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Miramar Sailing offers private, exclusive, informal and relaxed Day Sailing and Sailing Holiday Cruises from the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. When you charter any of our yachts she will be “Exclusively Yours”. Only your party will be on board to enjoy the privacy and exclusivity a Private Yacht Charter offers.

Our island paradise has palm lined beaches with warm, blue water and calm surf breaks that present snorkeling, diving and fishing opportunities found only in a few special places around the globe.

From our base in Jolly Harbour we operate 3 yachts. Our Day Sailing Options are catered for by “Captain Kevin” on our Ted Brewer designed 47ft Classic Ketch “Hawnalea”. We also have our 40ft Beneteau Oceanis “Miramar” and our 40ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey “Danae” and both will ensure that your Caribbean Sailing Holiday is a vacation experience to remember forever. We can even teach you to sail and award a formal qualification if that is something that appeals to you.

Our ethos is “arrive as guests, leave as friends”, and our catchphrase is “Miramar Made my Day!” We guarantee you will not be disappointed whichever sailing experience you choose!

Day Sailing in Antigua is the remit of Captain Kevin on his 47ft Classic Ketch “Hawnalea”. With Tyler as his crew, he brings the personal service and Miramar Sailing quality to our range of Day Sailing Options.

Our guests can choose, according to time available and budget, how long they want their “Special Miramar Day” to last.
Day Sailing in Antigua
3 hour “Sunset” Cruise with Champagne, Rum Punch and snacks at sunset with the ever changing and stunning colours the Caribbean produces. Ideal for that romantic “special moment” to remember!

4 hour “Lunch” Cruise with the choice of our full buffet lunch on board at anchor, or ashore in a local beach side restaurant. There are plenty of opportunities for snorkelling and swimming enjoyment, or just soaking up the sun on deck.

5 hour “Lunch” Cruise with that 1 hour extra for a little more fun in the sun!

6 hour “Special Day” Cruise with a perfect blend of 2 hours sailing, 2 hours lunch followed by 2 more relaxing hours of sailing back to harbour.

8 hour “Super Day” Cruise. This is possibly the ultimate way to spend a day sailing and relaxing along the west coast of Antigua. This cruise combines our “Special Day” Cruise with our “Sunset” Cruise and in many cases has given our guests the “best time of their holiday”.

We would be delighted to discuss “Special Occasion Cruises” with you for that “Champagne Celebration” of your Wedding, Honeymoon, Anniversary, Birthday or simply the day you fell in love!

For Cruise Liner visitors we offer our Collect / Return service out of St.John’s Harbour, Antigua, to make the day with us as relaxed and stress free as possible.

You can check “Hawnalea’s” availability or contact us for further information.

To ‘Make Your Day Special’ we offer private, exclusive, personal and relaxed cruises for groups of up to 12 family and friends. Our 47FT. Classic Ketch “Hawnalea” provides you with the ultimate space to enjoy your day in comfort. You can be confident that your Skipper, Captain Kevin, with crew Tyler, will deliver professional and attentive service at all times.

There is nothing quite like the experience of being aboard a yacht under sail, particularly when it is sailing the beautiful coastline of a Caribbean island. This experience will be yours on your “Special Day”.

Around lunchtime you slip lazily into a secluded bay and drop anchor. You may have opted for lunch on board or ashore, and what happens next is entirely up to you!

You may wish to use our snorkelling gear, drop into the beautiful clear blue water and explore the wonder of sea life beneath the surface that at Antigua’s famous Cades Reef. If water sports are not for you then just remain on the yacht, have a drink, and chill – your choice entirely. We also have fishing equipment on board for those who dream of telling stories of the one that got away!

Lunch will be available at your convenience and you will be offered a delicious array of fresh local specialities and your choice of wine with your meal.

As this is your “Special Day”, you choose what you would like to do after lunch. You may wish to continue your waterborne activities, explore and relax on the beach, or go sailing.

If you opt for a “Super” Day Cruise, your day will end with with champagne and drinks from our standard bar on board as we watch the sun go down – with maybe a glimpse of the famous “green flash”! – Yes, it IS real! Then we head home.

Antigua day sailing cruise options
All of our “Special Day” Cruises provide you with a private, personal and relaxed sailing experience as well as a chance to see Antigua’s beautiful coastline from the sea. Choose any of the following cruises to suit your needs.

