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The Marina Club offer superb Marina facilities and Services such as, Berthing, Boat parking, Launching, Recovery, Valet services, Underwater inspection, 50 ton hoist & diving.

Our harbour control is well equipped with VHF Radio and is constantly manned for any distress Signal on channel 16 by the harbour control staff From 8 a.m. till 6.30 p.m. Our call sign being “ Marina Club”.

Displayed daily on the notice board in the harbour Control office. Members can also get the latest Weather report by giving us a call.

Perfectly located, we offer superb Marina Facilities and services such as; Berthing, Boat Parking, Launching, Recovery, Valet services, Underwater Inspection, 50 Tons Hoist etc.

Bahrain Marina is the kind of place that makes you want to stay and never leave. A trendy waterfront development with a private beach in the heart of Manama, Bahrain Marina is the ultimate lifestyle destination where business, leisure, art, culture and society all connect with life on the water.

Bahrain is the only island nation in the Middle East with naturally open borders and an easy island lifestyle that has attracted and welcomed visitors for thousands of years. Bahrain is home to a fun, friendly and well-connected society that enjoys an easy lifestyle with a rich heritage and sea-based culture.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf’s crystal blue waters, Bahrain Marina links Manama’s business hubs, traditional souqs, touristic and cultural districts. Bahrain Marina is designed to be a beautiful waterfront offering with limitless possibilities for each and every individual.

Bahrain Marina is a place where people can strengthen their relationships with their community and reinforce their social and professional connections. From GCC travelers parking their yachts, to local residents shopping and dining at their doorstep, tourists enjoying a beachside staycation and scheduled seaside business lunches, Bahrain Marina seamlessly connects business, leisure, residence and tourism, making life on the water far more practical, accessible and meaningful to everyone.

Bahrain, although blessed being surrounded by crystal clear seas lacked a proper berthing facility for boats. The idea to build a proper Marina was initiated by boating enthusiasts to fulfill this need, and a committee was formed to bring such a plan to reality.

The present site was located and work began on this ambitious project. Originally a desolate watery bed complete with sinking barges, was covered into a strong land mass by dredging, and a site suitable to build on came into existence. No efforts was spared and on November 11, 1981 the Marina Club was inaugurated with an initial membership of 520 members.

The modern facilities offered by the Marina Club have ensured its popularity right from the beginning , but the club has not rested on its laurels, always striving to improve and enhance the many amenities offered.

In 1989, the Health Club was introduced with the latest fitness machines to keep in tune with the demands of today’s health conscious generation.

Upon entering the Health Club doors, one steps into a spacious setting of cool, palatial marble, luscious greenery, and an aura of clean healthy living . Advice from our qualified personnel is readily available on nutrition, supplementation and personalized training programmers. A thorough screening process initially undertaken by all our members enable our instructors to prescribe an exercise routine specified to individual needs.

Tennis Courts
Our two courts are up to International Standards and well equipped with flood-lights for evening playing. A coach is available for personal or group training. After vigorous exercises, replenish your body with a refreshing fresh fruit or vegetable juice from our health club menu.

Step into the Marina Health Club to find how exercising can actually be fun! … lots of it.

The two large swimming pools and children’s pool are professionally maintained to offer a safe and hygienic recreation area.

Food and beverages are served from 8 a.m onwards.

Men Gym
Our Men’s Gym offers an extensive range of state of-the-art equipment offering training for body building, running, cross-training or simply health and fitness. Our cardiovascular equipment is all computerized with L.E.D Panels. Run, Jog, Cycle or Row without leaving the gym. 16 single station machines allow each major muscle to be conditioned separately.

Ladies Gym
We offer complete separate facilities for our female members, allowing the luxury of total privacy when exercising. The ladies gymnasium offers a complete range of single station machines, cardiovascular equipments and free weights. Each machine features L.E.D Readouts for time, distance, workload, intensity, and even calories burned. With the use of free weights the smaller muscle groups can be worked, aiding the quest for a toned, firm, feminine physique. For total body fitness, cardiovascular training is essential. A temperature controlled exclusive ladies swimming pool is an added facility in the Ladies Gym

Squash Courts
The three glass-backed, air-conditioned squash courts include an exhibition court used for league matches and national Tournaments

Massage, Sauna, Jacuzzi & Steam Room
Alleviate tired, aching muscles with a relaxing massage as you transit to the final phase of a healthy mind, body and soul. Alternatively relax in the sauna, heated Jacuzzi and steam room. Separate facilities for men and women

Aerobics is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of group exercise. Forms of group exercise. With a whole spectrum of scientifically designed classes, aerobics reaches out to everyone, any age or size, fit or unfit, male or female. Here we offer the very latest ideas in aerobic classes ensuring that safe and effective exercise are practiced at all times.

Member and non-members can learn Taekwondo, the oriental technique of self defense. Marina Club offers special classes for children, and ladies, mixed classes, high – ranking executives and business men. Training is tailor-made to suit the different groups of trainees. Come and enrich your life by joining Taekwondo at the Marina Club.

Kids Activities
Swimming Lessons