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Koursaros Yachting is a yacht charter company based in Larnaca, Cyprus offering boat holiday rentals. You may charter the yacht of your choice, crewed or bareboat to sail along the breath taking Cyprus coast or on a route of your selection.

The choice of sailing destinations begin from Larnaca marina, a few kilometers away from the main international airport. Larnaca’s line of mature palms, cafes, restaurants, kiosks and many other services are of walking distance from the marina.

Sailing west from Larnaca Marina, you will be heading towards Limassol (Lemesos), the second largest city and the island’s main port. Limassol is a bustling holiday resort and at the same time a cosmopolitan seaside town. On your way to Limassol you will pass by Cape Kition. You may anchor at Govenor’s Beach or St. Raphael’s Marina just before Limassol.

Sailing west from Limassol, after Cape Gata and Zevgari you will come to Pissouri Bay, where you can rest for the night before setting sails for Paphos.

On your route to Paphos you will see the Venus Rock (Petra tou Romiou), the place where, as legend unveils, goddess Aphrodite was born.

Paphos, capital of the west and full of history. A resort town, which as its focal point is a charming fishing harbour and Paphos medieval fort. It is lined with open-air cafes, restaurants and tavernas.

Sailing northwest from Paphos, you will pass by Coral Bay, and enter the Akamas peninsula, one of the three major flora zones of Europe. The number of plant species found here runs up to 600. the variety of fauna is also impressive: 1678 bird species, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and butterfly species.

Akamas is situated at the westernmost point of Cyprus. According to mythology, the area took its name from the Greek mythological hero Akamas, son of Theseus who came to the island after the Trojan War and founded Akamantis. Akamas was also the place where Aphrodite and Adonis had their love trysts. It is an area of incomparable natural beauty, ideal for walking in its natural trails, cycling, swimming, diving, fishing, exploring, cruising, and bird watching.

Sailing around Cape Arnaoutis you will find yourself in the north part of the island, in the Chrysochou Bay and on your way to the fishing refuge of Latchi. You will be tempted to anchor at the Fontana Amoroza bay, and furthermore at Hamili bay, the blue lagoon, an ideal place to swim, dive, snorkel and just enjoy . . . .

On the other hand, if you choose to sail east from Larnaca, you will reach Ayia Napa, a lively tourist resort with calm bays and sandy beaches. Ayia Napa is well known for its wild bars, nightclubs and its wide selection of restaurants and taverns. A must for those party people.

Further east, you touch Cape Greco, on the very tip, with its crystal clear waters and sea caves. You can settle into the safe bay of Konnos for the night.

If you continue east, you will come to Protaras, a small resort town with its golden beaches, a big draw for sun seekers.

East or west, Koursaros Yachting will ensure that sailing in Cyprus will remain an unforgettable experience for you.

Private charter per week
Live the unforgettable Koursaros experience sailing around the island.
Full Day Cruise

At 9am you will set sails for Cavo Pyla on a comfortable yacht. There you will anchor for lunch, drinks and swimming before making your way back to Larnaca marina by 4pm. You will have the opportunity to sail the yacht yourselves with an experienced skipper on board. A minimum of 4 persons is required.

Half Day Cruise
You can enjoy a four hour sailing adventure on a comfortable yacht along Larnaca Bay to Cape Kiti where you will anchor for a swim and drinks.You will have the opportunity to sail the yacht yourselves with an experienced skipper on board.

Our yachts are comfortable and fully equipped for fishing. Early morning fishing excursions are organized between early May and end of September. A tuna catch is common for this time of year but not guaranteed. Whatever happens though, we do guarantee a beautiful sunrise and a wonderful experience.

Sunset Cruise
You can enjoy a romantic cruise wrapped by the golden sunset of the Mediterranean sea. Champagne on ice and only the sound of waves rippling gently on the yacht where you can enjoy luxury and comfort.
Day Skipper practical sailing course
Private or team course.

Sea miles services are offer for people who may want to earn miles in their log book for sailing experience or in order to obtain a competent skipper licence.

