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MiramoClub Internet agency was established by professionals with great experience in nautical tourism. It offers to you, our client, the best Internet service for online boat reservation and brokerage in Mediterranean and Croatian part of Adriatic.

MiramoClub Internet agency is a logical continuation of the development strategy based on long experience of managing Adriatic charter bases. Systematic research of the needs of clients looking for high quality service in boat chartering has resulted in the best internet service for boat reservation.

This web site is the result of long time research of client’s habits and his need for fast and effective search through charter boat and online reservation services.

Our mission

The mission of the MiramoClub is to be the best site (source) on the Internet for yacht charter services, and to offer our customers the best information and top quality services in line with our values.

Our values (as a company and as a people)

  • the highest ethical standards
  • devotion to our customers and honesty
  • openness and respect
  • continual critical review to achieve excellence
  • responsibility to our customers, partners and employees for quality and results.

Our strategy
To continually research our customers’ needs and, in accordance with their requirements, to develop new services in our area of business in cooperation with our partners. To keep up to date with developments in information technology (IT) and the Internet generally and to constantly improve and develop new tools in order to service our clients and partners.