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Chartering your own private yacht is the perfect way to relax and unwind. You can combine the advantages of a luxury cruise and an exclusive island resort into something better, by chartering your own private yacht – all for about the same cost!

Just you and the ones you love or a group of your closest friends. Nicely-Dunn Yacht Charters will handle all the details to make your dream vacation a reality!

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! No set itineraries. Set your own schedule each day. No waiting in lines and never any crowds to deal with. Visit quiet coves and beaches only accessible to yachts like yours. Snorkel, dive, kayak or reggae the night away, do it all or nothing at all. Select what you want to eat and drink, just relax and be prepared to let your professional crew provide you with the best vacation ever!

The majority of first time Charterers choose the Caribbean for their destination because of the predictably good weather, crystal-clear waters and lush, tropical islands. The Caribbean cruising areas mainly consist of the Virgin Islands, British and US, St. Martin to Antigua in the Leeward Islands and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Windward Islands. Other charter areas range from Maine to the Mediterranean, from Seattle/Alaska to the South Pacific, the Bahamas and New England. Choose from a variety of sail or motor yachts suitable for as few as two, or as many as twenty passengers.

Our staff at Nicely-Dunn Yacht Charter personally inspect 100’s of crewed charter yachts every year. We personally interview the captains and crew (most of which we have known for years) so YOU can be assured your yacht and crew will be a perfect fit! We have actually sailed in the destinations you wish to explore: The US Virgin Islands, British Virgins, Spanish Virgins, St. Martin, Antigua, Martinique, St. Lucia, the Grenadines, Bahamas, the Florida Keys, even the Seychelles, Tahiti and the Mediterranean! We know the charter experience. Nicely-Dunn Yacht Charter’s mission statement is “We Care”. Give us a call and let Nicely-Dunn Yacht Charters go the extra mile for you.


Nowhere in the world is there a sailing area as rich in history and cultural significance as the Mediterranean. Sailors from all over the world come here each year to charter a yacht and to share their passion for sailing and to trace the early voyages of ancient Greek and Phoenician explorers. From the magical isles of Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean to the French Riviera, and Corsica in the Western Mediterranean, your yachting vacation will provide an exciting variety of sailing conditions, superb vistas and memorable sightseeing.

The popularity of the Mediterranean as a sailing destination lies in as much in the ideal climate as in the beauty of its shores and variety of sailing conditions. The sunny Mediterranean enjoys an average of 315 cloudless days each year. During the most popular yacht chartering season, April through October, blue skies and warm weather prevail. As the days lengthen, sailors especially enjoy the typical long evening period before sunset, when winds and seas become quiet and still.


Continue the tradition of thousands of years of sailing the Aegean with an unforgettable sailing adventure beginning in Athens, the crown jewel of the Mediterranean. Breathtaking sights from the sea abound-ancient temples, charming ports, stacks of white houses on hillsides and beaches like no others. Your yacht charter vacation choices in the Aegean, the Ionian, the Sporades and the Dodecanese are tailor-made for a wide range of sailing experiences.

The sailing conditions here are the most favored and predictable in the world. The Meltemi winds, varying from 7 to 35 knots, begin in May, peak in July and then subside in September. In the northern Aegean, the Meltemi winds are northeasterly, shifting to a stronger northerly as one enters the central Aegean.

You will set sail on a yachting voyage that is not your own personal odyssey into history, but your own pleasure cruise through Europe’s favorite places in the sun.

An Islamic country, with generally liberal attitudes, Turkey is the meeting place of Europe and Asia. In many ways Turkey may remind you of Spain twenty or thirty years ago, not organized in every way but also far from being totally spoilt or overdeveloped. The coastline of Turkey has a plethora of world class historic sites with enormous amphitheaters, fortresses, temples and cities all with easy, informal access.

You’ll sail along the rocky and pine-covered Turquoise Coast of the Aegean Sea to idyllic, secluded bays, quiet coves, and deep gulfs stretching for dozens of mile. You’ll cruise through the heart of a region steeped in history and see the ruins of ancient cities, Frankish castles, and remnants of Byzantine glory. Sailing in Turkey allows you to experience a truly enriching cultural exchange with the hospitable and gracious people of the coastal villages and towns.

