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I’m Mark Button, and I would like to warmly welcome you aboard Moby Dick Tours. I’m an English guy who fell in love with the Cayman Islands fifteen years ago, and I’ve lived here ever since, having recently gained my joint citizenship.

I started Moby Dick Tours so that I could share with you some of the amazing experiences here in Cayman, especially the famous Stingray City, one of the most amazing places in the world.

I saw the opportunity to bring professionalism and the highest standards of customer care to the tour industry here in Cayman, and together with my partner Richard, we have brought together the best people and the best equipment, to ensure your excursion with us will live on in your mind as one of the most special experiences you have ever had. I’ve made literally thousands of trips to Stingray City over the past ten years, but I never cease to be amazed and humbled by these beautiful creatures who choose to come and interact with us. And I’m sure you’ll feel the same, too. It gives me enormous pleasure to share the experience afresh, as I bring new people to this wonderful and unique place.

Grand Cayman: the beautiful Cayman Islands can be found in the western Caribbean, about 200 miles south of Cuba and 300 miles northwest of Jamaica. The islands are formed by large coral heads covering the submerged peaks of the western Cuban Sierra Maestra range, an underwater ridge known as the Cayman Ridge. The largest of these islands is Grand Cayman, approximately 80 sq miles in size.

Visitors to Grand Cayman can expect a wonderfully warm tropical climate, endless beautiful beaches and friendly local culture. Not to mention a huge variety of shops and restaurants; the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Grand Cayman also boasts many exciting tourist attractions, from the stark volcanic landscape of the area known as ‘Hell’, to the fantastic turtle farm where visitors can hold and pet the animals. Perhaps most famous of all, though, is the world renowned ‘Stingray City’. There are also a wide variety of hotels, bars and restaurants, for all tastes. What better way to end a day in the Caribbean than by sipping a cocktail while the sun goes down!

Stingray City: North Sound, off the island of Grand Cayman, is the world’s largest salt water lagoon. The island itself is horse-shoe shaped opening to the north, with the barrier reef crossing the opening of the horse-shoe, creating a huge expanse of clear, calm, shallow water. Just inside the reef, at the widest point of the Sound, about a third of the way across between Rum Point and Barkers Beach, is a sand bar, where the water is waist deep.

It was here that fishermen of the past would discard the unwanted parts of their catch once they reached the calm waters of the Sound through a natural channel in the reef. And the Stingrays would congregate to take advantage of this easy meal, over the years learning that this was a great place to come and be fed, and to associate the engine noise of a boat with feeding time. In time, it became known as Stingray City.