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Yacht Charter
For almost 30 years, the team chartered to Hans Muehlbauer boats and yachts and crewed.

Sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans for self drive for bare boat and motor sailers, crewed yachts, luxury yachts, mega yachts and super yachts.

All these yachts for charter, that are for rent at 250 bases around the world, in the dream spots of the world, are available.

Charter, is: Detailed and self-experienced district Knowledge arising from the intensive advice to our clients in terms of territory, travel, boat, equipment, travel are, etc. to bear DMC trips stand as competent yacht charter agency in particular.

DMC-trips to get “sea-info” as only a charter yacht in worldwide locations:
Whether Croatia, Italy, Sardinia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Caribbean, Seychelles and Australia

DMC Discovery cruises
Several times a year organized DMC Travel own sailing trips – sailing trips to the cabin charter enrollments and couples – Flottillentörns for couples, families and groups that participate in its own separate charter yacht sailing in these operations.

These individual group tours are appreciated by district newcomers who appreciate the experienced Törnleiter as revier knowledgeable guide. Even not-so-sailing Experienced sailors prefer small group, especially since the often tricky harbor maneuvers succeed in mild assistance “with links.”

The social aspect is not to be dismissed out of hand: the day at sea and designed each crew their cruise individually, but at anchor in the harbor and often takes place for more activity on and with a single yacht. The group sees itself as a range, not a chore.
So the fun and experience of sailing factor for single bookers, and younger people, children, couples and entire crew is particularly high.

Hans Muehlbauer … is founder and owner of DMC travel, which has been almost 30 years guarantee for premium charter yachts, sailing trips and Maritime events in world-wide destinations.

Hans Mühlbauer in more than three decades collected in the Mediterranean and overseas on various chartered and private yachts over 100,000 miles as a skipper (with SHS, LRC, etc.), tour operators, and as a cruising yacht. His first trips, he sailed on an open 5-meter catamaran trailer – it was followed by a yacht of Comar. For 10 years he was on board his ocean-going catamaran Orion go. He knows so many global areas like back of his hand. Trained as an electrical mechanic, after studying electrical charge as a sound engineer and music director with many famous names such as Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reeves, Klaus Doldinger, Michael Learns, …, and was for film scores for “Drombuschs”, “Tatort” the “investigators”, “Babes in Toyland”, etc.