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Try one of our sailing school weekends aboard and discover the passion of sailing, the power of the sails, the rush of the water, and the wilderness of the National Park around you. Our International Yacht Training certificates are recognised in 23 countries.

Yacht Charter in Pittwater, Australia’s most exciting charter location. Our yachts are in full NSW Maritime survey and meet all required safety standards. When you charter a Club Sail yacht, you are assured of quality, comfort and safety afloat.

Beautiful Pittwater, Cowan, Hawkesbury waterways are just minutes away from downtown Sydney, Australia. Sail in protected waters and anchor in picture-perfect bays within the Kuring-Gai-Chase National Park. The perfect escape for a weekend or a week.

For weekend charterers, Club Sail will give you extra value for money. We invite you to board from mid afternoon on *Friday free of charge, providing you are at an anchorage before sunset, that’s extra time on the water to enjoy with family and friends. Also when you join our *’Charter Paradise’ loyalty program by booking a weekend charter we will issue you with a Club Sail Passport. Each time you charter over a weekend with Club Sail, bring your passport in and receive a stamp. When you have clocked up four weekend charters, your fifth charter will be a free weekend.

Visit Akuna Bay and take advantage of the great facilities, at the marina’s cafe and licensed general store and the kiosk & restaurant at Cottage Point.

Club Sail’s ‘Marine Cuisine’ menu choices for yacht charter, can take the hassle out of your list of ‘things to do’. We’ll do your shopping, giving you more time on the water. We provide a choice of healthy and delicious menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call us for full details and the menu order form. You can BBQ aboard, have a picnic ashore, or dine out in some of the best restaurants in Sydney.