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Exclusive Yacht Charters and Sailing Holidays

We have a varied selection of fully equipped cruising yachts for private charters. The fleet of quality charter yachts comprises of modern schooner rigged sail boats, cruise catamarans, sailing and motor yachts. Book your charter through our exclusive professional yacht hire services and discover fantastic locations for your sailing holiday:

Croatia, Dalmatian islands, Montenegro, Turkey, Greek Islands, Greece, Amalfi coast, Gulf of Naples, Italy, Maldives, Seychelles, Nosy Be, Mitsio and Radama, Madagascar, Bazaruto and Quirimbas Mozambique, Caribbean, West Indies, the British Virgin islands, Grenadines, Belize, French Polynesia, Southeast Asia, Andaman Sea, Langkawi, Butangs, Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Merguis, Similans and Surins, Balearics.

As detailed in our cruise destinations, we offer private party groups, our professional yacht hire service for luxury cruising yachts, gulet cruise holidays for exclusive hire, sailboats, catamarans and rental yachts for private sailing cruises, fully equipped motor sailing yachts for luxury crewed yacht charter holidays providing high standards of comfort and convenience of a spacious and cosy interior with air conditioning, style guest accommodation and entertainment, ample deck space and all facilities for sunbathing, relaxing privacy, swimming in the crystal clear sea and leisure activities. We also provide a range of possibilities for exceptional sailing excursions in enchanting natural cruise environments. Discover the thousand and one delights of the nautical world.

Rent the popular crewed charter yacht that allows you to enjoy the relaxing privacy of a full service sailing cruise. A cruise yacht inclusive of the crew, water sports and your choice of sailing itinerary.

Make a reservation for a Dream Cruise.
Experience exciting adventures on board your yacht. Sunny climates with hospitable inhabitants, romanticism, exoticism, excursions to lush virgin islands. Lagoons with translucent waters and deserted coral atolls with white sandy beaches, a fascinating marine life or perhaps a tranquil night sail under a full moon and constellations of shiny stars – just some of the wonders to discover on a splendid sailing cruise.

Cruising Destinations and Yachts

Mediterranean Sea
Balearic Islands
Turkey and The Dodecanese Greek Islands
Greece and The Greek Islands

Adriatic Sea
The Islands of Croatia and Dalmatian Coast .

Tyrrhenian Sea
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
The Amalfi Coast and Gulf of Naples
Islands of Capri – Ischia and Procida and the Sorrentine Peninsula
The Pontine Islands

Pacific Ocean
Islands of Polynesia and Tuamotu Archipelago .

Caribbean Sea 
The British Virgin Islands
Martinique and the Grenadines Islands
Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy .

Indian Ocean
The Maldives Islands
The Seychelles Islands
Nosy Be, Mitsio and Radama Archipelagos
Northern Madagascar and Comoros Islands
The Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelago.

Andaman Sea
Langkawi – Butang Islands – Phang Nga Bay
Koh Racha Islands – Phuket
Myanmar – Mergui Archipelago
North Palawan.

Our goal To meet your expectations of the finest sailing holiday aboard a quality yacht.

The Seychelles Islands – Heaven on Earth The Archipelago of the Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles are located in the West part of the Indian Ocean, four degrees South of the Equator and Northeast of Madagascar. The islands consist of an archipelago of outstanding natural beauty and charm.

Seychelles – the Paradise on Earth – is blessed with subtle colours ranging from the turquoise blue of the transparent sea to the emerald green of its luxuriant tropical forest to the glowing amber of its idyllic powdery white beaches.

The Archipelago of the Seychelles looks like a sumptuous necklace of pearls laid on the deep blue Indian Ocean. It is a dream landscape for lovers ! The inhabitants of the Seychelles Islands are friendly and as diverse as the natural wonders, a wonderful mix of British and French seafarers, with a touch of African, Indian and Chineese culture.

English, French and Creole are fluently spoken.

The Seychelles are located outside the cyclone belt and enjoys stable weather all year round with an average temperature of 29 degrees.

Yacht Hire and Boat Cruises – Private Yacht Charters and Sailing Holidays

At Clapotis-Mer we offer our clients unique sailing holidays among the marvellous scenery of the Seychelles Islands through our professional yacht rental and charter services.