Turkey is a sailor’s dream, the cruising is superb with good breezes and sheltered anchorages. In the summer months, the winds in the Sea of Marmaris and the Aegean are predominately from the north and west. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey offer excellent cruising spring through autumn. The days are sunny, dry, and warmer in the summer, with consistent winds. Temperatures average in the mid-70’s spring and fall and in the low 90’s in the summer. The pleasure of yachting in Turkey will tempt you back again and again, to explore yet another stretch of coast and to relive the luxurious ease of like on the ocean.


Just the mention of the French Riviera evokes images of white sandy beaches while offshore, fabulous charter yachts ply the Mediterranean’s incredibly blue waters. Not only is summer the time for sailing-it is the season for art exhibits, concerts, festivals, fireworks and revelry. Visit the chic resort towns and picturesque fishing villages, spend several days in the lovely Iles d’Hyeres or venture further along the coast to glamorous Monaco. As always, food and wine are essential elements of your South of France experience. Depending on your port of call, you’ll find elegant restaurants, stylish bistros, or intimate cafes and in all of them, you’ll savor marvelous wine and superb cuisine.

There is excellent cruising in the French Riviera May through September, with sunny, warm, dry weather. The exciting coast follows the foothills of snow capped mountains which shelter the sailing waters and provide a scenic background. Regardless of your charter itinerary in the French Riviera, you will find countless charming harbors and quiet anchorages among the more well-known stops offering superb dining, shopping and nightlife.

Named “The Scented Isle” for the maquis, a scrubland that abounds in Corsica that blankets the landscape and sends its fresh herbal scent out to the sea in early summer. The island of Corsica is the most mountainous in the Mediterranean and is a spectacular yacht charter destination. You will find picturesque villages, crystal-clear water, and your choice of splendid cruising itineraries.

The west coast of Corsica is the most physically dramatic and has many small towns and harbors. The pretty port of St-Florent is perhaps the busiest in the north, but within a few miles, the deserted coast ‘des Agriates’ provides rocky bays and sandy beaches with no roads or houses in sight-and often no other yachts, even in August. The east coast of Corsica is less dramatic in terms of mountains and less populated with small harbors and villages but it has a charm of its own, with long stretches of deserted beaches.

Sail the east coast of Corsica; with its ancient towns and cathedrals; circumnavigate the island; or visit Italy’s Tuscan Islands. With over 600 miles of coastline to sail, the island of Corsica lures people from all over with an almost perpetually sunny and dry climate with warm westerly winds in the summer months.

St. Vincent in the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a necklace of 32 islands and cays in the Eastern Caribbean, 1600 miles from Miami. Strung out in a gentle sweep between St. Lucia and Grenada, they form part of the Windward Islands, in the West Indies. Spectacular landscapes, beautiful beaches and turquoise blue waters mark St. Vincent and the Grenadines as one of the most unspoiled island groups in the Caribbean. The warm hospitality of its people and its breathtaking natural beauty attract visitors from around the world.

Sailing conditions are ideal for sailors to enjoy some of the best blue water sailing anywhere in the world. This sailing area is a logical progression after chartering in the US and British Virgin Islands. Regular trade winds of between 10 and 25 knots combine with gentle currents to create near perfect sailing conditions. Every eventuality is catered for in the Grenadines, with charters available by the week or longer. If chartering for seven days, the recommended port of calls are St. Vincent/ St Vincent. Ten day charter recommendation, one way, St. Vincent to Grenada.

Some of the Islands you’ll visit….

Young Island

A private luxury resort just 200 yards from St. Vincent’s Villa Bay with individual cottages set in lush tropical surroundings. Young Island Cut is a yachtsman’s favorite. Lovely anchorage.


The largest island of the Grenadines still retains the age-old traditions of boat building, whaling and fishing. In the Grenadines, Bequia is the main service center. Admiralty Bay, the island’s natural harbor, is a favorite anchorage for yachtsmen. Ashore there are panoramic hikes, perfect beaches and a picturesque town. The quaint waterfront of Port Elizabeth is lined with bars, restaurants and shops selling local crafts.


