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Welcome to Mariner Boating Holidays! Australian owned and operated.

If it’s one of our now famous yacht rallies, a bareboat yacht charter, traditional motor sailor, a gulet in Turkey, Croatia or Italy, a canal barge or passage on a luxurious fully crewed sailing or motor yacht you seek then you need to talk to us…we assure you of a high degree of personal service.


Mariner Boating Holidays has forged a niche in the Australian travel industry, offering sailing holidays to the best cruising destinations of the world. The business started in 1985 when Maggie and Trevor Joyce returned from living in Greece where they sailed their own yacht around the Aegean Sea and along the coast of Turkey.

Mariner established its own series of fun cruising rallies in the best of those destinations and these rallies have become famous in the 10 ensuing years for offering international sailing experiences with a unique social dimension, access to extensive local knowledge, a high level of personal service, a lot of fun and a little spirited completion along the way.

Mariner Boating Holidays is a licensed full service travel agency with a staff of experienced professionals. More recently Mariner has expanded its range of travel services to cover a range of on water holiday experiences including small ship cruises and river cruising.

Whether a river cruises along the Mekong, bareboat charter holiday in Greece, unique Gulet holiday in Turkey or a boutique luxury cruise in Alaska; Mariner’s product knowledge and personal service is second to none in the Australian travel industry.



It’s no wonder Croatia is ranked one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you’re interested in sailing, sightseeing, history or culture, Croatia has an experience waiting for you.


With more coastline than any other Mediterranean country, Turkey is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in Europe. The charm of this country lies as much in the fantastic Mediterranean climate and food, as it does with the undeniable charm of its people and shores.


A Greece yacht charter holiday in the Eastern Mediterranean boasts ancient history and amazing architecture along with sun-drenched islands and waterfront villages offering the best of Greek hospitality. Sailing the legendary islands of Greece is a vista of colour from the barren white rocks to the pine or olive clad landscape all ringed by the infamous Greek blue seas.

Overview of vessels available for this destination.


Luxuriously re-designed, modern in construction these beautiful traditional wooden motor sailing boats are the perfect platform to explore the Mediterranean coastline. Sleep in large aor-conditioned cabins with private en-suite faccilities. View amazing scenery from the vast shaded aft outdoor dining area, large on-deck living space or the spacious comfortable fore-deck with cushioned sun beds. Kick back in the indoor dining saloon and enjoy a sumptious meal provided the crew. This is a journey of a lifetime

Bareboat Yacht Charters

Take control and skipper your very own private yacht. Select from vessels sized from 32-58 feet in length. Choose from a selection of sailing yachts, sailing catamarans and power catamarans. We only offer quality charter yachts, selecting operators who meet our strict criteria for fleet management, maintenance standards and service ethics. Choose from the many available extra provisions and take advantage of our local knowledge to plan your itinerary and include the best restaurants and bars, shopping spots and local highlights.

Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rallies

If you need a package with a crew and would prefer a flotilla of fellow explorers, then our famous yacht rallies are for you. Your package will include flights and connecting transportation, hotels, a skippered yacht and a fun-packed itinerary with as many lay days as race days.

South Pacific

Tonga is one of the best kept secrets of the sailing world. When Captain Cook sailed upon the ancient Kingdom of Tonga two hundred years ago, he named the group of islands “the friendly islands”. Since this time, the islands have barely changed – such is the sedate pace with which life proceeds. During your charter holiday in Tonga you will feel as though you have landed in paradise – a paradise of 71 untouched delightful islands.

Location some 1500 miles north east of New Zealand, Tonga is just below the Tropic of Capricorn. The Vava’u Archipelago is situated at the northern end of the Tongan Islands.

The Tongan Islands of Vava’u with their safe anchorage’s and secluded coves, offer one of the world’s finest cruising areas. The northern-most group of the Tongan Islands, The Vava’u Archipelago is blessed with a near-perfect climate for year-round sailing. It is estimated to have had over 2,000 years of settlement. This group of islands is a place of brilliant colours, blue lagoons, fine white coral sand beaches and lush green coconut plantations.

