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Welcome to Fiordland aboard the charter boat MV Pembroke

motor boat new zealand

To visit the “last place on earth” is something few will ever experience. Whatever it is that takes you there, Dusky and Breaksea Sounds are about as far away as you can get.

Unchanged since Maori and European history began, these fiords are wonderfully inspirational in their awe-inspiring tectonic geography, solitude and unique pristine marine environment. The Fiords enjoy a surprisingly temperate micro-climate

Fiordland, on-board the charter boat MV Pembroke, is one of the truly great New Zealand experiences. Follow the “recent” footsteps of Captain James Cook, Ngati Moemoe and Ngai Tahu, exploring the remote beauty of the precipitous valley walls, hanging valleys, moss laden and brooding, glacial carved fiords, with a myriad of misty waterfalls cascading thousands of feet, one can delight in everything that is natural and unspoiled. Listen to the glorious, multitude of bird calls, marvel at the friendly playfulness of the ‘Dusky Dolphins’ or tickle the baby seals that want to leap aboard.

Underwater, the fiords offer world-best diving – layers of fresh water create a unique micro-environment where sea-creatures and black coral are seen in much shallower water than usual.

The view from Astronomer’s Point at Pickersgill Harbour, (where Cook moored the Resolution in 1773) to the head of Dusky Sound, some 35 kilometres away, is rapidly becoming one of New Zealand’s iconic views

The MV Pembroke offers only a few the chance to experience something special. And perhaps the best for last, the abundance of sea-food (kai) for the table – bluecod and groper abound (or tuna offshore), for divers, crayfish and scallops and for the kids with their snorkels – paua and mussels.

On shore, red deer, wapiti and the odd trout offer challenges for those inclined (and fit enough!).

Enjoy the finest, freshest seafood banquets with menus designed by our on-board chef, but note that the MV Pembroke has an environmentally sustainable policy of leaving plenty for the next visitors.

The Pembroke is owned by several partners and is one of  Fiordlands iconic Charter Boats:-

Derek & Anna Brown are the owners of Fiordland Charters Limited a Queenstown based company operating since 1996, specializing in Dusky and Breaksea Sounds. Derek and Anna run the charter boat operation and have lived in the area for most of their lives. Derek is the primary skipper having had extensive experience in the Fiordland Area being a commercially qualified Skipper, Divemaster and Commercial Pilot as wel as a very competitive yachtie.

Greg Hay & Jude Patterson.
Greg is a major partner in Peregrine wines in the Gibbstown Valley, Queenstown and is also a highly respected vineyard consultant. Greg and Jude are often Skipper and or crew. As a helicopter pilot and with extensive sea kayaking and tramping experience through-out Fiordland, Greg knows all the nooks and crannies there are.

Rewi (Trappa) & Annelise Davis from Queenstown. Trappa is originally from Riverton on the South coast and started out as a Fiordland/Stewart Island fisherman many years ago and as you might expect knows Fiordland like the back of his hand. Trappa lives in Perth where he is the South East Asian manager for an oil drilling company.

Greg & Jane Turner. Greg’s highly successful career as a professional golfer gave him the experience to turn to golf course architecture. www.tmgolfdesign.com Millbrook West and Oreti Sands are just two recent projects in the Otago Southland area to check out. Jane is the boatie in the family, having previously been a sailing instructor and having cruised the world as a chef on a large motor yacht (as well as cooking for Ayrton Senna). Greg also thinks he knows a thing or two about catching fish, especially fly fishing.

Paul Carrad is a Wellington boatie and glider pilot from way back. Apart from representing Yachting on the New Zealand Olympic Committee and being a Sailing NZ Council member, Paul raced keel boats out of RPNYC but now sails on Muri lagoon, Rarotonga where he and his family moved in 2000, but just loves returning to the Deep South, especially the pristine beauty and isolation of Dusky Sound
“a wonderful counter-balance to life in Rarotonga”.

Ian Margan and Lisa Marquet
Ian is a surfer, sailor, cyclist and Trustee of the Auckland Zoo. A broad business background includes the establishment of Matua Valley and Shingle Peak wineries, Elliott Yachts, Ozonewatersolutions and Cule boat hatches www.culehatches.co.nz. His radical ocean racing yacht, Future Shock, established records throughout the Pacific.

Lisa has an extensive marketing background including Marketing Manager of The New Zealand Way and BeesOnline. Currently she is establishing a range of NZ inspired fashion accessories.

Steve & Laura Smith
From Craggy Range Vineyard in the Hawkes Bay, Steve has received virtually every accolade available in the world of wine and was named in the top 50 most influential people in the world of wine by a major internaional wine magazine. Steve has been using the Pembroke on a number of occasions over the past couple of years and has now become one of our partners.