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luxury yacht

From Antibes to Zanzibar and everywhere in between – our brokers travel extensively to seek out the most captivating and enchanting destinations for your holiday and will help you navigate the world of choices available.

Mediterranean yachting holidays

Chartering a yacht in Croatia allows access to one of the most dramatic coastlines in all of Europe – soaring mountains, deep gorges, cascading waterfalls, immense fields of lavender and gently rolling hills dotted with ancient olive trees. More than a thousand islands, mostly uninhabited, rise out of the spectacularly clear waters.

Taking a yacht charter in Greece allows you to explore the waters of the Mediterranean in classic style. The myriad islands dotting Greece’s Ionian and Aegean Seas provide insight to the remarkable history and lure of ancient mythology. Thousands of enchanting islands make it possible to discover a new port of call every day.

The Cote D’Azur includes chic resort towns and picturesque fishing villages and is one of the prime locations for luxury yacht charter in Italy and France. Guests can spend several days in the lovely Iles d’Hyeres or venture further along the coast to glamorous Monaco. This is literally the undisputed epicenter of luxury yachting with glorious weather, fantastic scenery, world-class restaurants and some of the chicest shops on the planet.

Caribbean yachting holidays

Embark on a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean Sea and commence a truly inspirational yachting experience. The ‘Sea of Antilles’ as the Caribbean is known is an area of outstanding natural beauty and as a better backdrop to a yacht charter second to none.

A Caribbean yacht charter is destined to provide unforgettable experiences above and below the waves. The incredible 2.5 million square kilometers of crystal clear waters, clear blue skies and tropical sun all invite you to relax on the deck of your private yacht charter or explore the seas and islands of this wonderful part of the world. The Caribbean Sea is home to no less than nine percent of the world’s coral reefs and offers an aquatic feast for the senses. Coral, tropical fish and warm seas combine to form an underwater harmony treasured by divers. Break the waves and none of the beauty and charm is lost as the horizon is filled with incredible tropical Caribbean islands. Like oases in a sea of blue, they are yours to explore or admire with sundowners on deck.

Alternatively why not let the warm tropical trade breezes steer you into port in one of the Caribbean’s many island havens? These are places where for centuries music and laughter have echoed in the streets, where the aromas of the local cuisine fill the tropical air and where you are always guaranteed a warm welcome. These visits are often fun and enriching experiences; friends are made, local markets shopped, exotic flavours soaked up and memories for life gained. The dancing continues into the night, long after those who prefer have retired to their yachts after a romantic sunset stroll along the beach.

The list of iconic Caribbean yacht charter destinations is virtually endless; visit the Leeward Islands with their luscious rainforests and coral beaches, Havana with its rich history and vibrant nightlife or the uninhabited Virgin Islands ideal for peaceful reflection and spectacular diving. Try Barbados with its famous pinkish sandy beaches, Jamaica the home of Caribbean music or beautiful volcanic Martinique. The Grenadine Islands, the Bahamas or St Barts; the very best of the Caribbean is yours to explore on a Fraser Yachts yacht charter to the Caribbean.

North American yachting holidays

Setting sail on a luxury yacht charter in North American waters presents somewhat of a dilemma. Where to begin? The incredibly diverse coastline of North America certainly offers in excess of 200.000kms of bays, cliffs, beaches, coves, seaside towns and inlets to navigate.

On the Eastern shores, the rugged, sometimes dramatic coastline has been defined and shaped by the Atlantic Ocean for millennia. From the craggy coastline of New England, steeped in maritime history with its picture perfect bays and towns whose beautiful architecture draws admiration and visitors, to the warm climes and calmer waters of the Florida coast, on just one side of this vast continent your luxury yacht charter options are vast.

Go west and the choices are no less enticing. Everyone should surely experience the waters and breathtaking nature of an Alaskan sailing experience at least once in a life time. The famous Alaskan Inside Passage originally used by ships to avoid the harsh open sea it is now adored for its stunning scenery, outstanding wildlife and idyllic sunsets.

The Pacific changes as you move south; cool breezes and brazing weather gives way to warmer, calmer waters. A yacht charter along the coast of North America’s Mexican Baja Peninsula, a haven for sport enthusiasts and clientele attracted by the distinctive architecture, culture and sunset margaritas, is testament to the sheer diversity of luxury charters in North America.

Indian Ocean yachting holidays

A yacht charter in the Indian Ocean gives you access to a veritable treasure trove of unforgettable experiences. And as arguably one of the very best diving destinations in the world, these vacation jewels may be uncovered as much below as above the waves.

In ancient Sanskrit, the vast Indian Ocean was known as Ratnakara – or ‘The Maker of Gems’. Whether this referred to the pearls that local divers would risk their lives to bring up from the depths, the incredible islands scattered across this vast ocean of blue, or the experiences that awaited those who travelled in the region, is less well documented.

Many of the most sought after beach and island destinations in the world are to be found rising out of the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Their names have taken on beach holiday and yacht charter vacation legendary status. Places such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and the Adaman Islands immediately strike a chord. Without necessarily knowing their location, they conjure up ideas of isolated beaches, romantic sunsets and pure bliss.

