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Laughing Dog Boats gives you the chance to experience living your dream on a narrow boat, cruising Britain’s canal system. We offer boats for long term occupancy, a minimum of six months, at a fraction of normal holiday hire charges.

Laughing Dog Boats offers you a fully furnished, licensed and insured liveaboard boat, equipped and ready for your cruise, with a current boat safety certificate, breakdown cover, maps, books and essential tools.

Cruising tuition is provided until you and your crew feel confident to begin your adventure which ends at a mutually agreed destination of your choice.

Laughing Dog Boats gives you occupancy of the boat by making you a minority owner rather than a tenant for the duration of your cruise. You relinquish that ownership when your journey ends. This shared ownership ensures complete insurance cover.

During occupancy the financial responsibility for maintenance lies with the majority owner. Organising maintenance, any repairs and general running of the boat is the minority owner’s responsibility. The aim is to liaise and work as a team if needs arise.

Our Boats
Ever thought you’d like to try living on a narrow boat? Cruise Britain’s lovely canal system? LaughingDogBoats is your opportunity. Our boats are available for long term occupancy from a minimum of six months, at a fraction of normal holiday hire charges, cost is comparable with renting a flat. Some people let out their own property to offset boat costs for the duration of their cruise.

We currently have two narrow boats available for the live aboard experience.