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IBRAMAR Shipping Company S.A.E.

Port Said:
Freeport Building – 5th Floor
Memphis and Nahda Street
Port Said
P.O. Box 460

Phone: +20 66 3339140 (5 Lines)
Fax: +20 66 3324187 manual
Fax: +20 66 3340413 computer
Telex: 63410 / 63411 Ibrap Un
Cables: Ibramar, Port Said
Comtext: a24un383 / a44un923

portsaid [at] ibramar [dot] com [dot] eg
agency [at] ibramar [dot] com [dot] eg
portsaid [at] ibramar [dot] net [dot] eg
bunker [at] ibramar [dot] com [dot] eg

After Office Hours:

Mr. Walid Abul-magd (Branch Manager)
Mobile +20 127 7007622
Mr. Mohamed Aboul Atta (Head of shipping Dept. & Assistant Manager )
Mobile +20 122 3905089
Mr. Hany Habib (Bunker Dept. )
Mobile: +20 122 2151706
Mr. Ahmed Hammad (Shipping Dept. )

IBRAMAR Schiffahrts GmbH
Raboisen 16
20095 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 300866-0
Fax: +49 40 300866-99/ -97
chartering [at] ibramar [dot] de
agency [at] ibramar [dot] de
Ibrahim Moomen (Chairman)
After Office Hours:

Omar Moomen (Director)
Mobile: +49 172 435 92 71
Nagy Moomen (Director)
Mobile: +49 163 250 10 16
Goekhan Sezener (Assistant of Chairman)


IBRAMAR’s office network has been developed to provide direct coverage of every major Egyptian port as well as smaller ports and berths. we offer nationwide agency using our own experienced port-based staff, ensuring a high standard of service and consistent documentation. clients have the option of co-ordinating all their Egyptian agency requirements, including disbursement account management, through any of IBRAMAR’s offices or working with each local office on an individual basis.

IBRAMAR (Egypt) is one of the leading Egyptian private shipping groups representing a good number of well-known European, American, far eastern and Arab ship owners, operators and charterers.
IBRAMAR serves monthly around 60 vessels passing the Suez Canal and/or undergoing cargo operations at Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said, Suez, El Arish , Hamrawein and Safaga.

-Representation of charterers or owners protective interests
-Round-the-clock availability
-Pre-call procedures – port and weather information, berth availability, documentation, port services
-Attendance on arrival, departure and as required during vessel call
-Vessel operations, crew mail, travel, communications, security, repair and drydocking
-Chandlery and ship supplies
-Post-call invoice checking and disbursement collation

Extending from husbandry on cruise vessels, IBRAMAR provide a full portfolio of support services covering full turnaround, transit, PR and inaugural calls. This embraces destination planning, shore excursions in EGYPT baggage handling and passenger services.

IBRAMAR agency personnel are highly experienced in handling all vessel types from tankers, container and dry bulk vessels, to offshore support and cruise ships. We draw on our experience, local knowledge and close relationship with port operators to provide principals with accurate, objective information and effective service.


The primary objective of the company is to provide shipowners and operators with cost
effective ship management with unparalleled standards of quality and safety.

Over almost three decades, not only have we acquired the expertise in the field of ship
management, but have also developed a pool of highly qualified and competent staff, both on board as well as ashore.

It is through this dedicated and loyal work force of technical superintendents and seafarers,
that we are able to achieve economy in operating costs by reducing, or in many cases,
eliminating expensive repairs that would normally have to be carried out by shore facilities.

Our aim is to facilitate shipping and trade related services worldwide – with special emphasis on traffic to Egypt, and outbound traffic from Egypt and Libya. It is to us of paramount importance that our services are rendered in a way that our clients can be assured that the safety, speed and cost of any such operation will be to their utmost satisfaction.

IBRAMAR’s unique and efficient management style is the product of forging German discipline and Egyptian creativity into one.

IBRAMAR as one of Egypt’s shipping powerhouses makes sure that our clients’ interests are well served as we are not only their entrusted agents but also their strategic partners.