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Capture the magic of the Caribbean from the deck of your own private charter yacht!

Clear blue water, warm tropical breezes, lush green island palms, white sand beaches

  • Our vacations are customized for your needs! A detailed food and activity preference sheet is sent to you prior to each charter. Does a cruise ship captain sit down and plan each day with you depending on what YOU feel like doing that day? Imagine going up to the captain of one of those ships and saying “That beach looks nice, can we go there?”
    For example, Cane Garden Bay – Cruise ships are kept out by the reef, but your yacht can slip through to this local spot, shared only by a few other yachts and the locals. Enjoy the native music and dance on the beach, or relax without crowds.
  • Our yachts provide food that rivals the best restaurants around. Also, that restaurant goes with you to all the different islands, rather than leaving it up to you to guess each day in each different port.
  • On a no-crew charter, you worry about the anchor and the reefs, where to go and what to do. Guests relaxing in the warm, calm Caribbean water With our professional crews, you get to do as much or as little as you want. Our professional crews worry about the anchor and you get to snorkel or dive the reefs, they handle all the food (and the dishes!!) and you have a personal tour guide who knows the islands and where to go.
  • Experience the Caribbean’s small islands and out-of-the-way jewels.
    Don’t be restricted to the big islands where the cruise ships dump thousands of tourists each day. We can take you to small anchorages and secluded coves because our yachts only draw 5 or 6 feet, instead of 28ft below the surface!
  • Just look at the letters from past guests in each yacht’s section of this site. You’ll understand why this is a vacation without equal.

What is a Charter Yacht Vacation?
It is the most unique and personalized vacation you can imagine! The professional crew members of your yacht will be your captain, chef, tour guide, watersports activities director, nature guide (both above and below the water), and more!

Do I have to share the yacht?
No, you charter the whole yacht. You select the yacht which offers the right accommodations for your party, from a honeymoon or anniversary for two, on up to a larger yacht for 5 couples. We can even arrange for two or more yachts to sail together in tandem for larger groups.

What types of yachts are there?
Generally, yachts are broken down into three categories: Power yachts, Sailing yachts, and Multihull sailing yachts (Catamarans and Trimarans). You can view all these types in our yacht catalog, along with yachts that specialize in teaching sailing for those who want to add that to their vacation, as well as those yachts which offer SCUBA diving – from instructing those who have never tried it, to offering experienced divers access to our beautiful reefs and coral encrusted shipwrecks.

What is an example of a normal charter week?
Feel free to look at our sample itinerary to see some of the typical islands you can visit on your charter. The best part of a charter yacht vacation is that the itinerary is totally flexible. You decide, with the captain’s input, where you want to go each day – or you can sit back and let your Captain show you the islands.