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Crewseekers International – The Original Yacht Crew Agency bringing yacht owners and yacht crew together since 1990′

Looking for a yacht crew vacancy? A sailing holiday? The chance to build up some sea miles? Or just to go sailing? Search our database of sailing opportunities and crew vacancies.

Looking for yacht crew? Add your details for Free!

Crewseekers brings yacht owners and boat crew together worldwide with our unique personal service developed from over 20 years experience as the premier yacht crew agency. Crewseekers is a 100% family owned business and still managed today by the original founding directors.

About crewseekers limited

Crewseekers is the original and premier sailing yacht crew agency. Established since 1990, we provide a first class personal service to the sailing world. We receive testimonials from worldwide reflecting the professionalism and effectiveness of our yacht crewing agency and recent comments can be seen on our testimonials page.

Crewseekers offer a wide variety of exciting sailing yacht crew opportunities worldwide. These range from day sailing, offshore cruising and competitive yacht racing to blue water cruising, sailing yacht deliveries and professional sailing positions from deckhands to captains. Many gap-year students and people seeking a life-style change join us for travel and adventure!

Crewseekers have featured in TV travel programmes, radio, video productions, quality sailing magazines and newspaper articles and even helped film companies with crew extras! Further details can be seen on our News and Media page.

Crewseekers has members in over 50 countries around the globe, and since 1990 has introduced thousands of yacht owners and yacht crew. Many past crew members who now own their own boats, or have vessels to command, also return to us for their own crew requirements.

Crewseekers, Crewseekers International and Crewseekers Direct Sailing are trading names and divisions of Crewseekers Limited

Established since 1990 with members in over 50 countries

The Crewseekers boat/sun logo together with the names of Crewseekers, Crewseekers International, Crewseekers Direct Sailing and Crewseekers Limited are the property of Crewseekers Limited subject to protection under United Kingdom law and may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of Crewseekers Limited.