For those who’ve sought to build their own slice of paradise, Mustique has become home away from home for the world’s elite. Privately owned, and with a landscape as genteel as its lifestyle, it’s where many of the rich and famous holiday away from the public eye. Swimming and snorkeling is good in the main anchorage of Britannia Bay. The houses are fabulous and can be seen either by on foot, motorbike or horseback.


Main anchorage is Charlestown Bay. This pretty island with its gently rolling hills is only three and a half miles by one and a quarter. Excellent walks and good beaches on the windward side. Good overnight anchorage, although can be occasionally rolly.


Clifton Harbor is a Port of Entry into St. Vincent and is a very good overnight anchorage with several good local and international restaurants with a French flavor. The simple relaxed lifestyle on Union Island makes it a popular port of call for yachts on passage through the Grenadines and Eastern Caribbean.

Palm Island

Palm Island is a beach with an island in the middle and named after the magnificent coconut palms that line its beaches. This private resort, built by the legendary John Caldwell offers a relaxed and casual ambience. Not recommend for an overnight anchorage.


Pronounced My-Row, this small, privately owned island has no roads and can only be reached by boat usually from Union Island. White sand beaches and a resort hotel on the sweeping Salt Whistle Bay offer a warm welcome to the intrepid visitor. Cleanest beach in the Grenadines. Great over night anchorage, but get there early!

Tobago Cays

The star of the show! The Tobago Cays are a cluster of islets protected by a vast horseshoe reef, creating a multi-colored lake of green, blue, turquoise, brown and gold. You can sail, snorkel or explore the beaches in complete seclusion-a rare tropical paradise that can only be reached by boat.

Petit St. Vincent

A luxury private resort island, ringed by stunning white beaches, offers total seclusion. PSV is one of the resort islands in the Caribbean with beautiful understated facilities and it is a good overnight anchorage.

The Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands are made up of several islands operating as different nations and span some 120 miles. The best known are St. Martin/St. Marteen, St. Barts, St. Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla and Antigua & Barbuda. In this group of islands you will find a world of unparalleled variety, both ashore and at sea. Everywhere you go, you will find islands ranging from the serene to spectacular, and friendly people. Each island has its own unique culture. The heritage of European colonialism is very apparent, mixed with West Indian flair.

Chartering a yacht in the Leeward Islands is for those who enjoy a lot of sailing. Consider a Catamaran or Motor Yacht if speed is important, as daylong passages in this area are not uncommon. A 10 day charter is recommended if you wish to start in Antigua and end in St. Martin.

Some of the Islands to visit

St. Martin/St. Marteen

St. Martin/St. Marteen is barely 7 miles in each direction, yet is perhaps the best-known yacht charter destination in the Leeward Islands. St. Martin is divided across the middle. The southern part is Dutch and the northern part French. Blessed with many superb white sand beaches, backed by scenic hills, it has embraced tourism wholeheartedly. The whole island has duty free shopping, there are casinos, scores of hotels and condominiums and charters yachts are very much appreciated here.

St. Barts

Although originally a Swedish Colony, St. Barts is now completely French. St. Barts has become a famous holiday destination and has the reputation as a perfect holiday getaway. It is a favored hot spot for the “in” crowd of acting, singing and sports stars; the Riviera of the Caribbean. The island offers the best that money can buy in the way of peace and quiet, scenery, French food and wines and idyllic sun and sea. There are small green mountains, meadows marked with low stone fences, pristine beaches, sandy coves, and a smattering of neat little villages. Gustavia, the capital is an impeccable, picture-postcard town. Its harbor is one of the safest in the Caribbean.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Named the “Secret Caribbean, St. Kitts and Nevis” are like no other islands in the Caribbean. They are separated by a mere two-mile expanse of clam, clear, turquoise water. The islands capitals Basseterre and Charlestown are among the most captivating and picturesque in the Caribbean. On both St. Kitts and Nevis natural preservation is of major importance. For sailors, or simply anyone who enjoys stunning natural, St. Kitts and Nevis cannot fail to exceed expectations.

