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We are located in the Seven Mile Beach area of Grand Cayman. We keep the boat at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club when we are diving the north wall, and have a mooring just off West Bay dock when diving the west side.

For our guests staying on the north side, or east end of the island, we offer a pick-up service from Kaibo Yacht Club (1st May – 30th November only) weather permitting.

Generally speaking we spend the winter months diving the west side of the island – simply because of higher winds bringing bigger seas to the north wall. In the event of a nor-wester, we will re-locate to the south side of the island.

As a small dive operator, we do not have a physical dive shop. All the necessary paperwork can be completed ahead of time, or on the boat.

The Cayman Islands are known for their spectacular wall dives, & will forever be one of the worlds most popular dive destinations. With 365 dive sites across 3 islands, Cayman offers a wide variety for all experience levels from beginner to advanced diver. Be it shallow coral gardens, unspoiled reefs, sheer walls, interesting wrecks, or exploring the rubble, Cayman waters offer captivating images to divers of all levels.

At Indigo Divers we have raised the bar on Grand Caymans’ dive industry. With just SIX DIVERS MAXIMUM, we guarantee an exclusive experience.

We feel that we have a top of the line operation, driven by one thing – a friendly positive attitude! We strive for excellence and cater to certified scuba divers of all experience levels. We are the only dive company in Grand Cayman where you will always be diving with the owners, and we take great pride in serving our customers at the highest level.

We believe your time above water should be as enjoyable as your time below. The difference is, we offer a relaxed atmosphere and a vacation created specifically for your personal needs. Our attention to detail ensures the comfort, convenience and safety of your time with us. We love to share our knowledge of the ocean’s fragile eco-system, & will happily guide your improvements in scuba diving. Our ultimate goal is to provide the finest dive experience for our guests.

At INDIGO DIVERS we are all about the critters –
We have dived around the world – from the Great Lakes to the Sound of Mull, the Red Sea to the Great Barrier Reef; Indonesia, French Polynesia, Vancouver & the Mediterranean Sea. We have gathered key elements from each dive vacation, and blended them together to form a unique scuba diving experience.

Our diving style may change according to the dive site, or the customers preference. A steady pace along the north wall looking for large pelagics, followed by a slow crawl – searching for the ‘little stuff’. Two enthusiastic dive guides in the water with a small group ensures optimum critter hunting, also allowing us to cater to differing experience levels & preferences. Anyone running low on air will be escorted back to the boat by Chris, allowing all remaining divers to continue uninterrupted.

your day with indigo
As you step on board, your equipment will be set up for you. A smooth & speedy ride out, allows us first pick of the dive sites. The first dive is guided along the famous Cayman Wall. Your guide will lead you in finding your favourite Caribbean creatures – moray eels, spotted eagle rays, sting rays, hawksbill & green sea turtles, and maybe even a grey reef or hammerhead shark!

There are no diesel fumes to upset delicate tummies, and for those easily chilled, blankets will keep you snug during the surface interval. Bottled water, sodas, fresh fruit & cookies will be served. Meanwhile your tanks will be switched by the Captain. In fact – you’ll be so relaxed – you’ll be reluctant to get back in the water!

The second dive will be a shallow reef or top of the wall dive, in waters of 35 – 60 ft. We will happily guide you on this dive too, but you are welcome to explore the reef in buddy teams if you prefer. Following the dive, fresh water is available for you to rinse off, & towels are also provided. Naturally we will take care of your equipment too. Then settle in, refreshment in hand, as we whisk you back to dry land.

favourite critters


the dive sites

There are 365 dive sites in the Cayman Islands! Whether you like to dive dramatic walls, wrecks, reefs, or be a little more adventurous and seek out mysterious critters in the rubble, Cayman has what you want! Since both Chris & Kate are also in the water, you can be assured that we will take you to the best sites available to us – we want to see some cool stuff too! All dive sites in the Cayman Islands operate on a public mooring system ie. they are accessible to everyone, on a first come first served basis. Dive site selection is based on availability, sea conditions & visibility. We must also take into consideration the other divers on board, & which dive sites they may have already visited that week.

The WEST SIDE of Grand Cayman is known for its spectacular walls that taper off into the blue abyss. Swim-throughs 100 ft long, pinnacles spiralling up from the depths, deep canyons & awe-inspiring arches that defy gravity. The shallower reefs are home to coral encrusted wrecks, sleepy turtles and moray eels. Rubble playgrounds are where you’ll find yellow head jaw fish cautiously tidying their burrows, as a peacock flounder glides unnoticed along the sandy bottom.

The famous NORTH WALL is a sheer face that plunges to a jaw-dropping 6000 ft! Eagle rays cruise effortlessly along its top edge, reef sharks silently prowl in the deep, & spiny lobsters watch from the safety of the reef. Neck crabs cling to gorgonians branching out into the blue. The shallow reefs of the north are beautiful gardens, thick with lilac sea fans swaying to & fro. Clusters of yellow tube sponges stand proudly whilst tiny gobies dart in & out of them. Scorpion fish perch invisibly on coral heads, and juvenile spotted drums dance in circles below. The summer months bring idyllic conditions for diving the north. High winds & choppy seas are typical during the winter months, keeping the north inaccessible.

Nor-westers blow in from time to time, which drives us to the sheltered SOUTH SOUND area of Grand Cayman. A maze of tunnels & swimthroughs will test even the most confident of navigators. The top of the mini-wall is alive with red lipped blennies, all darting in & out of the stag horn & elk horn coral formations. Juvenile yellow tail damsel fish seek shelter among the blade fire coral and schooling creole wrasse & electric blue chromis swarm overhead.

favourite dives