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43 o 30,8’N – 16 o 07’E
VHF 17

Marina Agana Berthing Plan

The marina is open year round. Marina lies at the far W end of Marina bay, 6NM W of Trogir. Marina bay is shallow close inshore in places, but an offing of 2 cables clears these dangers. The tower of Marina is visible for some distance.

Marina is a small, picturesque town of Middle Dalmatia, situated at the western end of Marina Bay. Houses lined up along the coast full of bays and beaches that are perfect for a family holiday in the shade of olive and pine trees that provide protection from the midday sun.

Restaurants and pubs in the village and its surroundings have an excellent selection of fish dishes, fresh fish and quality local wines. Well protected from all winds Agana marina with 134 connection is a perfect place for boaters who seek peaceful harbor and a special atmosphere.

During the summer, the Marina and surrounding villages you can visit the local festivals and art exhibitions. The proximity of the UNESCO Trogir, Split and beautiful Primosten, gives you the opportunity to explore the history of 2000 years old and to have fun in one of the popular clubs.

There are 200 berths in the sea, and 134 berths on the land There is good shelter from all directions except SE.

Facilities include a power supply, water supply, laundry service, parking, restaurant, bar, grocery, toilets, travel-lift up to 40T

In the Area:
The most distinctive feature of the village of Marina is its fortified tower or KULA, built in the 16’th century by the Bishop of Trogir to provide protection from the Turks. The tower has now been converted into a hotel with a restaurant.