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Eden Yachting is the leading international yacht charter company and brokerage firm based in Dubai, with a comprehensive fleet of Luxury Yachts and Superyachts available for sale and charter. The company has an unmatched reputation when it comes to quality, performance and service delivery. Internationally, the company has a fleet of over 800 Luxury Yachts spread across 30 destinations, and offers a personalised service for both private and corporate clients, supplying Yachts for Vacations and Celebrations, Team Building Events and Regattas, as well as Corporate Hospitality such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and Monaco.


With some of the most dramatic scenery to be found in any cruising destination, Malaysia and Thailand offer dream vacation opportunities. With white sands, emerald seas and the signature towering islands covered with tropical vegetation, it is a different world. From Phuket, Langkawi and the Andaman Sea on the west side of the peninsula, to Koh Samui and Koh Chang in the Bay of Bangkok, and Tioman further south, there are destinations to suit those in search of tranquility and those who prefer a more lively ambience.

Weather in Thailand and Malaysia

The weather in South East Asia is dominated by the monsoons. During November to April north easterly winds bring dry and settled weather with calm seas. This is the best time to visit Phuket, Langkawi and Koh Chang. Year round, the temperature is between 28 and 35 degrees Celcius and winds rarely exceed 25 knots.

From May to October the winds are stronger and from the South West bringing strong daytime sunshine, and late afternoon rain showers. Humidity is high and temperatures average around 28 degrees Celsius. Visit Koh Samui and Tioman during this period as these islands are well protected by the main peninsula.


With its numerous islands and relaxed atmosphere, the Caribbean is a top winter sun destination and many of the luxury cruising yachts head across the Atlantic once the European autumn approaches. Known for its simple lifestyle and warm hospitality, the bays and coves of the exotic Windward and Leeward Islands combine tranquility at anchor with the heartbeat of island life in the small bars that dot the shoreline. St.Bart’s, Antigua and St.Maarten all host top regattas attracting some of the world’s most beautiful classic yachts and the elite lifestyle that goes with them.

Weather in the Caribbean

The high season in the Caribbean runs from mid-December to March but the shoulder season, from April to July, is a also a good time to charter when there are less visitors, sunny weather and the constant Trade Winds to cool you down and fill your sails. Temperatures are a constant 27-29°C in the BVI and Leeward Islands during this period and the Trade Winds blow at a steady 15 to 25 knots. Further south in the Windward Islands the temperatures are around 30°C all year and Trade Winds in the peak winter months are around 20-25 knots usually from the North East.


The Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean make up a tropical paradise with good year round cruising. Beautiful, remote and home to unique flora and fauna, these islands are hard to match if you are looking for a ‘romantic’ or ‘back to nature’ experience. With few marinas, nights are spent at anchor in one of the secluded bays edged with towering palms and backed by dense vegetation. Diving and snorkeling are unmatched, with schools of colourful fish moving amongst the protected reefs, and at the end of the day you can enjoy sunsets that are among the best in the world.

Weather in the Indian Ocean

The Seychelles’ enviable climate is always balmy and with few extremes. The temperature seldom drops below 24°C or rises above 32°C making this archipelago a year-round destination. Between October and March, when the north-west trade winds blow, the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, with winds averaging 8-12 knots.  January and February are the rainy months, while May to September brings drier, cooler weather and livelier seas, particularly on south eastern coasts, and winds of 10-20 knots.


One of the great cruising areas of the world, the Mediterranean has been a longtime favourite with everyone from movie stars to European royalty and offers a hugely diverse canvas in terms of stunning scenery, exceptional cuisine, fine wines, and a vibrant party scene. Top cruising destinations include the French Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast and the numerous islands of Greece and Turkey. For many, the Med is a yearly pilgrimage not to be missed, the essence of summer, and even more fantastic from the sundeck of your luxury yacht.

Weather in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean season extends from April until the end of October with early and late season charters being warmer in Greece and Turkey which are further south and have the best of the weather. With up to twelve hours sunshine per day at the height of summer, the afternoon heat is usually tempered by a cooling sea breeze. Rain is rare except for the occasional thunderstorm and average daytime temperatures are in the mid twenties Celsius.


The Middle East offers some interesting and exotic cruising from the world renowned snorkelling and dive sites of the Red Sea to the northernmost part of Oman and its unique ‘fjords’ which are as remote as they are beautiful, and haven for sea life. The Gulf coastline of the United Arab Emirates from Abu Dhabi, with its desert backdrop and two hundred natural islands, northwards to Dubai, where views from a luxury motor yacht of the Jumeirah Palm, The World Islands and the iconic Burj Khalifa offer a completely different perspective of this much talked about city whilst further West, bordering the Mediterranean, the mountains of Lebanon drop dramatically towards the coastline providing a perfect backdrop for coastal cruising. 


Taking in the UK, the Western Hebrides in Scotland and the Scandinavian countries, cruising in Northern Europe can offer challenge, excitement and incredible beauty, which is often passed over in search of warmer destinations. Remote islands, isolated fishing communities and the grandeur of the Norwegian fjords are balanced with warm friendly people and excellent seafood. The Swedish West Coast is renowned for attracting the vacationing elite from Stockholm, and the combination of fresh air, clear waters and quaint seaside towns is a heady mix.

Weather in the Northern Europe

The best time to cruise the Scottish, Scandinavian and Norwegian coasts, is from June to August, when you have warm sunshine and if the sky is clear it never gets completely dark. It is a truly magical place around Midsummer and if you are in Norway above 60 degrees latitude, you may experience the legendary ’midnight sun’. Temperatures in the summer months are around 19-25C. Winds are fairly light but can be changeable between the islands and although the weather fronts do bring some rain, it seldom lasts for long.