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Explore Group, we’re a unique and exciting company. A company that through the efforts of its employees and selection of products, delivers once in a lifetime experiences to our customers everyday in four amazing destinations – Auckland, Bay of Islands, Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach.

Starting with one America’s Cup yacht based in Auckland New Zealand in 2001, we’ve expanded to become a successful multi-region and multi-product operation, and we’re still growing.

We are a New Zealand owned company and the products we offer range from sailing to diving to dining, with each product being thoughtfully designed to showcase the location it’s in. Operating in Auckland, Bay of Islands in New Zealand, and Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach in Australia, we’re really proud of our portfolio of experiences on offer.

We are a multi award-winning company recognised for our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, and our Auckland and Bay of Islands experiences have become a must-do for many people visiting New Zealand. Our staff are incredibly proud of the place they live and are ready to show why. Their passion and enthusiasm is what sets us apart and through their input and enthusiasm we continue to share surroundings in very special and unique ways.

 Our Vision Statement

Unique Experiences in Amazing Places

Our Mission

We are passionate about, responsible for and act with integrity towards:

  • Our passengers and their experience
  • Our staff and their well-being
  • The environment we operate within
  • The community we operate within
  • Our company and its success 

Our Values

Responsibility means to us;

We are socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible. We take care of the marine environment to pass on to future generations. We ensure all our customers take home lasting memories of their experience. We take responsibility for our customers and fellow staff always being safe. We are accountable for our roles and deliver on our responsibilities. 

Passion means to us;

We are passionate about our products, the marine environment and its wildlife. We share our passion and knowledge as part of a professional team delivering superior value to our customers. We are proud to be a part of Explore Group and our unique history, identity and development. 

Integrity means to us;

We are consistently fair, honest and respectful to others socially and culturally. We are conscious of and respect our place of work, the marine environment. We are always striving to do our best.