Navtours specializes in arranging cruises sailing in the most beautiful destinations in the world, including the archipelago of the Bahamas and Exumas closer to home, at Lake Champlain in upstate New York during the summer season.

Whether you are already a captain or a sailor warned inexperienced, we offer different options to help you set sail for a vacation truly memorable.

  • Yacht bareboat or flotilla
  • Cab booking all-inclusive or only captain
  • Sailing school accredited
  • Pénichettes rental in Europe
  • Management and sale of boats

Our Mission Bareboat Charters

NAVTOURS is a chartering agency that organizes customized yachting cruises, charters bareboats, offers personalized nautical services and gives practical training on live-aboard boats at prime locations throughout the world.

NAVTOURS offers a variety of products and services related to sailing and pleasure boating. We organize cruises aboard yachts and offer the knowledge and experience of our administrators and teams to sailors of every level, along with equipment whose comfort and safety meet the strictest standards.  And all this at extraordinarily affordable prices.

NAVTOURS is a unique access for people seeking an initiation to sailing, a yachting excursion or cruise, to improve and expand their knowledge and experience of pleasure boat navigation, as well as for those looking to charter specific equipment and boats.

During the summer, our services are offered on Lakes Saint Francis and Champlain, as well as on the St. Lawrence River (Canada) and in the Bahamas. In winter, our services are available in the finest tropical cruising areas:  the Bahamas, Saint Martin, the British Virgin Islands, .Guadeloupe, Martinique, the Grenadines and Belize.

For those with a taste for the exotic, NAVTOURS offers cruising holidays in some of the most beautiful locations such as Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and Polynesia. We also count waterway cruises and canal barging in Europe among our specialties.

Our values

NAVTOURS adheres to a philosophy of management and customer service based on:

  • Personal commitment of all administrators and staff members;
  • Integrity and rigour of our administration;
  • Supportive of all members of the nautical;
  • Acknowledgment and respect for each sailor’s experience and skill;

Making customer satisfaction our number one priority:

  • by giving customers rapid response to their concerns and providing complete explanations, usually within 24 hours;
  • by finding satisfactory solutions to their problems;
  • by communicating to our customers our passion for yachting and sailing;
  • by showing respect and trust to our clients.

Complete satisfaction of our partners and suppliers.

Bahamas Bareboat Charter

Sailboat charter in Bahamas for Exumas Nassau Georgetown
Bahamas sailboat rental + catamaran rental (as bareboat, all-inclusive or crewed)

Lots new in the Bahamas for 2012
– New permanent base in Georgetown
– New sailboats, catamarans and even a “PowerCat”

You can now explore the Exumas on a roundtrip basis – or one-way only departing from Nassau and Georgetown.

To respond to the growing demand from clients wishing to explore more of the Exumas, you can now charter a boat from the Emerald Bay marina on Great Exuma, just a few minutes from Georgetown airport.

Four different cruise options
Return trip departing from Nassau (which we have offered for several years)
One-way from Nassau to Georgetown
Return trip departing from Georgetown
One-way from Georgetown to Nassau

The Bahamas sailing …
Imagine the postcard perfect. Blue and green that intertwine, the beaches of sight, white sand even finer than flour, seabed breathtaking reefs, deserted islands that really give the impression that the man n ‘There has not yet set foot. 200 km of paradise right in the middle with one of the largest protected marine parks in the world, virtually only accessible by sea
Good news, you are on a sailing Navtours, you move at the speed of the wind, free as the air, and your task of the day is to rename the next island you will encounter …

Sint-Maarten (Antilles) – St. Martin Island Yacht Rental and Bareboat Charter or Crewed

NAVTOURS offers bareboat and crewed charters from the French side called St. Martin.

Arawak indians were the first to occupy . Columbus discovered the island in 1493 and named it after saint Martin of Tours. Well aware of the Carib Indians’ hostile greetings, he continued his journey without delay. The Spanish colonized the island for a time but were routed by French and Dutch prisoners who destroyed their settlement. It soon became the smallest territoty in the world shared by two sovereign states, France and the Netherlands. Although the border was made official in 1648, the harmonious coexistence of settlers has lasted.

This 92 Km2 island is located on the outer edge of the Caribbean Arc, at the junction of the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Topography and shores of the island are various, from pounds to mountains.

The French capital of St.Martin is Marigot. Philipsburg is the capital of the smaller but more developped Dutch side.

This island enjoys a particularly healthy, warm, mostly sunny, sub-tropical climate. Old Sint-Martiners define the weather as the “small season with big rain in Autum and the big season with small rain in Winter and Spring “. Mean temperature varies from 20 to 28oC.

Here are the actual weather information for Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. Météo Média offers weather forecasts for the next 7 days.

The dual nationality of the island adds a dimension of variety in the food. Although Gallic cuisine dominates, restaurants offer everything from French crepes, snails and bouillabaisse to Dutch beef stew. Native specialties include fresh seafood and tropical fruits.