Antigua & Barbuda

The largest of the British Leeward Islands, Antigua is renowned among sailors for its incomparable air of nautical history. The coasts are ideal for chartering, with constant trade winds and many harbors to explore. Antigua attracts landlubbers as well as sailors with its 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. All of them are public, some are deserted and others lined with hotels and resorts. Barbuda is one of those very few islands that remains and probably will for sometime, undeveloped. The population, aside from the islands small number of guests seems to largely consist of the frigate bird. Activities on Barbuda are relaxed including beachcombing, snorkeling or simply soaking up the sun. Barbuda can be reached by air (a 20 minute flight) or by boat (in three hours).


12 miles of spectacular, pristine, white sand beaches surround a tiny, low lying Caribbean paradise, Anguilla. The reef system is excellent for diving and snorkeling and the surrounding waters are a national park protected by law. The terrain is flat and made of coral, creating the tiny coves and long strips of white sand that make up 30 lovely, natural beaches. Anguilla’s natural beauty is the islands’ main attraction.


Cool Trade Winds and Warm Tropic Seas: Come discover why one of the world’s great charter yacht fleets makes its home here. Why experienced yachtsmen return year after year. The crystal-clear waters of the Virgin Islands provide protected cruising and exhilarating sailing, always in sight of land, with sheltered anchorages around every bend Because of the cooling effect of the ever-present trade winds, our islands offer fine cruising throughout the entire year. One of the secrets of the Virgin Islands is that when it comes to weather, there is no off-season; the gentle climate invites you year-round.

Plot Your Course: 1,000 miles southeast of Miami, nestled beneath the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Virgin Islands are easily reachable by all major airlines, via St. Thomas or San Juan, Puerto Rico..

Set Your Sights: The US & British Virgin Islands combined offer a collection of more than 100 islands and cays, each unique in character, many of them unspoiled, undiscovered, and untouched except by nature. Pristine beaches garlanded with coral reefs. Sheltered bays and coves. Dramatic rocky bluffs. Spectacular arrays of boulders sheltering crystal pools. Lush green valleys and rolling hills, sweeping down to sandy beaches and quiet coves.

Smooth Sailing: No Experience Required. You don’t have to know port from starboard to enjoy a cruise aboard a crewed charter yacht. Simply imagine island hopping aboard a charter yacht while enjoying all the services and comfort of a small intimate hotel. You can choose a charter yacht that reflects your personal desires … a fast sloop, a spacious multihull, a classic motor yacht or a stable motor sailor. Yachts are available in all price ranges to accommodate two to 24 people, and rates are comparable to most resort hotels. You can charter a private yacht just for the two of you, or perhaps choose a larger one for a group of friends or family. Some charter yachts accept bookings by the cabin where you join a group of other like-minded adventurers.

Your Captain and Crew: Most are members of the Charter Yacht Society and the Virgin Island Charter Yacht League and are an eclectic mix of former business people and professionals from all walks of life who now make the Virgin Islands their home. Some of these charter crews may be owner/operators, others are professional yachtsmen who have chosen yacht chartering as a way of life. As professional charter operators they maintain their yachts in top condition and high standards for safety, reliability and service.

Dropping Anchor: The delights of sailing the Virgin Islands are many. The charter chefs are known for their fine cuisine and most cruises include all meals, wines and beverages as part of the charter fee. Menus often reflect the international heritage of each chef. Come prepared to be tempted by freshly baked breads, succulent slices of mango and papayas, and dining under the stars.

For sports enthusiasts, an average day could encompass wind surfing, snorkeling, water skiing or scuba diving. Or if you prefer, you can just lie in the sun, sipping native rum punch. Your crew will coordinate with you to tailor a cruising itinerary to suit your needs-from exploring an uninhabited cove diving along countless reefs, to discovering a sheltered beach with more shells than people.

Your Port of Call: You may begin your charter yacht vacation in Tortola, British Virgins or St. Thomas, the US Virgins, the two most centrally located ports in the Virgin Archipelago.

Imagine not a vacation, but a journey through the endless fascination of nature, filled with the tranquility of an ocean sunset-the fulfillment of all your wishes.

The owners and crews of the charter yachts of the US & British Virgin Islands stand ready to welcome you on board.