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Lat. 43°43.0′ N,
Long. 015°54.3′ E

VHF channel 17

D Marin Mandalina is located in the city of Sibenik on the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia. It is known to be one of the safest berthing places due its naturally protected location. In addition to the natural protection of the harbour, the marina benefits from a neighbouring shipyard facility providing refit, maintenance & all kinds of technical support to yachts. Since the initial investment plans in 2010 we are very proud to announce the opening of the first and only Super Yacht Marina facility in Croatia. Besides its capability of supplying strong electricity power (over 600 ampers), unlimited draft conditions make D Marin Mandalina an ideal berthing hub for Super Yachts. The marina has the capability to host yachts up to 140 metres in length.

Since the beginning of operations in May 2012, the marina has been visited by a remarkable number of internationally recognised super yachts of varying sizes from 40 to 95 metres. D Marin Mandalina is also being recommended as an ideal berthing place for Super Sailing Yachts by authorities. The marina is conveniently close to the two international airports of Split & Zadar allowing easy access.

D Marin Mandalina is the only marina in Croatia which has been awarded with 5 Gold Anchors by The Yacht Harbour Association of Croatia as a quality assured berthing facility.

Refit & Repair

Equipped with advanced and complete special shipbuilding facilities, Ncp Shipyard provides repair and reconstruction of yachts and mega yachts. Specially established super-yacht division with a team of project managers takes care of requests and requirements of yacht owners.



  • Lifting capacity  900 t
  • 2 indoor and 6 outdoor ship positions up to 75 meters in length
  • Cranes  5 t /15 t
  • Electrical power  380 V, 50 Hz
  • equipped with water, telephone, compressed air, fire protection, wireless internet access


  • Covered shed for major refits, fairing and painting
  • Length 62 m, height 19 m, width 2 x 13 m
  • Cranes 2 x 15 t


  • Length over all 79 m
  • Length 70 m
  • Width 22.2 m
  • Inner width 15.8 m
  • Draught 9.5 m
  • Lifting capacity 1500t
  • Max ship draught 4.8 m
  • Crane 2t
  • Electric power 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Water, telephone, wireless Internet access, compressed air, fire protection


  • Length 350 m
  • Draught 5 m
  • Crane 5t
  • Connections


  • Mobile crane 32t
  • Mobile crane 16t
  • Truck crane 2t
  • Forklift  2t


Šibenik Bay is the most protected natural harbor on the Adriatic Sea. It is 5.40 Nm long and wide in different places from 0.16 to 0.54 Nm. The bay is also the mouth of the river Krka into the sea and the place where the town of Šibenik is situated.

A narrow, winding channel of St. Ante, 1.62 Nm long, leads from the open sea to the Šibenik Bay. It’s forehead, renaissance fortress of St. Nikola, is placed on the small island in the place where the channel meets the open sea. In history the fortress protected the town and nowadays opens the door to all well-meaning visitors of the city.

D-Marin Mandalina Marina is located at 43 ˚ 43.0 ‘N and 15 ˚ 54.0’E, or 0.2 Nm 120 ° NE from the entrance canal of St. Ante. An advantage of the marina is its naturally protected position within the Sibenik Bay, in the bottom of its eastern St. Peter Bay. From the north it is protected from the wind Bora by Mandalina peninsula, after which marina was named. The height of the largest wave in marina is 0.5 m.

D-Marin Mandalina Marina has 367 berths and 50 dry berths. Marina provides berth for vessels up to 100 m LOA, as well as wide range of amenities for yacht owners, their guests and crew members.

D-Marin Mandalina Marina offers its guests comfortable, quiet and intimate atmosphere.

In the vicinity of the marina there is a town of Sibenik, well known for its cultural heritage:

  • the famous Cathedral of St. Jakov, from the 15th century. The construction of the Cathedral lasted for 100 years and it is listed on UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage.
  • well preserved medieval old town with 4 fortresses.
  • numerous cultural and entertainment events.

Vicinity of Primosten and Vodice, as the most attractive tourist destinations in the near area, the towns of Zadar and Split, 4 national parks (Krka waterfalls, Kornati, Paklenica and the Plitvice Lakes) classifies Mandalina Marina’s area as ideal destination for all visitors.