Sailing Conditions
Wind blows year round northeast to southeast, in the Summer months 10-20 knots and November to May 15-25 knots. Winter season winds are generally east/northeast. Currents usually flow in a westerly direction and the tidal range is approximately 20 cm (8 inches).

Information for travellers

U.S. and Canadian citizens need a vadid passeport. For other countries, please check with your travel agent since proof of citizenship is often sufficient.

The official currency is the euro on the French side. The Florin and the US dollar are widely used on the Dutch side. It is not necessary to bring traveller checks with you. Use your bank or credit card to get cash from one of the numerous automatic counters available throughout the island.

The main departure bases are located in the french part of St.Martin, at Anse Marcel or Marigot Bay. Direct airlines service to St.Martin are available. Many daily flights to Princess Juliana Airport are available from from Europe, U.S.A. or other Caribbean islands. Air Transat provide direct charter flights from Montreal in Winter time. Marinas and yachting facilities are numerous and of good quality in St.Martin. We suggest to stop in the different bays and to go ashore to visit various beaches and villages.
Bareboat Charter – Sailboat Rental

Lake Champlain (USA)

New Navtours Base on Lake Champlain!
This year, Navtours is opening a new subsidiary, Navtours USA, which makes its presence and bareboat charters official on Lake Champlain.
To mark the event, a new base at the Plattsburgh marina will offer several new services to our clients, as well as its ideal location on the lake. And our fleet of sailboats and catamarans is more complete than ever.

Our professional team will be on site 7 days a week to:

  • Welcome you
  • To introduce you to your boat
  • To help you in case of problems on the lake
  • To clean up the boat after you leave
  • Ensure a rigorous maintenance of our entire fleet throughout the season
  • Welcome on board!


Lake Champlain has been considered a vital maritime transportation corridor since pre-Columbian days. The lake has seen great armies and huge fleets traverse its waters and was the scene of major naval battles between American and British navies. This explains the number of military installations at strategic sites along the shore.

During the brief periods of peace between the wars of the 18th and early 19th centuries, the waterway was used by brave and hardy settlers to reach new homes in the wilderness. When reliable land transportation became possible, the waterway was only used for peaceful purposes, an important link between the St. Lawrence and New York via the Hudson River. Commerce – legal and illegal – flourished on the waterway throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Today, Lake Champlain is treasured by power and sail boaters for its recreational value.

Lake Champlain is a unique and fascinating body of water. Bounded by the Green Mountains to the east and the Adirondack Mountains to the west, it has both the intimate character of an alpine lake and the vigour of a great body of water. Its waters are clear and deep; there are secluded anchorages in numerous bays (such as Deep Bay, Partridge Harbor, Mallets Bay and Converse Bay) and magnificent mountain vistas. Much of the shoreline has seen limited development; there are many parks and wildlife reserves. The lake is great cruising territory, with many first-class marinas, well-marked channels and sufficient touches of civilization to satisfy all needs ashore.

As the sixth largest freshwater lake in the United States after the Great Lakes, Lake Champlain is a major body of water, over 120 miles (193 km) long and 10 miles (10 km) wide at its widest point. It has a surface area of 490 square miles (1,270 km2) and a shoreline of over 500 miles (800 km). Over 70 islands, ranging from more than 13 miles (21 km) in length to oversized rocks, are located between its shores. Its greatest depths (399 feet — 122 m) are found in a mid-lake trench located between Charlotte, VT and Essex, NY.

The lake’s many regions offer a wide variety of possibilities to boaters. From Whitehall, north to the Crown Point Bridge, the Lower Lake is river-like: shallow and narrow. These waters tend to be cloudy, the shores are lined with marshes and fishing is the most popular boating activity. At Crown Point, the lake begins to widen and deepen, only to narrow again as it passes the Palisades and Split Rock before widening again into the Broad Lake between Burlington and Plattsburgh. The Broad Lake contains the lake’s greatest depths and its greatest width (10 miles at Burlington).

This is also the most exposed region of the lake, open to the prevailing north-south winds and home to its most ocean-like conditions. North of the Broad Lake, the lake’s largest islands (South Hero, North Hero, and Isle La Motte) divide the lake on a north-south axis. The main channel continues west of these islands, in the Upper Lake, gradually narrowing and becoming more shallow until it reaches the Richelieu River, 4 to 5 miles (6 to 8 km) north of the American and Canadian border. Here the shores are a river’s width apart and depths of 8-10 feet (2.5 – 3 m) are common. It flows north to the Richelieu River and eventually the St. Lawrence.

Additional information
For a different kind of vacation, we invite you to try a sailing cruise on this magnificent lake, located south of the U.S./Canada border, shared by the states of New York and Vermont. It’s only an hour away by road from Montreal.

Aboard one of the magnificent vessels of our fleet, you’ll discover the stunning shores of Lake Champlain, mysterious islands like Valcour Island, astonishing landscapes and charming communities like Burlington, Essex or Westport. Our monohull yachts and catamarans welcome between 2 and 6 passengers at a time (and even more on daily excursions or in flotilla).

