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At offshore boats – your dream vacation! closer as charter companies we deal with a valuable commodity – your vacation time. With currently 28 yachts from 12 to 22 meters, our company has developed within a few years the largest powerboat charter in Croatia! Learn more on these pages about us, our yachts, charter area and your dream vacation. more … Your offshore boat team

Within a few years, our company OFFSHORE has – BOATS become the largest motor boat charter in Croatia. Since 1997, we are based in the Marina Kremik in Primosten, a strategically very favorable place. As charter companies we deal with a valuable commodity -. with your vacation time your dreams, desires and needs, we try our know-how to satisfy. Our capital is a part of our fleet, the largest, which is found in the Adriatic Sea, and on the other hand our experience.

In more than 20 years in the market, we have developed the absolute market leader and always tried consistently to the well-being of our customers. We have for you the ideal charter yacht. Why can we say that? Because we have such a widespread fleet available, than any other provider. The ideal charter yacht is namely those that perfectly meets your needs and those needs can be supported in different ways. What are you worth considering? In space, speed, optics? Or any combination of these factors?

With us you are sure to find something. We have traditional, large displacement or semi-planing in the program, but also cool, rauwassertaugliche glider. And we offer new yachts at an earlier date, as well as models that are naturally cheaper. All yachts have one thing in common: we put on an excellent service for all of our yachts greatest value. We guarantee not only a smooth takeover of the yacht – we receive support during your stay on board. It certainly helps that almost all of our employees speak German – you will know the theme “Holiday with friends” and appreciate. Unless you have a license, you can take with us the official Croatian coast patent. After several days of intensive hands-on training with one of our skipper, you can soon me a yacht sail.