Not less than 8 hours duration allowing plenty of relaxed sailing and lunch, and the chance to ‘round the day off’ with champagne and drinks from our standard bar at sunset. Cruise times vary with time of year: February to August: 11:00am – 7:00pm; September to October: 10:30am – 6:30pm; November to January: 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Not less than 6 hours duration allowing plenty of sailing time both before and after lunch. This Cruise is particularly suitable for Cruise Ship passengers as the timing fits very nicely with arrival and departure times in St. John’s. Cruise times: 10:30am – 4:30pm.

There are 2 options of 4 and 5 hours duration and can be tailored to suit your preference. We take a short sail to a nearby bay for full buffet lunch on board or ashore at a local beach side restaurant. There is plenty of opportunity for swimming and snorkelling. Cruise times are 4 hours: 10:30am – 2:30pm. And 5 hours: 9:30am – 2:30pm

Not less than 3 hours duration, with a relaxing late afternoon sail before anchoring to enjoy champagne and drinks from our standard bar as the sun sets. Definitely one for the romantics among you and ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries, and even proposals – of which we have had several! Cruise times vary according to time of year: February to August: 4:00pm – 7:00pm; September – October: 3:30pm – 6:30pm; November to January 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Our Location

Believe it or not, the Caribbean Island Chain comprises over 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and cays! From our base in Antigua we are ideally situated in the centre of the chain and perfectly placed for cruising in either direction.

We can sail as far south to the Spice Island of Grenada, or venture north to the BVI’s. It is all about how far would you like to go, and your imagination!

Caribbean Sailing Vacatoion Holiday Options

  • Sun – Fortunately it shines often and brings with it warm air and gentle breezes, not to mention the all important tan!
  • Sea – Unbelievably clear and blue presenting great sailing conditions. Swimming, snorkelling, diving, fishing, kite boarding, surfing, are just a few of the many water activities that our waters are perfect for.
  • Sand – The geological formation of the chain has created both white and black sandy beaches. In some places there is even a hint of pink where sea shells have been ground down over the ages. Our sand is soft, warm and luxurious.
  • Sailing – Possibly the best sailing grounds in the world. The constant Trade Winds waft across the Caribbean from the east and, with minimal tides and currents, create relaxed sailing conditions that you cannot fail to enjoy.
  • Scenery – Simply breathtaking with enormous variety. From the flatlands of Barbuda and Anguilla to the north, to the towering pinnacles of Mont Pele, Montserrat, and the Pitons, St. Lucia, to the south, each island offers its own unique landscape with fantastic photo and hiking opportunities.
  • History – Over the centuries many different peoples have discovered and settled throughout the Caribbean Islands. South American Indians, Chinese, Africans, Italians, British, French, Spanish, Dutch, to name a few, all have played a part in the development of the region. One cannot forget the legendary Pirates either!
  • Culture – Given the many influences from history, it is not surprising that the culture of the Caribbean is as diverse as the peoples that have contributed to it. Fundamentally, however, our culture is based on warm welcomes, colour, carnivals, religions of many callings, Creole cuisine, “liming”, but most importantly, a relaxed pace of life that does not understand the meaning of stress.

Best Reasons for Choosing a Caribbean Sailing Vacatoion Holiday

  • Relaxation – The pace of sailing is as chilled as the Caribbean itself. It is wonderful way of combining relaxation with a hint of excitement and adventure.
  • Flexibility – Subject to weather conditions, changes of plan are possible at any time. There are no fixed schedules, no flight plans, no connections to meet, no baggage to lose in transit. Popular destinations can be savoured and unpopular ones left as quickly as you arrived.
  • Companions – You choose the holiday companions you wish to share those moments of romance, solitude and fun, both when sailing and ashore on isolated beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people on excursions ashore, but you remain safe in the knowledge that your private domain awaits you upon your return to the yacht.
  • Variety – The scope of your destinations is enormous compared to a holiday in a hotel. Each day will bring a different bay, a different landscape and a different experience.

Best Reasons for Choosing Miramar Sailing for your Caribbean yachting Vacation Holiday

  • Reputation – Six years of top flight reviews from previous guests should be all you need to know about our ability to deliver your dream holiday experience.
  • Value – Our rates reflect our love of what we do and in that context are reasonable and realistic. There are no hidden extras because we tell you what you get for your charter fee and make sure it is delivered.
  • Quality – We satisfy the highest standards in terms of vessel inspection and crew qualifications. We are more than happy to publish all relevant documentation if reassurance is required.
  • Experience – Over the years we have sailed the entire Caribbean Island chain. We know the likely conditions and the favourite places. You can explore or relax as you choose. It is your holiday after all.
  • Service – We aim to make your holiday as easy and carefree as possible. We will take the strain while you sit back and enjoy.