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What you should know about us
In the spring of 1977 we started the first charter activities and its own small fleet on the island of Elba. In constant development KH + P grew at a charter yacht charter provider with worldwide operations. Today we are one of the first representatives of renowned international charter companies.

Besides the normal Yacht Charter, we have focused on the early development of new ideas and special holiday for sailors. Thus the first KH + P explorer trips, special tours and fun regattas, which soon became a role model and inspiration for many others were charter company. The Caribbean Trophy is one of the first and perhaps most famous of these events.

Lufthansa , Air France , the fair-Friedrichshafen , the ZDF, the Southwest Broadcasting , Diners Club and known travel magazines entrusted us with the development and organization of special events and sailing trips.

To a growing number of sailors to organize a perfect holiday as possible and to be zuverlässsiger partners, we have developed extensive experience in several important principles:

  • Quality
  • independent
  • security
  • cooperation
  • Cooperation

Quality: Carefully ausgwählte partners, less rather than more. Certain vendors we carry at all in the program, even if it could be easily sold. We want to make the cheapest possible deals, but if in doubt have reliability and quality Vorang. For minor price differences, we want to ask of any risk to your precious days of the year. We would rather forgo a contract.

Independence: It is our principle to remain an independent agency in order to best assist you and can unaffected. We may belong to the most important main agencies of the major international companies such as Sunsail / Stardust or VPM, we are working closely with small, well-organized company. This enables us to create objective comparisons between verwschiedenen do to find together with you the best solution for your vacation.

Security: In addition to the careful selection of our partner companies, we offer more collateral: a security certificate for the trip price-protection law. Ensure that your money is secured to the end of your journey through an insurance institute. We have to get rid of partners that did not meet our requirements for enhanced security. We also have a bankruptcy-protection insurance for our partner companies with the VDC (Association of German Charterunternhemen) completed. Nevertheless, we do not rely primarily on insurance, but on our years of experience and would like to offer only the one to which we are convinced himself, after careful consideration! Our weight with our longstanding partners, also helps when it comes time to represent your interests in a problem case.

Cooperation: To improve our program and continue to develop, we ask for your cooperation with us. We look forward to your comments, advice and suggestions. Write to us . Thank you.

Cooperation to your advantage:
With a small group of leading charter companies has KH + P was founded in 1999 by the Bestsail Management Ltd. to joint strength and activities of our clients continue to provide benefits and special offers for the quality charter holiday. Here, the participating agencies will remain independent and autonomous, manage their own customer base, but use market strength and expertise in terms of customers together . In a short time, created a series Bestsail’s charter bases around the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Yacht Charter
Bareboat, crewed, flotilla, crewed yachts, racing, sailing
Here you will find all information on our extensive and diverse charter program. In ” Where is what? ” They are made according to your concerns via our online charter program.

Choose what interests you:

  • Bareboat
  • Cabincruises
  • Flotilla
  • Events
  • Regattas
  • Crewed
  • Tall Ship
  • Last minute

Individually, athletic relaxing

Sailing holidays for families, newcomers, old timers …
Individual holidays, sporting and relaxing – this is exactly flotilla sailing! The flotilla idea has a lot of benefits if you: a landlocked sailor your first steps in the lake-sailing company that sails others want to get closer, for example, your family, your partner or your partner is a perfect sailing vacation with your kids want , under the expert guidance to know a new area you want, or just i n sail a nice international group want.
Sailing in a small circle

Sporting and relaxing sailing holiday for the whole family, for couples, singles, individuals, cliques, for beginners and old hands. Also suitable for holidays with children!

A flotilla consists of about 8 to 12 yachts and the ship of the flotilla companion. Book and get “your” yacht and show them the way you want it: with your family, with good friends, or even just a couple. Then you can start already.

For flotilla sailing you do not necessarily need a sailing license, if you have good knowledge dinghy. The more experience you have, the more independent you can get from the Flottillenleitung. flotillas The distance traveled in miles can be confirmed for sailing license exams.

Where sailing flotillas

there are interesting coastlines, quiet bays, beaches and small fishing ports. Thus a varied cruise planning possible and the sailing routes can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

The flotilla areas lie in the diverse islands of the Ionian Sea it, in Croatia , in Turkey , but also in remote areas like the Caribbean , the Seychelles and Australia

Whichever cruise you choose: In these areas, the sun appears from early spring to late autumn. Bays with gorgeous clear water, steep cliffs, gentle beaches and picturesque fishing ports have all year a special appeal.

Areas and routes

Your flotilla sailing trip is well prepared and planned. The routes are well established and carefully. This gives you the security of a well-conceived program, without having to sail to schedule therefore.
The flotilla areas offer a variety of anchorage within short distances, so no long lines are forced to deal with and you have lots of options.
The routes are fixed in advance gross. The exact sailing routes and every day’s goal with the so called “briefing” with the flotilla crew discussed together, perhaps under the awning of a cozy tavern with a cool glass of white, quite loose.

Program, but no timetable

Not sailing in the pack , but after your own fashion. Your flotilla crew is unobtrusive. He sees himself as a helper rather than a Commodore. This means that he is there for you if you have any requests and questions, and not otherwise. There are also tips for the most beautiful bays and nicest restaurants.
The flotilla crew repaired, if necessary, damage to your ship, which is perhaps occurred en route, showing you tricks to sail trim, because if you want to learn something. All yachts have radio. They are therefore in constant contact with each other and with the support boat, if you need advice or help. You are not alone, but for themselves .

Flotillas in remote districts

In addition to regular flotillas in Greece and Turkey, deer, we also special KH + P events (events) by several yachts in other scenic areas, link the flotilla character with individual freedom, a social program and discovered qualities under expert guidance. These programs are also ideal for experienced sailors who want to learn about new, unknown sailing areas first with experienced guidance. Additionally, you can use nice contacts.