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You are on the open sea, feeling the wind in your face and the freedom of the open space, you pit your strength against the elements and at the same time enjoy the charm, comfort, and the historic experience of a classic yacht- you then know that this is sportive sailing at the highest stage!

iSails offers:

  • crewed yacht charter
  • cabin charter
  • regatta sailing
  • event and media location

Whether you like it cozy or luxurious- we have the suitable sailing yacht for you in one of our amazing Destinations !

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you with a suitable offer!

Charter an exclusive classic yacht including an experienced skipper for your trip in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea or any other attractive sailing destination!

It is also possible to book a cuisinier, a hostess or even more crewmembers on demand. Crewed yachts are especially appropriate for exclusive and relaxed sailing because the crew will provide the best comfort and try to fulfill all your wishes.

It’s not necessarily important to have sailing knowledge. But if you are an experienced sailor, the skipper will let you primarily lead the yacht and be by your side as an advisor.

We would love to choose the right yacht and sailing-area for you.

Bunk Charter
With the so called “bunk-charter” you can book a bunk / Cabin on a sailing yacht. Sailing knowledge is not required but you are able to improve your sailing skills. On many of our yachts you will learn how to lead a yacht and sail it by yourself – i.e. on “Peter von Seestermühe ”. For a more relaxing time you can just lie on deck and enjoy, like on “Schooner Kairos ”.

Here you can contact us if you have any further questions. You may also just choose a classic yacht and book as a single person, a couple or a group.

Traditional Ships
Traditional sailing vessels
 Fortunately some of bygone days traditional cargo ships have been declared worthy of preservation as part of the national cultural heritage. Many of these vessels are still active and are now converted for the purpose of sailing with charter guests.
 As these ships were originally built for cargo, they are incredibly spacious and therefore ideal to bring larger groups i.e. family celebrations, receptions and business trips, etc.

 We can also offer regattas such as Fyn Rundt for Bevaringsværdige Skibe or Limfjorden Rundt, etc.
 For other regattas please click here. 

If You prefer a more relaxing sailing experience we can offer sunset trip, sightseeing, childrens entertainment etc.

 These vessels are also very suitable for team building, as various challenges can be arranged on the deck and the rigging, while below the saloon offers spacious facilities for theoretical training.

 For your security.
 All vessels are subject to the respective maritime authorities classification, periodic surveys and statutory requirements regarding security and insurance, etc.
 The vessels are in good condition regarding maintenance, equipment and safety. Their navigation, rescue and communications equipment is in accordance with legal requirements.
 The crew is professionally trained in accordance with maritime authorities requirements for knowledge of navigation, communications, maritime rescue, fire fighting, etc.

We offer various options around regatta sailing!
If you are looking for the adrenalin of actively racing in a regatta yourself you can participate in many regatta races as an individual or a group. If you prefer to watch the regatta at close range and at the same time enjoy the luxury of a classic yacht and maybe a nice wine we also offer many regatta accompanying boat trips.

And why not create your own regatta? We are excited to organize a private regatta for your company or group of friends (up to 60 persons).
All offers can be individually suited to your wishes. Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for!