Lake Champlain offers incomparable sailing experiences. Cruises offered by NAVTOURS take place in a relaxed and pleasure-filled atmosphere, where time is taken to savour every moment, following a rhythm that its passengers dictate. It’s the perfect way to spend a summer vacation.

Meals and activities
Whether it’s for a romantic weekend, a getaway for a few days with friends, for a working day in the form of our Corporate Sailing Program (with skipper and caterer), or for a week of doing nothing at all, bring your food and drink and bask in exclusive comfort with your family, your parents, your friends or colleagues from work.

Your favourite captain or any one of our experienced skippers will help you plan an itinerary and activities that suit your particular requirements: swimming, sailing, visits ashore, navigation from bay to bay and much more. The cleanliness of the lake’s water will surprise you. And don’t pass up the opportunity to take the helm, a subtle pleasure indeed.

Advance booking is advised since demand often outstrips supply during good weather. Singles are invited to join other people in a group. NAVTOURS offers the superior quality standards you are looking for.

Our Corporate Sailing Program is available for one-day excursions with catering to allow you to get down to business with clients or colleagues. A flotilla can be organized for larger groups. A congenial atmosphere and unforgettable sailing moments are the hallmarks of every one of our cruises.

Riverboats – Pénichettes – Europe

Through the magic of water travel in Europe, NAVTOURS invites you on board your own motorized boat, recalling the marvellous river barges of yesteryear. You’ll discover unforgettable landscapes, picturesque cities and villages, and majestic castles and abbeys. Not to mention the river dwellers themselves who will charm you with their warm welcome and wonderful traditions.

Hundreds of European companies provide charter boats especially adapted for use on waterways, canals and rivers in different countries. NAVTOURS offers two of the fleets most appreciated by lovers of this type of craft because of their architecture, their furnishings, available itineraries and quality of service.

Our representative will be pleased to help you choose the boat that best suits your budget and needs, from Pénichettes® models  featuring traditional architecture or comfortable river craft built by Nicols.

It can be a real headache trying to choose between the hundreds of boats on offer, a multitude of different models, available at some 50 departure points, allowing one-way, circle or return trips, lasting anywhere from a few days to three weeks.  Given that all things are not equal, NAVTOURSoffers you nothing less than the optimum combinations for your vacation.

Piloting at a speed between 6 and 12 km/h is simple and fun. After a short introduction, manoeuvres like docking, mooring and handling through locks become second-hand. No permit is required to pilot one of these boats, even if you have no experience whatsoever. With their comfortable furnishings and complete equipment, these vessels will delight couples, families and groups of friends. Ranging from 9 to 15 m (30-50 feet) in length, they can carry from 2 to 12 persons.


NAVTOURS will provide you with precise rates for the applicable charter, keeping in mind that:

Riverboat fees without permits vary according to the five rate periods: high season is July/August and low season is in April and October. Few services are available throughout the year. The fee is prorated according to the number of days in each period.

Chartering periods usually last from one to three weeks. You can choose the number of days you want. Price reductions available for charters lasting two weeks or longer. Boarding takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays only.

Rates include chartering the boat and its equipment, navigation tolls, insurance, a gas tank for cooking, instructional brochure, introduction to navigation, bedding and technical assistance.

Information and reservations

Riverboats are in high demand and bookings are best made early, especially for the most popular models and itineraries. It’s up to you to choose the region, the type of cruise (out- and-back, circle or one-way), your point of departure, the length, the time of year and boat model. All these factors affect the charter rates, as well as the availability of boats.  So, don’t delay — make your reservation now.

Please note that with NAVTOURS, you pay the same price as you would if you were dealing directly with our European suppliers, Locaboat Holidays or Nicols.  But you will benefit from free advice from our representatives, who are well versed in European waterway navigation to help you with the choice of boat, the itinerary, the direction of the current, modes of transfers, supplies, visit to sites of interest, etc. And finally, it will be easier for you to plan your entire vacation with NAVTOURS, to make payments in your own currency, and most important, to benefit from the best legal protection for consumers in the world.

To make a reservation, we suggest following these four steps:

  • Determine the important parameters of your stay in the countries and regions you wish to visit, then identify the nearest points of departure and return that fit best with the rest of your trip. According to the duration of your trip, we can offer you the itinerary that best suits your needs.
  • Choose the model of boat that’s best for your group and your budget (we’ll explain the characteristics of each model we offer). We always seek to create unforgettable vacations and not merely rent the first boat available.
  • Confirm the cost of your rental according to the type of cruise you’ve chosen.
  • Finalize the contract taking into account the precise options you’ve chosen (cancellation insurance, river guide, bicycle reservations, one-way, etc.), modes of payment (40% upon booking and the balance 30 days prior to departure), necessary documentation (contract, instruction booklet…)

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