Cyprus for All Seasons!
One of the benefits of being a Mediterranean island is plentiful sunshine throughout the year, and Cyprus is no exception. In fact, Cyprus epitomizes the ideal weather of the region with sunny days and fine temperatures almost every day. Extremes of temperatures are rare, meaning Cyprus has something to offer every month of the year, whether it’s swimming (as late as November) or enjoying cultural sites and festivals (all year long). While seasonal fluctuations are not drastic, however, they are different. Here’s what to expect:

Summer: When It Sizzles
For just about Summer stretches from mid-May to mid-October and means high temperatures, cloudless skies and cooling breezes from the sea. It’s the ideal season for swimming, sunbathing and a whole range of water sports from sailing to scuba diving. At this time of year, explore the archaeological sites early in the morning or in late afternoon, avoiding the hottest part of the day. It’s always a good idea to bring along sun protection, such as sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat. Even in the height of summer when it’s 32C(90F) degrees at the beach (and warmer inland), temperatures are refreshingly cooler in the Troodos, making the mountains ideal for hiking or simply relaxing.

The days of September and October are still sunny and the water warm enough for comfortable swimming. Basically, it’s still summer. In Lemesos, the first ten days of September bring the annual Wine Festival, a buoyant period not to be missed.
Routes Distance Routes Distance

  • Larnaca Marina – Ayia Napa Port 18 NM
  • Larnaca Marina – St. Raphael Marina 31 NM
  • Ayia Napa – Konnos Bay 6 NM
  • St. Raphael Marina – Pissouri Bay 31 NM
  • Konnos – F/Tree Bay 3 NM
  • Pissouri Bay – Paphos Port 18 NM
  • Paphos Port – Lara Bay 18 NM
  • Lara Bay – Latchi Port 17 NM

Fall Forecast: Warm and Sunny
Toward the end of October evenings do tend to get cooler, however. In October and through November the leaves change colour in the Troodos and vineyards take on gold and crimson hues against a backdrop of crystal clear sunlight. In Cyprus even mid-November can feel like summer, but by month’s end medium-weight apparel for the late afternoons and evenings will enhance the traveller’s experience. It is still possible to enjoy swimming, while inland excursions to villages and vineyards for wine tastings can be very enjoyable. Fall also brings with it the annual Kypria festival, with prestigious local and international musical and dramatic performances at venues throughout Cyprus.

Winter: An Active Season
December and January are the months of Mediterranean winter, bringing the possibility of rain, but still an average of six hours of bright sunshine a day. This is the time of year when smaller Mediterranean destinations shut down for the season, but not so Cyprus. The island is a major business centre and has many important heritage sites and museums, all at their least crowded in winter. The cultural calendar is also alive and well throughout the winter, with new events coming all the time. The summer resort of Agia Napa, for example, offers a “Cultural Winter” with classical music concerts and modern and folkloric dance performances. Into early February there is occasional rain, and often snow in the Troodos – ideal for skiing!

Spring Delights
The first orchids bloom in January in Cyprus, and by mid-February the countryside is already alive with fresh green meadows and almond trees in bloom. March days can still be cool (daytime temperatures around 19C or 65F, 9C or 40F at night) but steadily moderate. Early spring is a wonderful time to visit to Cyprus, with pleasant daytime temperatures and many of the ancient ruins framed by a carpet of red anemones and other wildflowers.

In April and into the middle of May spring is in full force. This is an ideal time for nature hikes and off-road adventures in the pristine Akamas Peninsula. Cyprus has 1,950 species of flowering plants, 140 of which grow nowhere else but on the island, and in the Akamas alone, there are 700 plant species, of which 40 are endemic. From February to April, pink cyclamen sprouts up from rocky foothills and thickets and forms a riveting adornment to the Baths of Aphrodite. From March to April, the pink wavy-leaved monkey orchid (Orchis italica) grows in dense patches around Pafos. If in summer Cyprus is the place to bask in the sun, then spring is the time to savour the natural beauty of the island in bloom.