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We have the most extensive yacht charter fleet in the world. We are members of world-renown yacht charter brokers associations such as CYBA, MYBAnet, and FYBA. Provding Exclusive Yacht Charter Services at Worldwide destinations like the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Florida Keys, New England, the French Riviera and the Sea of Cortez. Our luxury yachts and sailing catamarans come with the same luxury charter services that you will find associated to our jet charters.

Entertain guests on board a luxury catamaran or charter a crewed super yacht for corporate sailing vacations and offer guests the finest dining and the very best in on-board services and amenities.

Luxury yacht charters are very popular with musicians, movie stars, and the business world’s elite. If you are looking to escape from your chaotic schedule or just looking to unwind with your family, this is the perfect opportunity. Take a luxury yacht charter to escape and sail a boat through the Mediterranean. Choose from multiple destinations, sail through tropical waters in Rio or take a south-bound expedition on a luxury yacht charter from the Caribbean. Make a landfall in a new location each day or stay longer on the Islands that touch you the most. You are in command of your yacht charter and your sailing vacations.

Luxury Yacht Charter and Jet Charter Services
We offer jet charter services and yacht charter services of all sizes. Whether on your private jet, luxury execuliner, sailboat, yacht, private boat, or helicopter, our customized ground transportation services give you the option of travelling in a wide range of vehicles with or without security personnel. We also confirm third-party services for you.

We cater to your every need during your sailing vacations, corporate jet charter, and those “privado” moments. In a jet charter or vacationing on a yacht charter, you have the possibility to schedule nannies, hairdressers, masseuses, and any extraordinary services that you require to come on your boat or private plane. We provide you food menus customized to your preferences and that meet your standards. You can have the time of your life on our jet charters.

Getting you to destination on your yacht or air charter safely is our number one priority. We adhere to the highest safety standards in the jet charter and yacht charter industry. Access to private planes that are Argus-approved, and jet crew members are all Wyvern-approved, and our luxury jet charter company is a member of both the NBAA and NBTA. We will make sure that while you travel around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, take Florida charters, on a vacation in Greece, or in the Bay of Islands, you will be in the safest crewed yacht, whether it is a sailboat, super yacht, or a monohull.

Continue doing business as usual, in a private plane and on your luxury yacht charter. For business travelers, we arrange for secretarial, legal, and technical support as well as event planning. We provide you with the support you require to keep your business running as usual, while you enjoy your time on one of our catamarans or flying in a corporate jet charter in total luxury.

Call us at 1-631-737-3381 to kick-off your luxury charter experience aboard a jet,yacht, catamaran or monohull.

Private Jet Charters

Access to thousands of private planes, on-demand jet charter service to and from all international locations, the world’s most extensive luxury yacht charter fleet, 24/7 expert assistance, and white-gloved luxury services: this is what we give you. We are a rare, one-stop-shop for luxury travel, with extraordinary service and years of experience to back it up. We work with Operator’s that adhere to the most stringent jet charter safety standards in our industry and are trusted by Corporate Executives, Government Dignitaries, Athletes & A-list celebrities to get them to destination safely, in style, and on time via private jet or yacht charter. Forget about membership fees, acquisition costs, or monthly maintenance charges. We treat our customers like family because we are a family business. We make sure ourselves that you are fully satisfied with every aspect of your trip at all times. Welcome to Exclusive Charter Service and enjoy the ride. Call us at 1-631-737-3381 to speak with a luxury charter specialist.

Our Team

ECS is a family-run business. We believe in making sure – ourselves – that you receive the utmost service at all times. We are prepared to face any challenge. Our years of experience as pilots give us hands-on knowledge to find solutions to best fit your needs.

We deliver the services that you expect. We are a rare, one-stop-shop for jet and yacht charters, a perfect combination for those looking to make the most of their travels, in the air and at sea.

We are real industry professionals. Our Main Office is located at McArthur Airport not in a Manhattan high-rise. We know what it takes to fulfill your travel needs in the most efficient, secure, and luxurious ways available. These are some of the many reasons why we are trusted by A-list celebrities and Fortune 500 companies for all of their charter needs. They are our references, because they know that we care. We give you unparalleled, personalized services, all day, every day.

Jason Johnson, Founding partner, President

At the young age of 15, Jason entered the aviation industry fueling airplanes and working line service. He graduated from Dowling College with a B.S. in Aeronautics and is a commercial pilot. He is an Alumni of Alpha Eta Rho (an international professional aviation fraternity) and the Dowling Precision Flight Team. After graduation, he began training with TWA to fly the Boeing 727 and 747. Although it was an amazing experience for Jason it was not what his heart was set on. There was always a lingering thought about running and owning an airline. After a few years in a London-based private jet firm, Jason was determined to make a difference in the world of private air travel. With the help of a long time friend, Exclusive Charter Service was born. It was not a coincidence that the location chosen for the office was the same airport that Jason did his first solo flight. Now that ECS has had several successful years in business his proudest moment is being honored at the living Legend’s of Aviation by none other than John Travolta for donating a GV and being the first non-military aircraft to bring aid during the devastating earth quake in Haiti. Jason explained that “although we are just a part of the puzzle we are a crucial piece that brings help in times of crisis or a father home to their family”! Jason is proud to make such a difference in the world of aviation. He believes in his team and has goals as high as the stars there is no question that ECS has proven to be a fixture in the jet charter industry. With goals as ambitious as a private supersonic fleet, there seems to be little variation between what Jason imagines, and what ECS accomplishes!

Adam Klein, Founding partner, CFO

When you look up the word “backbone” in the dictionary, it should read “Adam Klein”. Adam owned and managed several successful businesses in the technology sector, including running the entire technology sector for one of the world’s largest banks. Then he owned his own firm.

Adam’s interest in the aviation industry was a catalyst for Adam to become one of the owning partners of ECS, since technology and aviation go hand-in-hand. Adam has now taken up flight lessons and his passion for aviation is growing.

If managing the day-to-day operations of the flight department isn’t enough, Adam also heads our yacht charter division. He supports many charities through ECS, including the Make a Wish Foundation, Extreme Makeover, Angel Flight, and local charities. Adam’s fascination with the private aviation market place is obvious and his dedication bears its fruit as ECS has grown tremendously. In the past 2 years, the company’s annual revenue has tripled. We are privileged to have him on our team.

Jason and Adam seem like the perfect formula to a superior organization within the Charter Industry. Together they are unstoppable. It is this cumulative force that has put ECS on the map. The team now has many employees, all who have their own great stories and all make up the true essence of what they stand for. Feel free to call the office any time to speak directly to the owners. Our door is always open and we are happy to be of service.

Ira Schickman, Partner President, Entertainment Division
As a Grammy award-winning record producer, songwriter and musician Ira is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of tour managers and their artists. His close working relationship with the most iconic entertainers in the world gives Ira a unique understanding of the services that they require when travelling: privacy, luxury, the ultimate in comfort and attention to detail.

With his unparalleled service to and relationship with key leaders in the entertainment world: music, film and television, Mr. Schickman puts a whole new spin on the jet charter business designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

The talent, band and crew all need to be on there A game in every city in which they perform. When on the road for weeks or even months at a time, the only “down time” they get is when flying somewhere.

Exclusive Charter Service is the best in the business and with Schickman aboard, travelers can expect a seamless and stress-free experience going from city to city, never missing a beat.

Ira truly is the one who puts the stars in the sky!