Due to its vastness, the full extent of the magnificent Indian Ocean cannot be taken in on one luxury yacht charter. A decision is required. Whichever course you set, fill your sails with tropical breezes and navigate your way from one immaculate white sandy beach, one idyllic cove and one secluded beach romantic sunset to the next. A luxury yacht charter on ‘The Gem Maker’ is sure to be the jewel in the crown of any vacation.

South Pacific yachting holidays

Tonga, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Fiji, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands- charter a yacht to the South Pacific with Fraser Yachts and let these exotic locations become your private household names synonymous with romance, escape, beauty and unforgettable ocean navigation experiences.

A luxury yacht charter to the South Pacific offers you the chance to experience remoteness and sailing exploration personified. Visit islands where the rainforest meets the sea and volcanoes dominate the skyline, where stunning underwater scenery and white, deserted beaches greet luxury yacht charter guests.

The list of possible shore destinations is a ‘who’s who’ of famous islands very few people experience the chance to visit and where those who are fortunate enough to do so leave with lifelong memories. Dock in Tahiti with its beautiful lagoons and quiet ports. Or try Fiji which instantly envelopes its visitors in its rich cultural traditions, food and music. Vanuatu with cascading waterfalls and friendly locals is another gem, just waiting for you to discover it.

Standing at the helm of your South Pacific yacht charter on a cloudless night gazing up at the stars is an incredible feeling. It is easy to capture the sense of voyage and adventure that must have driven men like Captain Cook to first brave these waters. Make a yacht charter in the South Pacific your own personal voyage of discovery.

South East Asia yachting holidays

Encompassed by the mighty Indian and Pacific Oceans the waters surrounding South East Asia are ideal for a luxury yacht charter. South East Asia is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular yacht charter destinations and with good reason.

Easy to reach, calm waters, delightful locals and wonderful seas under tropical skies make for a yacht charter paradise. A long-established favourite corner of the world for connoisseurs of the unique combination of luxury, relaxation, activities and scenery, South East Asia yacht charter ticks all the boxes. Visit long white sandy beaches, experience and in some cases learn how to replicate the unique local cuisine and take in the culture in an area famed for its beauty as well as hospitality.

South East Asia includes several world class destinations vying for your attention. Bali, known as the Island of the Gods with rugged coastlines and sandy beaches above which lush rice terraces contrast with barren volcanic hillsides, Thailand with its intoxicating cocktail of bustling metropolises and peaceful beaches or even tiny Tioman Island, surrounded by numerous white coral reefs offering a breathtaking underwater world to explore, all worthy contenders.

On a yacht charter to South East Asia, the options for indulgence, tranquillity, total relaxation and romance are virtually endless. Perhaps not immediately what springs to mind when considering yachting destinations, South East Asia is in fact a relative newcomer but is establishing itself firmly on the yachting world nautical chart. Charter a yacht and experience for yourself all this unique part of the world has to offer and you’ll see why.

Yacht Construction

Every shipyard has its own specific experience and expertise in specific types of yachts, sizes, quality, materials, efficiency, dependability and use of repeat engineering. Fraser Yachts has vast experience and great relationships with the major yards. We’ll therefore recommend a tailored shortlist to meet your individual needs and aspirations.


There is already a large number of shipyards and the figure is growing rapidly. There are pros and cons linked to all the criteria we can use in the selection of an appropriate builder. Your requirements, the yards capabilities and the ambition of the project ultimately result in a risk. However, Fraser Yachts addresses all possible pitfalls to create a clear and strong start to your project. The key to a successful new build project is having an extensive and detailed knowledge of the market and the individual builders so that we can match your personal needs with exactly the right shortlist of shipyards.


  • Build history, quality and recent experience
  • Availability of build slots
  • Lead times and scheduling
  • Expertise in specific materials and engineering
  • Availability of standard or semi-custom platforms
  • Yard location and availability of materials and labour

Our expert team will work together to identify the market niche for your yacht and will ensure impressive results from a wide variety of marketing efforts, whether discreetly or through high level exposure. We already have extensive contacts and existing relationships with thousands of prospective buyers.

Yacht Brokerage


Through our advanced software and database capabilities, we can instantly identify and contact all those who are actively seeking a yacht whose specification matches the boat you’re selling. Within 24 hours of signing a Central Agency Agreement with us, e-fliers can be prepared and distributed directly, yet discreetly to potential clients. All of this is in addition to our brokers’ daily interaction with buyers from every corner of the globe.


Whether hi-tech or traditional, the marketing resources we employ to promote our central listings are dynamic and innovative. Our brokers and in-house marketing department are constantly developing new ways to maximise the exposure of our yachts for sale to qualified buyers worldwide. When you list your boat with Fraser Yachts you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our extensive and varied marketing initiatives and to tailor your specific program from:

  • Multiple listing systems
  • Industry bulletins
  • Direct mail
  • Bespoke brochures
  • Magazine advertising
  • Boat shows
  • Open house viewings
  • Luxury events
  • Press releases
  • Fraser magazine
  • Corporate catalogue