Experienced travellers liken the Vava’u group to “a cross between the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands” with its dramatic deep-water drop-offs and brilliant shallow lagoons. The Vava’u group has a population of about 20,000 spread over most of the 50-odd islands – about a third live in or around Neiafu (and the harbour) where there are four nearby villages: Makava, Taoa, Toula and Vaimalo.

The diving and snorkelling is amazing in crystal clear water with its brilliantly coloured coral and reef fish. During the period from July to November, the area is home to huge pods of Humpback Whales, which often swim with the yachts, accompanied by their newly born offspring.

For those who enjoy dining out, Tongan beach feasts are regular functions at the local resorts. There are also a number of island beach bars and restaurants set in magical anchorages, ideal for watching the famous Tongan sunsets.

Tonga is renowned for its handicrafts, reputedly the finest in the South Pacific. In Vava’u the choice is fabulous. It is possible to make direct personal contact with the artists, weavers and artisans. Duty Free shopping is also available in Vava’u. Like the rest of Tonga, Vava’u is a Duty Free port.

Wind and sailing conditions are light. Steady trade winds blow in a south easterly direction at a constant 13-18 knots all year round, making sailing here a delight. There are occasional northwest winds which normally shift to the south within 12 hours. Vava’u provides a satisfactory forecasting service and good protection. The average Temperature range from 25 – 30°C.

Wind direction: April to November SE December to March NW.

New Zealand

New Zealand has two main cruising areas – Bay of Islands and the Hauraki Gulf – both of which are situated on the North Island. New Zealand has a great deal to offer the discerning traveller and on a yacht charter here you will be spoilt for choice of fine cuisine and wines and breathtaking scenery. The best time to cruise the waters of New Zealand is in the warmer Summer months from November through until April. Summer is generally settled with warm days and onshore breezes.

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is without doubt the most popular cruising destination in the country. With its hundreds of secluded islands and sub-tropical climate it has plenty to offer and surprise you with. The Bay of Islands group consists of 144 islands with Opua being the main town to cruise from – with Cape Brett in the northeast and Keri Keri in the south west corner. The largest island of the group is called Urupukapuka and this forms a natural barrier protecting the inner islands from any swells. On the lee side of the island are plenty of safe and well protected bays and anchorages. “Hole in the Rock” at Cape Brett is a major tourist attraction and if your passion is fishing the famous King Fish Lodge in Whangaroa is a must. You can also enjoy a one way cruise to include the Hauraki Gulf and finish in Westhaven Marina, Auckland.

Various yachts can be chartered in New Zealand ranging from sailing yachts and catamarans, power boats, skippered bareboats and luxury fully crewed sailing and motor yachts.

Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Tahiti and her beautiful islands are located half way between California and Australia, in the middle of the South Pacific. The most popular sailing destination within Tahiti are the Society Islands which include Raiatea, Huahine, Bora Bora, and Tahaa. All of these islands lie approximately a 4-5 hour sail apart from each other providing easy cruising amongst stunning landscape.

Many people claim Tahiti is the most beautiful place in the world, and not without reason! Experience a tropical underwater wonderland teeming with tropical fish and wondrous manta rays, step ashore and visit some of the worlds best resorts or have a picnic with the locals on one of the many motus. By choosing a yacht charter to experience Tahiti you are able to visit all of the Society islands which are otherwise difficult to get around – Tahiti really is best experienced by yacht!

The scenery in Tahiti is impressive and stunning – islands consisting of volcanic peaks rising up from lagoons of crystal clear water, the bluest you could ever imagine. Tahiti really is the most romantic place on earth that will be sure to capture your heart.

There are plenty of beautiful restaurants where you can step ashore and experience the culture with the friendly locals. Many will put on local dance performances for charter guests and you will be given local cuisine to sample – including incredible seafood! Perhaps the most well known restaurant in the Society Islands is Bloody Marys – a unique dining experience where you sit on timber stools with your feet in the sand while feasting on fresh local seafood and quite often you will find yourself mingling with the rich and famous here.

