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Luxury yachting vacations in the Caribbean: the Virgin Islands, Antigua, St Bart’s, St Martin (St Maarten), Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines and Grenada.

We specialize in luxury fully crewed yacht charters – beautiful sailing yachts, motor boats, catamarans, super-luxury mega power yachts and sailing super-yachts. We feature specially selected charter yachts – those which we believe offer the best comfort, facilities, levels of service, watersport toys etc., for the yachts that they are. We have over 12 years experience advising clients and booking highly successful charters with many very happy clients. We’re based in Antigua, the heart of the Caribbean and have on the spot local knowledge of yachts, locations, best travel arrangements and information of what to do and more important sometimes, what not to do. We do not own or centrally manage any yachts and will always give our unbiased recommendations on hundreds of yachts.

What we can offer you:
– Recommendations on the best charter yachts to suit your personal requirements
– Independent and professional advice with a full schedule of all costs associated with chartering
– Experienced, personal, helpful and friendly service
– Local information
– Advice on itineraries and help with detailed charter arrangements.
– The latest special offers

Please explore our charter site where you will find information about the region and specific cruising areas, costs and a background to what chartering a fully crewed yacht is all about. Also, please visit our featured yacht pages where just some of our recommended yachts are listed.

A fully crewed yacht charter could be for you – romantic getaway for a honeymoon or anniversary; exciting Caribbean regatta charters; relaxing sailing holidays for groups of friends and families; active boating vacations for lovers of water-sports and scuba diving. Something for island explorers, keen sailors or sun worshippers. There’s a yacht for everyone and each with a crew devoted to pleasing you!

If you would like to discuss a charter please call Liz Marlow at Antigua Yacht Charters Limited:
phone: +1 268 463 7101

What’s Included and Costs

When comparing the prices of different charter yachts always take a good look at what’s included and what isn’t.

Yacht charter prices can be quoted according to number of guests on a seven-night, all-inclusive basis. This rate may include nearly everything (three meals a day, snacks, all drinks, even local cruising taxes) and many of the yachts based in the Virgin Islands operate on this basis. Other costs will include special requests such as premium wines and champgane, dockage (if used), airport transfers, local immigration costs and crew gratuities. In other parts of the Caribbean the charter rate may include all food, but drinks, local cruising taxes and harbour fees would be extras.

The sailing Superyachts and most motor yachts structure their charter costs on a base charter price PLUS all expenses as extra costs. For a motor yacht for example, the expenses can add up to another third again to the charter cost to cover things like all food and drinks, fuel costs, dockage etc. It is normal practice with this type of price structure that you pay an advance provisioning allowance (APA).

When comparing the price of different charter yachts always take a good look at what’s included and what isn’t. We will always try to make sure that the full cost basis is given to you very clearly right at the start of the booking process.

Booking a charter. Once you’ve decided which yacht most suits you, and where in the Caribbean you would like to cruise, book as soon as possible and arrange flights too to avoid disappointment. We will send you the contract which has to be signed and returned along with a first payment, usually 50 percent of the charter fee. This is payable by bank wire transfer and will be held by the yacht’s main agent in an escrow account until just before the charter date. The balance of your charter fee is normally payable two months or for some yachts six weeks prior to the charter date. At the end of the charter the Captain will hand you an account of all of the expenses which might have been incurred on your behalf and you will be expected to settle these costs then in cash or travellers cheques. Yachts do not accept credit cards.

Crew gratuities. Yacht chartering is a very service orientated type of vacation and it is normal practice to give a crew gratuity of between 10 and 20 percent of the charter fee. The crew will have been working hard all week to look after you and the gratuity will be most appreciated.

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. In insurance terms the tropical storm season runs from June to the end of November and for this reason some yachts leave the area of the Eastern Caribbean. However, a number of yachts will charter right through the summer as the weather can be very settled, except a bit hotter and more humid. But even though tropical storms are less likely to occur until later in the summer we do recommend that you purchace trip cancellation insurance. We will also include a Tropical Storm Addendum to the charter agreement.

Caribbean Cruising Areas

The cruising islands of the Caribbean form a fantastic arc from St Thomas to Trinidad. They are traditionally described as the Leeward Islands in the north and the Windwards in the south.

This string of volcanic and coral islands are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, cooled by constant easterly trade winds and filled with colour. They provide a unique variety of island scenery and offer in different ways something for everyone. From spectacular tropical forest hillsides and waterfalls, excellent diving and snorkeling with corals and colourful fish, safe swimming, white sand beaches, historic forts, sleepy villages and bustling markets, bars, fashionable restaurants and shopping and an easy going lifestyle, the list could go on for ever. Seldom too hot, never cold, they offer beautiful scenery and some of the best sailing in the world.

While they are typically only a few hours sailing from one another, they represent a range of island nations with diverse cultures, geography and often language too, having been influenced over the centuries by the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Americans and others. For chartering the Caribbean offers three distinct areas:

» Virgin Islands » Leeward Islands » Windward Islands