. With our branches extending from Canada to Greece and even to the BC, the odds are endless and we are here to provide you with an adventure that you will never forget. It doesn’t matter what sort of event you have, either something as big as a wedding or as formal as a corporate gathering, Old Salt Charters guarantees you the best quality of service. Come check out the yachts that we have for rent and we will immediately start helping you in creating your vacation of a lifetime.

Greece is a blessed country with more than 10.000 miles of coastline and some 1500 islands, Greece caters to all tastes. A perfect holiday destination for water-lovers or sun-worshippers. The ideal sailing ground for yachtsmen, Greece offers a wide variety of island groups to suit all tastes. It is a country of white – washed houses, colorful fishing villages, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, waterside taverns and a cultural paradise offering numerous attractions.

Greece offers an infinite choice of itineraries. This is mostly because of the large number of islands and the short distances between them which almost no other cruising ground in the world can boast.

Summer Weather: In Greece there is always a long, hot, dry, brilliant summer allowing maximum enjoyment of the sea and the scenery. Greece’s prevailing summer wind is the meltemi which blows down from the North across the Aegean Sea. As a light persistent breeze, this brisk and dry northerly, mitigates the high temperatures but during the months of July and August often builds up to a howling gale, restricting yachts to port. We advise charterers to exhibit a preference for the Ionian Sea during this period.

The meltemi also accounts for the brilliant clarity of the Aegean light. Summer winds are less constant and not as strong in the Ionian, which is generally a quieter sea. The prevailing wind here is the maistro, from the north – west, which picks up at midday and dies away early in the evening. This makes the Ionian islands idyllic places for leisure cruising. In all seas, humidity is low, fog is very rare, and so are summer clouds. The sea temperature averages to 77oF (25oC) and in windy conditions the seas are short, steep and powerful.

The Fleet: The yachts are the ones we feel meet our exacting standards in respect of quality construction, reliability, meticulous maintenance and professional crewing. They compose a selection of the best Charter Yachts available in Greece and include motor-yachts, motor-sailers and sailing-yachts. Special care has been taken into providing precise information and all specifications are the result of interviewing captains and owners on their yachts.

Day Charters (3-8 hours)

Chartering a yacht for a dinner cruise, fishing, sightseeing, weddings, corporate functions, or to spend an afternoon with your friends is easy to do, less expensive than you might think, and a whole lot of fun!

If you are in or will be visiting the Pacific Northwest, especially beautiful Vancouver, we have a large variety of yachts / vessels to browse on this site (see below). If you are looking to see what’s available for ‘part of a day’ charters anywhere else in the world, especially Greece, please give us a call or fill out our inquiry form and tell us what you’re looking for!

The Best Charter Boat and Yacht Rentals for Corporate and Other Events In all of Europe, Caribbean and the Mediterranean

We all have our own dream vacations. There are days where we want to explore nature, go to different places, eat different sorts of food, meet different kinds of people, experience different kinds of culture and experience the wonders that the world can provide. From the rigors and stress of our work, we all need to temporarily escape and be closer to nature. Truthfully, there is nothing better than seeing and experiencing nature in its most natural state from the deck of a yacht.

Looking for that dream vacation? Old Salt Charters got all your needs covered!

One of the best ways, if not the best way, to relax and unwind is to cruise the sea and appreciate its beauty in the luxury of your own private yacht. Stop by different communities or countries, eat their delicacies and laugh with the people! We, at Old Salt Charters, are here to provide you with that wonderful and exciting experience you’ve always dreamed of. We are the best company for charter boat and yacht rentals for all sorts of events, from vacations to corporate events, catering a conveniently large geographic area from Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Based in the Pacific Northwest, we are proud of the best quality of service that we provide to our valuable customers. We offer rentals to a wide selection of motor and sailing yachts and charter boats from a fleet of over 350 vessels, allowing you to enjoy all the luxuries and amenities you rightly deserve.

The sea is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, making it perfect for vacations, weddings, engagements and corporate events. If you want to make that wedding special or you want to propose to your girl or just wow your clients with the value you put into their experience in doing business with you, Old Salt Charters will make that dream event into a reality! Even if you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and experience nature at its purest state with the people you love the most, we, at Old Salt Charters, will make that dream come true! Our enthusiastic staff and crew are highly-knowledgeable with a high-level of expertise in service provision, giving you the best experience that you can have with our top of the line yachts and charter boats.

So sit back, relax and enjoy! Travelling has never been this easy, comfortable and amazing! From the Americas to the Caribbean, from Europe to the Mediterranean, Old Salt Charters will be with you giving you the best cruising experience you will ever have!