We have selected a range of high quality yachts for private hire that allow us to provide attractive yacht charter events. If you want a holiday with your family or a group of friends then we have a choice of boats including modern sailing charter yachts, traditional rigged-schooners and cruising catamarans.

Our yacht charters are inclusive of the crew and full board accommodation services. All the yachts we use for this are fully equipped and feature well-designed and bright yacht interiors with cosy cabin-style accommodation and air conditioning, Lcd television, music systems and Dvd. They also have a large outdoor living space with sunbathing and swimming areas together with a protected aft deck layout nicely arranged in a relaxing open- air atmosphere where meals can be served. Chartering these yachts is an exciting holiday experience. You will be sailing the magnificent seashore landscapes of the Seychelles Islands and having fun with water sports and boat leisure activities such as coral reef and sand bank snorkelling and fishing. You’ll benefit from a healthy way of life during your yacht cruise holiday.

Enjoy a delightful yacht charter in the Seychelles Islands, swim in the crystal-clear blue lagoon waters and picnic on the beautiful white sand beaches on uninhabited islands of Seychelles. The lively Seychellois inhabitants and the wonderful holiday environments make the Islands of Seychelles a favourite destination for sailing holidays in the Indian Ocean.

Book now with us your sailing trip to cruise the Islands of the Seychelles Archipelago.

May – September. The Southeast trade winds bring cooler temperatures along with gentle breezes.

November – March. The Northwest monsoons bring more humidity and warmer weather.

April- October. Fairly hot, with light breeze and calm seas.

The Maldives Islands – Marvel of the Indian Ocean The Archipelagos of the Maldives Islands

The Pearls of the Indian Ocean are situated South West of Sri Lanka, on the equator. Out of the incredibly large number of islands only 200 islands are inhabited with 44 islands adapted as exclusive resort islands. The climate is warm and sunny. Sun shines almost all year through with average temperature around 29 – 32 degrees Celsius.

The Maldives Northern and Southern Atolls boast spectacular translucent blue shallow lagoons clustered with tropical vegetation and ringed with sugar-white sandy beaches. A lagoon is called ” villu ” by the Maldivians.

The Maldives islands appear as collars of colourful coral islands laid on the deep blue-ink of the Indian Ocean, home to hundreds of species of bright-coloured tropical fish.

Yacht Rental, Boat Cruises, Sailing Holidays and Exclusive Yacht Charters

Clapotis-Mer offers unique sailing holidays in the stunning scenery of the Maldives Islands with a professional yacht hire and charter booking service.

Our range of fully equipped yachts provides a wide choice to match your requirements. They include sailing schooners, cruising catamarans and motor yachts. All our boats feature large outdoor living spaces pleasantly laid out with swimming and sunbathing areas. The yachts’ interiors have spacious saloon areas and private cabin accommodation for guests.

Chartering these exclusive boats for a sailing cruise amongst the marvellous Maldive Islands offers the holiday experience of a lifetime. Our yachts provide comfort at sea and exciting holidays together with a professional crew who provide delicious meals and complete on-board care. Meals are freshly prepared aboard and their Maldivian flavours tempt every taste bud as they are discreetly served in the private dining area of your aft deck.

Here’s the perfect adventure holiday, ideal for both families and groups of friends. Relax and enjoy the sailing, coral reef and sandbank snorkelling and scuba diving together with day and night fishing. Each cruise also includes a barbecue beach party on a wonderful uninhabited island of the Maldives.

The Maldive Islands boast fantastic sailing locations for holidays in the Indian Ocean! Book your holiday now with us to enjoy the sailing they offer plus the chance to swim in their crystal-clear blue lagoon waters and picnic on their beautiful white sand beaches.


Madagascar is an unspoilt country, Its fauna and flora, its beautiful landscapes, its hearty and smiling inhabitants make this island an exceptional sailing destination. In the numerous islands bordering the coast, you will meet genuine people in a country that is still not affected by the “tourism industry”.

“The Great Island ” is a sanctuary of beauty, a gigantic land mass, which has progressively drifted off the coast of Mozambique .

Six miles off the Northern coast of Madagascar, lies the still little known and unspoilt, Nosy Be “, the island of fragrances “.

Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean and enclosed by deserted coral sand beaches and tiny virgin islands, it is a little treasure of lush, rich nature, providing an amazingly wide variety of landscapes, including inaccessible jungles, mysterious mangroves and enchanting beaches.

Here, an exciting hike on land or a river trip brings the same sensation of wonder felt by the early navigators
The exceptionally mild climate ( 343 sunny days a year ) with an average temperature ranging between 26 and 32 degrees and the Malagasy people´s hospitality make Nosy Be a new destination for international Sailing Cruises and an idyllic starting point to discover the two beautiful shores of The Mitsio and The Radama archipelagos .

Mitsio Cruise
Located North East of Nosy Be, the Mitsio archipelago boasts a natural haven of green lush islands with white sandy beaches, translucent turquoise waters and deserted anchorages

Embarkation Nosy Be
Discovery of the yacht and installation on board.

Mitsio / Nosy Ankaréa
Very early in the morning, the yacht will sail to Nosy Ankaréa. This island shelters a beautiful bay where divers and snorkelling lovers will admire the numerous wonders of the sea. Towards the end of the afternoon, the boat will head to Grande Mitsio. It is the biggest island of the archipelago. It is also the only inhabited island, the local fishermen give their time to breeding and cultivation of the island. The island has got beautiful beaches and its sea is full of wonders. On the coast, at Mitaraka Cape, you can stand by the impressive black basalt columns.

In the bay and the small village of Maribé, you will appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of the landscapes, as well as the kindness and simplicity of Malagasy people. At Maribé, the anchorage is very good and you will probably eat freshly caught crayfish.

Night on board the sail boat mooring in Maribé.

We will leave Maribé to keep on sailing southwards to Tsarabanjina.
During the journey, we will admire “the 4 brothers” Efatra Zoky. These islets are the place where thousands of terns and northern gannets come to lay. Their beautiful submarine landscapes and their submerged rocky faces attract divers all over the world.

Then you will see Tsarabanjina. This is a small tropical mountainous island, famous for its white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters and its volcanic cone capped by luxuriant vegetation.

The boat will lift anchor for a 4 hour journey that will take you to Nosy Komba.

Nosy Komba
Nosy Komba is a place of adoration of sovereign fires Sakalava . It is an little island where lemurs live and are protected. Quite tame and used to humans, you can get quite close to them and feed them. In the fishing village of Ampangorina, in the North of the island, you can buy typical embroidered cotton-clothes from Madagascar.

Heading for Nosy Tanikely, with its exceptional submarine fauna, you can admire the back and forth motions of the multicoloured fish and turtles, swimming between corals, shellfish, starfish and sea anemones. The warm waters here are crystal-clear and the sand is glittering.

A lighthouse overhangs this small territory, which keeps hidden in its luxuriant vegetation chameleons, flying foxes, butterflies and colonies of tropical birds.

An ideal place for a snorkelling morning. You can admire reef fish as well as an exceptional range of corals. Departure to the Russians Bay. This splendid bay faces Nosy-Be. It is so named because of the Russian soldiers who, during the Russo Japanese war, were dispatched on the island by the Tsar to control the Mozambique Channel.

The cove is enshrined in the luxuriant vegetation of the shores. You can meet dolphins sheltering in the bay. The anchorage is very good and still, a perfect spot to have dinner and rest for the night.

Nosy Iranja
“Turtles Island” emerges from the sea, showing its vegetation covered summit. Low tide discovers a long strip of white sand. A small village and a neglected lighthouse complete the scenery. As its name shows it, the island is the place chosen by the turtles to lay their eggs thanks to its beautiful white sandy beach. This is also a heavenly place where you can take breathtaking pictures.

We keep on sailing to Baramahamay bay. At the mouth of the river, the bay shelters a beautiful and still anchorage, in a narrow gully surrounded by hills. Small beaches border the river.

Towards the land, mangrove swamps growing on the shores are a Paradise for aquatic birds.

Ampohana foreland
This beautiful beach on “Grande Terre” counts among the beaches you will never forget: white sand, crystal-clear and blue water.

In Nosy Mamoko, you can meet villagers and admire giant turtles and lemurs before appreciating the peacefulness of the evening anchorage.