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Marinetek is one of the leading manufacturers of marina equipment in the world that offers a wide range of pontoons, ranging from light wooden pontoons to heavy breakwaters, and a rich selection of pontoon and marina.

Continuous product development, improved production processes in modern factories and over 20 years experience in the construction of the marina and pontoon Marinetek contributed to the success in the international market. 

Pontoons are manufactured in Finland, Latvia, Croatia, Portugal and Dubai. Marinetek has produced over 100 km of pontoons, delivered in more than 30 countries.Marinetek works through its distributors and agents in 25 countries.

The pontoons are made ​​by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In addition, its concrete pontoons have been approved by many other quality standards like Finnish SFS, DIN German, Polish and Russian Revestr Statkon GOST. concrete pontoons are made ​​of special concrete reinforced hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel, to reduce shrinkage and cracking.Designed according to the EN 206-1 standard to offer 50-year-old life in hostile environments (XS3). This production process in its manufacture Marinetek products.