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White sandy beaches, coconut palms leaning over the turquoise water, deserted islands surrounded by magnificent corral reefs, indigenous Indians in their canoes filled with lobsters. It is not without reason that San Blas belongs to one of the “last paradises” on our planet. In the untouched island world of the Kuna-Indians, 365 islands are awaiting your exploration.

In 1533 the Spanish explorer Pedro de Heredia discovered the beautiful Islands and bays of today’s Cartagena de Indias, which over the centuries has grown to become one of the most significant and most beautiful cities in the Caribbean.

The joy of life here in this cosmopolitan melting pot is addictive to both indigenous people as well as visitors from around the world. Here you can expect a unique mixture of Caribbean friendliness accompanied by merenge, the warm sounds of salsa, a historic city center, and crystal clear water. The perfect start to an adventurous discovery into an almost undiscovered Sailing Area.

Cartagena de Indias was founded by Don Pedro de Heredia in 1533. UNESCO declared the city a “World Heritage Site” based on the incomparable fortifications and colonial buildings. This makes Cartagena one of the most interesting sites in South America.

Massive defensive walls surround the historical center. A slow walk down the narrow alleys with the romantic light of lanterns will set you back in time. Various portals through the defensive walls give you access to the picturesque nooks, crannies, and alleys in the historic center.

Typical sounds of Caribbean music will follow you everywhere. They are an expression of the joy of life that is ever-present here. Often you will hear people singing on public buses or just dancing in the streets where there is music nearby.

In the modern section of “Bocagrande” you will find long sandy beaches, hotels, restaurants, casinos, discos and all kinds of shops geared towards tourists.

Enjoy sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving, and fun in Cartagena

Over 20 Islands offer many quiet anchorages and beaches to relax. Experience the contrast between uninhabited islands and islands with colorful weekend houses built in the typical Caribbean style.

Cartagena’s national maritime park lies 20 nautical miles from the center in the ISLAS DEL ROSARIO. The crystal clear waters in all shades of blue and the colorful corral reefs are ideal for snorkeling, diving, and relaxing.

20 nautical miles further lie the ISLAS DE SAN BERNARDO.

These seven islands in the golf of Morosquillo offer a distinct atmosphere and are completely distinct from the Islas del Rosario.

Discover the undisturbed mangrove forests on Isla Tintipan, have a refreshing drink at the hotel bar on Isla Palma, experience Islote, the most densely populated island in the world (Guinness Book of Records) with its unique structures, or simply enjoy the tranquility on the yacht and dine on fresh lobster. The soothing calm here is indescribable. It is as if you were in a different world.

Another interesting destination is the nature and sea-aquarium. Turtles, sharks, dolphins and many other sea creatures are featured in this park that also helps protect and raise protected and endangered species.

Let yourself be captured by the joyful atmosphere Cartagena offers on every street corner during any time of day and allow your vacation to become an unforgettable experience.

San Blas – Panamá
A Pearle in the Caribbean

The most beautiful part of Panama is located along the Caribbean coast: the 365 island archipelago of San Blas. Established in 1938 as an autonomous Indian territory, the land and marine park of Kuna Yala offer both land and sea treasures.

On the mainland, the “Cordillera de las San Blas “ mountain range rises above this gorgeous, unexploited, unspoiled and relatively unknown paradise.

Today’s Kuna Indians inhabit the islands in the same way their ancestors did: trading coconuts and fishing for crabs, lobsters and snappers aboard their graceful hand carved wooden canoes complete with patchwork sails, called “Cayucos”.

Most of the communities speak only the ancient Indian language and the women still wear the traditional colorful dresses in orange and yellow, highlighted with the world famous “mola” rainbow colored patterns emblazoned with fishes, birds, jungle animals or geometric designs.

Their calves and arms are tightly bound with lengths of beads known as “Uinni” and they wear a golden ring through the tip of their nose. Of the 365 islands, only about one-tenth are inhabited, and those are very crowded. The remaining islands are deserted. You will have the opportunity to experience both.


Cruising aboard one of our Yachts is undoubtly the best way to visit the San Blas. It enables us to alternate between the different types of islands.

Protected by a large barrier reef ,our sailing area is idyllic. Gentle breezes, small waves, short sails (one to two hours) between islands are pure pleasure.
The comfort of our boats is the best available in the San Blas with double cabins, well ventilated and all equipped with fans, fresh water shower, electricity on board for reading and cold drinks…
Furthermore, all our yachts serve French, Italian and International gourmet cuisine.

On some of our yachts, kayaks are available to our guests to provide them a very personal visit to the islands.

After a scenic 30-minute flight from Panama City, across the continent from Pacific to Caribbean, you’ll land in Corazon de Jesus where the boat of your choice will be waiting for you. Before we head up to our first anchorage, a cayuko will come to pick us up for a 2 hour trip up Rio Diablo into the tropical rain forest.

En route to our first island paradise, you may want to consider some of the activities available to you.

You may want to play Robinson Crusoe and visit the deserted islands, lying under a palm tree, or go shopping for the famous molas the Kuna Indian women will come to sell us, or …
You may prefer to enjoy a swim, or chat with the locals, or, both at the same time!

You wouldn’t want to miss the fantastic snorkeling. Have you ever dreamed of swimming in an aquarium?

Fishing is a daily activity and dining on the catch of the day will give you the pleasure of total autonomy from the rest of the world. Your only decision will be how it’s prepared: raw (sashimi), marinated in lemon (ceviche), cooked in the oven a la francaise (lemon, white wine, herbs) or barbecued.
After a good day in the sun, we’ll enjoy the tranquility of the evening. Here, when the sun goes down, it’s still another good moment!


  • Name: African Queen
  • Model: Dean 400
  • Builder: Dean Catamarans – South Africa
  • Cabins: 4 Double Cabins
  • Toilets/Showers: 3
  • Length: 12,00 m
  • Width: 7,25 m
  • Draft: 1,4 m
  • Motors: 2 x Yanmar 27 HP
  • Tank: 350 l Diesel
  • Freshwater: 600 l
  • Sail Area: 120 m2
  • Gennaker: 100 m2
  • Dingy: Caribe 300
  • Outboarder: Mercury 15 HP
  • Instruments: GPS – Radar – VHF – Autopilot – Radio – CD Player – TV – DVD

This elegant catamaran can measure up to any yacht of the same size with unbeatably spacious accommodations and comfort (7,25m wide!). The luxurious cabins, spacious cockpit and the perfectly shaped pantry and the exceptionally large saloon offer a first class living comfort. High stability and excellent sailing properties make for a calm and comfortable navigation.

Skipper Giorgio from Südtirol/Italy has over 10 years of sailing experience. Since 1999 he has dedicated himself to chartering in Cartagena and San Blas.

Languages: German, Italian, Spanish and English