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35° 20′ 30″ N / 033° 19′ 00″ E

Kyrenia Harbour
Kyrenia is a small town with a population of 13,000, with many different hidden treasures, from its magical ancient castle which looks down upon the harbour, the diverse restaurants catering for every taste and desire, to the boutiques and stalls where you can buy a souvenir to keep your holiday memories fresh in your mind.

The Harbour at Kyrenia
The cafes along the harbour are always busy and full of energy, especially during the summer months, as tourists as well as locals make the most of this beautiful part of the island. If the heat is getting to you then head straight down to the Kyrenia harbour side without a moments hesitation, where the refreshing breeze from both the mountain and the salty sea combined with a fruity cocktail is bound to bring your temperature down, which can go a long way in explaining the crowds! A table by the sea on the harbour side can be an ideal spot to have a great meal, be it with your partner of family.

The views at Kyrenia Harbour
Don’t fret if you haven’t managed to get the table you wanted in a harbour side restaurant as all of the restaurants along the harbour have stunning views looking out on the sea and Kyrenia castle, thanks to the shape resembling a horseshoe. Why not arrange a boat trip while having an ice cold drink in your favourite harbour side café, as they are parked right by! Or enjoy the peaceful event of watching small local fishing boats along with the large shiny yachts from all over the world.

Kyrenia Harbour Cafés
Even the Kyrenia cafés ooze history, as the buildings they are situated in were once functioning as old carob storage warehouses. Carob beans used to be a very important part of Cyprus, as it was exported to many countries across the world as a substitute for chocolate. These café and restaurant on the harbour offer you a great place to sit and relax from the summer heat while enjoying a traditional Turkish coffee and the beautiful views of the sea. Café 34, Café Harbour, and Carob are among the many top quality cafés that you must visit.

The History of Kyrenia Harbour
Although settlement in the town of Kyrenia can date right back to the 10th century BC, we mainly owe our thanks to the Venetians, who played a major role in forming the harbours shape as it is today.  The Venetians, who seized the island in 1489, were afraid of a possible attack from the Ottoman Empire, especially against Kyrenia as it was so close to the mainland, so they built large defences for this town. In the end, all their hard work amounted to nothing when they subtly surrendered to the Ottomans in 1571, resulting in the Ottomans beginning their rule over the island.

The Venetian Castle at Kyrenia
When you are visiting the Kyrenia Harbour it is impossible to miss this huge majectic castle which has stood the test of time and has seen the many changing faces of kyrenia as it looks down upon the harbour. Joint to the castle and stretching out into the calm blue sea is the long breakwater guiding the local fisherman and fascinated tourists along the Martyr Monument. If you would like to enjoy a few quiet moments gazing as the boats lazily enter the Kyrenia Harbour than you better head straight to the Custom House for the unbeatable view. The town was protected against enemy ships by attaching a giant chain to the harbour entrance right down to the tower.