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The availability of personal choice is what defines luxury today. Escape from the usual and experience an unforgettable memory on our luxury 42′ Sea Ray sport yacht, the Cayman Elusion or on our luxury 29′ Sea Ray sport yacht, the Cayman Evasion. Whether you need to get away for the day, explore our Cayman seas, or a quiet dinner – look no further than Cayman Luxury Charters Ltd. We offer cruises for up to 14 people on the Cayman Elusion or up to 7 people on the Cayman Evasion to Stingray City and Sandbar, wedding enhancements, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, sunset cruising, themed or elegant events and more…the only choice for luxury cruising in Cayman is with Cayman Luxury Charters Ltd.

Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands

We are proud to be recognized for and awarded by Trip Advisors Travelers Choice for 2011. We are number 1 for Best Destination in the Caribbean and Mexico, Number 22 for Best Destination in the World, Number 4 for Best Family Vacation in the Caribbean and Mexico and Number 7 for Best Beaches in the World!

We are so proud of our country and we would love for you to visit our island, nestled in the calm, turquoise waters of the western Caribbean, where lies the peaceful British Overseas Territory known as the Cayman Islands. Consisting of three islands just 480 miles south of Miami, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman remain our little piece of paradise.

The total land mass of the three islands is 100 square miles. Grand Cayman occupies 76 square miles; Cayman Brac, 14 square miles and Little Cayman, 10 square miles.

Grand Cayman is approximately 22 miles long and 8 miles at its widest point, reaching a maximum elevation of 79.77 feet in North Side.

Cayman Brac is 14 miles long and 2 miles wide and has the most dramatic topography of the trio. Its majestic Bluff rises west to east along the length of the island to 151.75 above Spot Bay. Many mysterious caves are carved throughout this awe-inspiring natural attraction.

Little Cayman only 10 miles long and a mile wide, is flat, reaching a maximum elevation of 55.75 ft. Its famous Bloody Bay wall Marine Park has been called one of the world’s best dive sites. Inland, the 203 – acre Booby Pond Nature Reserve is a RAMSAR site and nesting ground for the Caribbean’s largest population of Red Footed Boobies.

The defining moment of your Cayman Islands vacation could well be that moment in time when you realize you can do as much … or as little …as you choose.

From beach, to forest reserve, to surf park…from historic building, to bird sanctuary, to submarine there is an incredible array of attractions. Some you would expect to find in an idyllic Caribbean island and some you would not. Here, there really is something for everyone: for every age, for every physical ability and for every interest.

Whether you opt to go in it or just sit above it – there’s something about the turquoise waters, white sand and refreshing breezes that keep visitors to the Cayman Islands coming back for more. In the Cayman Islands all fantasies of exploring the mysterious underwater world can be met.

For couples looking to plan an exotic island wedding, the Cayman Islands offers something few destinations can match…exquisite natural beauty infused with civility and commitment. The result is a sort of “barefoot elegance” that promises to make your special day truly remarkable. For a more intimate ceremony, couples can choose to marry on the Cayman Elusion above the enchanting crystal clear Caribbean water. Maybe for others after the last piece of cake is eaten and the final cherished guests have departed, the newlywed couples’ thoughts turn to their getaway—a sunset cruise enjoying their new beginning in a romantic, secluded paradise. Or maybe a night on board the Cayman Elusion listening to the water lapping against her hull creating magical sounds. Revel in the solitude of a luxurious yacht all on your own.

Maybe your dream is see the fascinating marine life that Cayman has to offer. Whether you want to dive or snorkel, the Cayman Islands has much to offer. Stingray City and the nearby Sand Bar in North Sound are Grand Cayman’s most popular snorkeling sites. Great snorkeling can be found close to shore on all three islands. Boat trips will allow you to enjoy more dramatic views of deeper wrecks, reefs and the Cayman – wall while floating on the surface. You can see huge neon blue Midnight Parrotfish, stingrays, tarpon, schools of yellowtail and blue tangs – and our treasured green turtles, (probably raised right at the Cayman Turtle Farm)!

Perfect for the solo adventurer, for the romantic get-a-way or for the “together” family…the Cayman Islands has your kind of adventure.