There is a large bareboat fleet to choose from in Tahiti – with the catamarans proving to be most popular due to their ability to draw less water and therefore get closer in to the shallow lagoons. Alternatively, there are some fantastic luxury fully crewed options for your holiday as well. With Air Tahiti Nui now providing direct flights to Papeete from Sydney, it is now even easier to experience the paradise which is Tahiti

New Caledonia

Third largest island in the Pacific after Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, New Caledonia is only 1,500 km east off the coast of Australia. Seeing this “terra incognita” in 1774, the British navigator James Cook found a similarity between the mountainous terrain of the Grande Terre and his native Scotland, whose former name was “Caledonia.”

From coast to coast, New Caledonia, which stretches some 500 kilometres passing through the archipelago of Loyalty Islands, is home to surprising and remarkably diverse landscapes. Acting like a mountain range separates the Grande Terre (the main island) into two coasts, both with distinct characteristics. Noumea, the economic heart of the country concentrating population and economic activity, is a European city in Melanesia. Inhabited for some 3,000 years by the Kanak and the French since 1853, New Caledonia is also rich in its people. In successive waves, the archipelago became home for Europeans, Asians, Polynesians, and even people from Reunion, who together with the Melanesians, form a multicoloured, multicultural population.

Home to the world’s largest lagoon, New Caledonia offers a range of sailing options around this magical archipelago. There are numerous excellent mooring choices and most sites are still virtually untouched. Carried by the trade winds, discover a route that takes you from Noumea, the capital, to Houaïlou on the east coast, passing by the Ouen Island, Ile des Pins, Lifou, Ouvéa and Hienghène to the north-east. New Caledonia is surrounded by a myriad of coral islands and islets that are often deserted. The Boating Guide of New Caledonia lists no fewer than 150 moorings … lovers of exotic solitude will easily find an island at their feet!

South East Asia
Thailand: Thailand is a magnificent sailing destination offering stunning natural coastal beauty with a mix of exotic local culture. The most popular destination in Thailand for yacht charters is the Andaman Sea in south west Thailand – this includes the island of Phuket, Krabi province, Phang Nga Bay, the Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Lee Island group, Koh Lanta and the incredible “Emerald Cave” and Racha Island group.

One of the unique points about sailing in Thailand is the option to do a one way yacht charter from Thailand to Malaysia – the cruising area extends south to the Tarutao and Butang group of islands, and it also extends north to the Similan and Surin Islands. This large extended sailing area therefore provides longer sailing passages for the more experienced yachtie.

However if you are looking for a week of relaxing and aren’t looking for long sailing passages, then just the area around Phuket has enough to keep you entertained for weeks. Phuket is constantly buzzing with activity and hosts a variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and great shopping. Once you sail away from Phuket, you will leave the buzz of the nightclubs behind and generally find yourself coming across secluded beaches and bays with amazing wildlife and local culture.

Thailand is an all year round sailing destination with the best sailing months being December, January and February. There are two main sailing seasons called the south west and north east monsoon. The seasons are generally predictable however there can be inconsistencies when changing from one season to another.

North East Monsoon (November – April): during this period the winds are quite light and the temperatures are stable (around 30 degrees Celsius on average). It is consistently dry and sunny with ideal breeze for sailing. If you are wishing to sail the Similan Islands it is only possible to do so during these months.

South West Monsoon (May to October): the winds during this period are slightly stronger making sailing more exhilarating than the NE season. During this time of year there can be some rainy periods however these generally only last a couple of hours in the late afternoon. During this season we recommend you anchor on the East coast of the islands or in very sheltered bays (due to the direction of the prevailing winds).

Asia is becoming more and more popular every year as a yacht charter destination – the natural stunning landscapes, culinary delights and friendly locals are all reasons for this. Asia also tends to be a lot cheaper than other yacht charter destinations once you arrive there also adding to its popularity.

