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NCP and Mara is a leading Croatian charter company that has a fleet of more than 60 motor boats and sailboats can be rented with or without a crew. NCP and Mara part of NCP Group – a company leader in the Croatian nautical tourism, which has 15 years of experience in the business , and employs approximately 350 employees.

In addition to the NCP and Marc, the most prominent group of NCP are:

NCP Repair Shipyard – specializes in repair, maintenance and servicing of yachts and mega yachts up to 75 meters in length. NCP RBS is also the exclusive agent for the sale of Grand Soleil boats on the Croatian market. Mandalina Marina – the first Croatian marina for mega-yachts, which has 350 berths and 50 dry berths for boats up to 75 feet in length. Marinetek NCP – is the authorized agent for the production of and the sale of all of marinas Marinetek brand. It offers a wide range of pontoon ranging from light wooden pontoons to heavy breakwaters, as well as a rich selection of standard and safety equipment for the marine. NCP Services – professional perform all kinds of repairs on motor boats and sailboats up to 18 feet in length. ADRIATIC BOAT SHOW nautical fair of new and used vessels which actively promotes Croatian small shipbuilding sector and mega-yachts, and is held annually in September in the area Mandalina Marine. NCP Hotels – deals with the implementation of the project which involves the construction Mandalina luxury tourist complex categorization of five stars, which will be completed by end of 2013 . year.

Complete offer NCP Group can be viewed on our website www.ncp.hr



Our headquarters is located in Sibenik, a city that is under the protection of UNESCO, in the center of the Adriatic Sea between two national parks – Kornati archipelago, the beautiful and picturesque waterfalls of Krka. How to Sibenik located in the center of the Adriatic coast, is an ideal starting point for a trip to the island of Hvar, orcula and Dubrovnik in the south coast and Istria or the Brijuni Islands in the northern Adriatic.

What is also important to note is that Mandalina Marina, where the NCP and Mare is easily accessible since we are located just eight miles from the A1 motorway and just 50-kilometers from the international airport of Split and Zadar.


For our charter fleet we choose only the best boats!

From motor yachts we offer Fairline luxury yachts as well as something more economical, but very well equipped boats Nimbus, Marex and Adria.

For those who seek a challenging sailing we offer only the best – Grand Soleil yachts, while for a peaceful family boating recommend Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, Elan and Elan.


We try to make your nautical home safer and more enjoyable from beginning to end, and in order to obtain and provide the following:

ON-LINE reservation system – which you can book a boat on time and stress free

PAYMENT AND SECURITY DEPOSIT – Money assure our guests to provide them with security and peace of mind

TRAINING DAYS TO 50% DISCOUNT – during pre-season and post-season in order to become familiar with yachts and navigation routes, and were it snows during the holiday

FREE BERTH MANDALINA Marine – so you have no additional costs if you choose to keep in Sibenik

24/7 technical support on land and at sea – so you can navigate quite relaxed and carefree, because you’re concerned that the NCP.

It is probably due to the combination of all these benefits of NCP and Marc as the best charter company in Europe in 2008. year by the Business Destinations magazine! (Best Business Yacht Charter Company for Europe in 2008).

Luxury Yachts

The biggest and most beautiful yachts for your enjoyment.

Motor Yachts

Choose between high performance luxury motor yachts from our Fairline range or smaller motor boat for family boating like Nimbus, Marex and Adria.


If you prefer to choose between high performance sailing yachts from our Grand Soleil range or a comfortable family cruisers from our Beneteau, Jeanneau or Bavaria fleet.


Ideal for family sailing due to her exceptional comfort and space, and are ideal for cruising the Adriatic islands. Choose for your holidays more popular catamarans from our brand Lagoon.

Croatia Leading charter destinations

Croatia is located in southeastern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Central and Eastern Europe. Borders Slovenia to the west, Hungary in the north, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, and Montenegro to the south.

In the background will enchant evergreen Mediterranean plants, olive groves and vineyards, lavender, cypress and pine trees. Croatia is one of the few countries with rich and diverse forest ecosystem that covers 37% of the total territory, rich in unique natural phenomena including 8 national parks and 10 nature parks.

Location: Between 42 ° 23 ‘and 46 ° 33’ north latitude and 13 ° 30 ‘and 19 ° 27’ east longitude Area: 56,538 km ² Coastline: 1778 km Number of Islands: 1185 Population: 4.8 million Capital : Zagreb (around 1 million people) Time Zone: GMT + 1 in winter, GMT + 2 in summer Official language: Croatian, which belongs to the Slavic group of languages, and the script is the Latin Currency: Kuna (KN) 1 £ = 100 cents Party currencies: can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices, post offices, hotels, camping grounds and marinas Climate: the northwest climate is continental, on the shores of the Mediterranean, and in the mountainous region of mountainous alpine Connections: Croatia has good road, rail and air links , both within the country and abroad.

Croatia is rich in cultural and historical monuments of all time due to historical events, and interaction of different cultures in this area.

The influence of Mediterranean culture, numerous monuments from antiquity and the early Middle Ages, Romanesque sacral heritage and a number of conserved characteristic of urban areas of culture in the Croatian coast.

Croatia has six World Heritage Sites.

NCP Charter is located in the town, famous for its cathedral, which is under protection of UNESCO – and, in North Dalmatia.

Sibenik is located between two national parks, the beautiful archipelago KORNATI – the Mediterranean island group of 140 uninhabited islands and picturesque waterfalls of Krka.

How to Sibenik located in the center of the Adriatic coast is an ideal starting point for a trip to the island of Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik in the south coast and Istria or the Brijuni Islands in the northern Adriatic. Šibenik is in its position and, therefore, the main advantage of the Croatian nautical tourism. This area has been declared a National Geographic magazine most attractive world sailing destination.

Mandalina Marina in which the NCP Charter is easily accessible as it is only 8 kilometers from the motorway and only 40 minutes drive from the international airport of Split and Zadar.