Due to its ever increasing popularity as a yacht charter destination, all types of vessels are now available for charter. This includes bareboat sailing yachts, bareboat sailing catamarans, power boat, skippered charters or luxury fully crewed yacht charters


A yacht charter holiday in Malaysia will be an adventure you will never forget. Langkawi is the largest island in Malaysia and is situated on the north east coast just south of Thailand. It makes for the perfect starting point for your sailing holiday!

Langkawi consists of 104 islands which provide a truly enchanting cruising area with breathtaking scenary, extensive marine life and an endless choice of secluded island anchorages, most with their own legendary myth attached. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and a wealth of wildlife characterise this region. Some of the wildlife you will be sure to come across during your yacht charter holiday include brown eagles, water lizards, and monkeys galore! Hand feeding brown eagles with chicken skin amongst the mangroves is an experience you won’t easily forget. There are excellent resorts and modern marinas set in a beautiful uncommercialised cruising area. The cuisine is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian with fish and fruit featuring on every menu.

Another highlight of your Langkawi sailing holiday will be a visit to the world famous Hole in the Wall – a natural anomaly forming a passage between imposing limestone cliffs. When you venture into this sheltered passage you will find a quaint restaurant with a fish farm – where you are able to pick out your meal for the evening! Visiting yachties regard it as one of the best restaurants in the world, a claim also echoed by international tourism writers and gourmet connoisseurs.

The Langkawi cruising area is not greatly tidal and generally has a muddy sea bottom ensuring safe anchorages and peace of mind. Mariner Boating Holidays is now also offering one way charters from Langkawi to Phuket for the more adventurous sailor.


Mariner Boating Holidays can now offer you a brand new sailing destination in one of the most intriguing cruising areas of the world. Nha Trang is one of the newest yacht charter destinations in the world situated on the east coast of Vietnam, just a 40 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City. For the adventurous sailor looking for a new and exciting sailing destination, this is for you!

Nha Trang in Vietnam offers superb sailing conditions, beautiful beaches and famous off-lying islands such as Hon Tre, Hon Yen, and Hon Rua. Nha Trang itself is a popular holiday destination for the locals and visiting Nha Trang Beach first thing in the morning and seeing the locals come out and play is an experience in itself.

Vietnam is proving to be popular amongst our clients – from the friendly people to the delicious food, a wealth of history and culture and close enough to Australia for you to arrive in good shape to hit the ground running.

The base has hotels nearby so enjoy a night on shore before or after your sailing. Provision in the well stocked, colourful local markets and prepare yourself to enjoy superb sailing conditions in this exciting area.

Nha Trang is a beach side town surrounded by rolling green hills and hosts a magnificent crescent shaped beach with deep blue water. This beach creates a picture post card image and it is here where the sailing revolves around. The Nha Trang Yacht Club is often where your briefing will take place and is a fantastic place to sit and watch the sun set and meet other fellow yachties.

The sailing season for Nha Trang Vietnam is only from May to October, and there are a fleet of mono-hulls to choose from for your yacht charter holiday.


Indonesia is more than 17,000 islands. These large and small tropical islands are sprinkled over the area and covered with white sandy beaches, many are still uninhabited and a quite a few are unnamed.

The most well known islands are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawsi, Maluku islands (the original spice islands) and Papua.

With the intoxicating crystal blue sea on its doorstep, visitors can swim with dugongs, dolphins and large mantarays, watch whales migrate yearly from the South Pole, and admire hundreds of species of colourful coral and tropical fish

In North Sulawesi visitors can find the prehistoric coelacanth fish, a “living fossil” fish. The wildlife is also a unique collection ranging from the giant Komodo lizard, the Orangutan, the Java rhino, the Sulawesi anoa dwarf buffalos, to birds with exquisite plumage like the cockatoo and the bird of paradise.

Islands are decorated in wild orchids while Fruit trees, hardwood and spices perfume the air. Plant lovers can view the Rafflesia the world’s largest flower and indonesias state flower which grows in the deep forests as well.

Indonesia is blessed with the most diverse landscape, ricelands can be found on on Java and Bali, lushious rainforests in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Nusatenggara islands are the grassland islands, West Papua has the snow-capped peaks. These together make up the uniqueness of Indonesia.